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5 Day Challenge Day 1

[00:00:00] Fantastic. Okay. So there are quite a few of you here. So first of all, welcome to the challenge. This is day one, and we're going to be getting started to show you exactly what it is this challenge is all about. We'll do a recap of what you have signed up for, what we're going to be doing together over five days and how it all comes together.

[00:00:24] And then we're going to get started with lesson number one today. And yeah, before we get into it though, um, this will be fairly informal. So, you know, I'm just kind of hanging out here with you in chat. And we'll be I'll be trying to answer questions. There'll be times when I have a slide presentation that I have that we're going to go through, or I'll be doing some training or doing some stuff on screen.

[00:00:47] And I won't be able to watch Q and A questions in the chat for that, but I'll come over and I'll do Q and A. So we're going to. We'll do periods of time where we'll be doing Q and A and then I'll open the chat panel up and be paying attention. And just to let you know how the chat panel on this page works, this is a private chat between you and I.

[00:01:08] So, it's not an open chat where everybody is just a big free for all. What I find is it's a lot of chaos. And so this keeps it very focused and you'll be able to chat directly with me and some members of my team are here as well, so. It's an interesting chat platform we use. It's a technology that we built.

[00:01:27] It's kind of a combination. There's some, there's a bot element to it. So there's a little bit of automation, but mostly it's just a channel for you to be able to communicate directly and privately through my team and I. So, we'll have members of our support staff and others. Some of our mentors and coaches will be watching in the chat, trying to help everybody out at the same time.

[00:01:48] And then I want to remind you if at any point during these live sessions, I don't answer your question or you're left needing some help or customer service, then you can always contact us during the challenge. You can reach out to help at push button. ai. That is help at push button. ai. And this is how.

[00:02:11] You can reach us when we're not live or for some reason we've missed your question or wasn't able to help you in the chat. You can always reach out there and get support from the team. And yes, so with that we're gonna get started. And got everything you did on my end over here, and I think we're ready.

[00:02:37] I think we are ready. So, let's look over here. Got way too many chat windows going. Okay, cool. Cool. Awesome. Awesome. And then, oh, another reminder, too. So I know we're asking in a couple of places for SMS. So if you want to get notifications, so for example, notifications of going live tomorrow before we go live, we're going to send an SMS notification out as a reminder for everybody.

[00:03:09] Also, we have a some of our training materials that we'll send notifications out to when those are ready and released in your members, you know, area. So things like that. So if I know sometimes it's easy for emails to get lost. And so I wanted to give a good direct channel to be able to let you know about important events that happened during the challenge.

[00:03:29] And so, if you provide that, then not only will we be able to send you notifications but there are times where we may even want to provide additional support to you and we may want to call you. So, it's again in, in helping support you throughout the challenge. So that's how we'll be handling that.

[00:03:46] And then yeah, so let's get into what you bought and how this how this whole thing is going to work. So in this five day challenge. I'm going to be teaching you some kind of unique strategies, so it's a completely different sort of approach, a different way of building a digital business and particularly a business about e learning or course businesses.

[00:04:10] So if you want to sell training, ebooks, courses, think of things like that. And traditionally those things take a long time and they're very difficult to kind of put together and they can. I know because when I've hired people to help me build these, I've literally spent 000 just getting one digital course business launched, and it could take me months.

[00:04:33] And so what I'm going to be showing you instead of that old way is how to do it faster using AI. In fact, by the time we are done in the five days, you will have a course. Ready to sell. So that's, that is our goal at the end of this. You'll have a course ready to sell. You'll know your action plan of how to get started and how to get in business.

[00:04:54] You'll have sales materials written. So like sales letters, design, things like that. And you'll be ready to launch into a new business. And that is the approach that we're teaching you this. And it's based on something that's a little unconventional. Some of you may remember seeing this. Move my table around here.

[00:05:12] Some of you may remember seeing this in some of my promotional materials, but there's these. He used to call them the little blue books. This one's not blue. So we'll use this one, the little blue books. And this was an approach that started 105 years ago. A really clever entrepreneur sold over half a billion of these little booklets.

[00:05:34] And in them were just information. And so we're going to talk about how we can take modern technology and apply. What he did, which is incredible. And I still don't know why he has not talked about more in the business world because of. You know, if you think of 105 years ago the world population was way smaller.

[00:05:56] We didn't have the internet. We didn't have at that time, some people didn't even have telephones or I mean, at the time that started, there were no TVs even. So he had to rely on newspaper advertising and the mail, like the good old fashioned snail mail, postal mail. And that's how he was able to sell half a billion.

[00:06:17] Booklets like these that he charged money for and made a handsome profit. So, and in fact, you know He details it in this book here the first hundred million And if you don't remember who this guy is I've been talking about him a little bit in the lead up to the launch of this challenge his name is e haldeman julius and he's the guy who will be talking a bit about his strategy because it was very clever So I have a presentation we're going to get into We're going to talk about him, we're going to talk about AI, and then I have some exercises for you to do at the end of today's lesson based on him and some other kind of clever strategies that I created.

[00:06:57] And then, from there, we'll go step by step, day by day, you'll get some training from me, and you'll have action items to do. Now with the ticket into the challenge many of you also have some of the little extras that come along with it. And in fact, you know what? I'll pull up the screen. Let me pull up my screen and we'll look at that real quick.

[00:07:17] Just so everyone's clear on who, what you get and how you'll access it. So we'll go over there

[00:07:28] and

[00:07:34] all right. So here was the original challenge sales page. So what I want to do, I'm going to scroll to the bottom and you'll see here. So you're going to have access to the challenge. The private Facebook group we are opening up this afternoon, so you'll be receiving an invitation to join that.

[00:07:50] You'll get transcripts of each session. You're going to get our summaries, the CliffsNotes version, which is just kind of summarizes the important bits of the training. Then we're going to be doing Q& A before I end off. And then, of course, some of you might want to invite a spouse or partner.

[00:08:06] And so if you want to do that you'll want to send them send them a direct link to our little survey page that we handed out to everybody. So, that is, let's see, let me find that link here real quick. That link is.

[00:08:29] Okay,

[00:08:39] I can't seem to find it here.

[00:08:46] Anyway Samantha, if you're behind the scenes, can you send me the link to the, there's like a little link that redirects to the survey, send that to me so I can share it with everybody. I can't seem to find it. So, cool. Anyway, so, you can send your spouse or partner to our little registration page and they can register to attend there and then they'll begin receiving the notifications to join the challenge.

[00:09:10] Okay, cool.

[00:09:14] All right. Yeah, that's this page right here. And if you don't have the link to this, then you know, you could also email us and we can provide you with that link. So that was the link to your challenge survey. And

[00:09:33] I just found it. Okay,

[00:09:37] so I will share that in the chat. So those of you who want to do that, I'm just gonna pop it into the chat. I'll do a little broadcast here for everyone. Let's broadcast it out to everyone and I'll just give you the It's not a clickable link. I'm just sending the text version of that link to everyone so that you can all have that if you need it.

[00:10:01] Okay? Okay, cool. Now, there were some extras and I want to talk about this a little bit too. Some of you joined our elite and our inner circle. And I also noticed, by the way I've seen quite a bit of customer support. Requests about people who had all kinds of problems being able to take the upgrades.

[00:10:27] So we had our inner circle upgrade and our elite upgrade. So I'm going to recap everybody who got that so you can see exactly what you got. And if you missed out because of a credit card decline or a technical problem, don't worry, I'm going to give everyone a last chance. So I'm going to be handing out links.

[00:10:45] For a second chance to upgrade to those because of the technical issues that we experienced. There were many people who tried to take them and couldn't take them. So I'm going to be giving out links where you can still upgrade. Today, if you want to upgrade, you have to do it today to either our inner circle or our elite upgrades.

[00:11:04] And so for those of you who got that, I want to show on screen. What comes with your purchase, and then we'll give everyone a second shot, second chance to upgrade into those if they so desire. And so we'll go back to screen sharing. And here here was the Elite. So, Elite comes with additional VIP Q& A sessions.

[00:11:27] So we're going to be doing additional sessions with the Elite members. So this will be a smaller group. We'll be doing those to do a private Q& A session with you. And you also have ability to have us do reviews of your courses for the next 30 days. So if you want us to review your ideas about, Hey, I came up with you know, such and such an idea.

[00:11:49] For a course, what do you think? Or maybe you have a sales page or an outline for your course that you'd like me to review. So you'll have access to send those in and get reviews from me. And the team you're going to get our course creator workbook. So this is a more comprehensive workbook that goes through all the details of all the action items and what you need to do throughout the challenge.

[00:12:12] And you kind of fill in the blanks and do your daily lessons. And this will be released as a day by day, as we go through the challenge. We got bonus sessions that I do exclusively with the VIPs. Our 1, 000, 000 toolbox will be giving you a list of all of the tools and materials that we use in our business.

[00:12:35] The recordings will be left up in your special members area for 30 full days instead of it being a live only challenge. And then previously you could upgrade. I'm going to go ahead and push the link out to this. So that you can upgrade again. This is a window it's open right now on the day one of the challenge.

[00:12:54] So this is not something you just come and get later. If you want to upgrade, you'll need to upgrade on day one of the challenge. And I'm going to try to push that link out to everybody right now, just in case there's anybody. Who wanted that

[00:13:23] right. Hopefully I formatted this correctly.

[00:13:30] I'm going to type HTML into the chat while I'm live is is fun. Okay.

[00:13:41] There we go.

[00:13:46] Okay, so I just popped that out. So if you want a last chance to be able to upgrade into that, you have access to it. And that is our elite level. There was also another upgrade. It was our inner circle upgrade. And what comes with that is https: otter. ai

[00:14:14] Three of the most profitable AI strategies to get traffic. So I'm going to show you exactly how to use AI and use these tools to get traffic to your website once your course is built. So over five days, we're going to build your course business together. And then in bonus session one, I'll be showing how to get traffic.

[00:14:33] Bonus session two is our multiplier method. This is all about getting faster. And bigger results with your business. So we're going to talk about how do you optimize? So once you start getting traffic and once you start seeing your results How do you optimize your site and make little tweaks that make big differences?

[00:14:51] That's the multiplier method Little tweaks on your website making big differences in your bottom line profits. Okay, we have a case study I'll be doing about my Technically almost 15 million business selling 11 info product. We're going to do a case study about that live. You'll get to be part of that.

[00:15:11] You'll get email access, so you'll be able to send in email questions for me. All about if you have a course business that you're trying to create, and you want to be able to send in questions to me you'll be able to do that and you're going to get permanent access to the materials. So, rather than you'll be able to go through the live experience, just like everyone else.

[00:15:31] And then the permanent recordings will be made available for you as well. You'll have a little elite badge in our Facebook group as elite status in the community. And and that's, and you can upgrade here and we have the same issue here. So if you want. The this, I'm going to go ahead and put the inner circle upgrade link in there as well.

[00:15:52] Give me one second while I fiddle around with going to write some more HTML here.

[00:16:03] And hopefully my HTML skills on the fly are good enough. Well,

[00:16:12] Oh, you guys aren't seeing the links. Okay. Something is going on then. So I am sending links. And they're not coming through.

[00:16:27] Let's see. I just tried again.

[00:16:35] Okay. Let's see what I did here.

[00:16:42] Oh, I see what I did.

[00:16:49] Let's see if that fixed it.

[00:16:56] Hopefully that fixed it. I'm going to try one more time or elite.

[00:17:10] Okay, how about now? Did you guys get that? So, I don't know if something as wacky is going on with chat, or if I'm, when I send a broadcast message out, maybe it's not going out.

[00:17:21] Nope, okay.

[00:17:28] Okay, I'm not sure, okay. Let's see if we get I'm gonna try a text broadcast.

[00:17:40] I just sent a text broadcast. Let me know if you see that. It just says, it should be text, and it should just say, did you get this? So it looks like something is going wacky.

[00:17:57] Okay. Alright, so some, so people are seeing, did you get this?

[00:18:11] Okay, yeah, something's going on. Okay, so we can talk individually to each of you in the chat, but when I try to send

[00:18:22] Okay, that's fine. So then I can't send broadcast messages, which I'll have to figure out how to fix that.

[00:18:33] So we'll fix that once we go offline after we're done with today's lesson. So, so, okay, so we can chat with you individually, but it looks like we can't send broadcast messages for some reason. It's probably something I'm doing wrong. So, so even those of you who are technologically challenged like me, you can still make big profitable businesses.

[00:18:52] So I think I'm almost positive it's got to be something I'm doing wrong, but all right, so we'll we'll follow up. Here's what I'll do. I will email you all those links. So I will after the session is over, I'll email the upgrade links to everyone. And if you want to upgrade, you will have you know, you can do it today.

[00:19:11] So you'll want to do that before we meet for our second session. So that I just want to give everybody a second chance for those of you who couldn't. Couldn't get in. We had issues where, uh, people were trying to upgrade and the card was declining or there was an issue with our, we had a payment processor we used for this launch that we don't use a lot and they were having issues as well.

[00:19:32] So anyway I'll give you that second chance to get in and we'll just send it by email. So I'll give you both links. And I'll just send it in one follow up email. All right, cool. Then we're going to get into the training then at this point. So, what I'll do is I'm going to jump right in.

[00:19:48] We're going to get into the first bit of training. Then I'm going to do a little bit of Q and A, and then we're going to get into the, to your your action items for today. That's the agenda. So, let's get into it. Let me get my presentation up

[00:20:09] and

[00:20:14] there we go. This over here, I have a wall of monitors for those of you who don't know, my setup is pretty crazy. It's It's a big bank of these giant wide screen monitors and they surround me. So I've got a whole I'm surrounded by monitors. It's like in the matrix, you know, when they get the the operator at the, in the ship and the, uh, when there people the agents are in the or the humans are in the matrix and there's the operator with the big bank of monitors around them.

[00:20:44] Yeah, that's what my desk looks like. Okay, I got that. Get rid of that. And there we go. Okay, so who here has heard about this? So I've talked about this a little bit in the promotional materials that were leading up to the challenge. And did you get a chance to see that? Did you see my little presentation on this guy?

[00:21:09] So he is a A man born in 1889, and he's actually the one who kind of pioneered the model that I'm going to be teaching you. And you'd be surprised, follow his lead and you just might strike it rich. So I want to show you how using AI makes it easier than ever to do the model that he did. And in his model.

[00:21:32] He took this 105 year old tried and true business strategy, and I'll show you how to take that, combine it with a I in order to make a lot of profit. And let me check in with chat. Okay good. All right. So we're going to be talking about how we tap into this 325 billion industry. And that is the E learning industry.

[00:21:59] And Forbes actually said it's the one of the fastest growing industries in the world. And even though it's already exploding the market is primed. It's actually growing faster than ever. A lot of people think that e learning has peaked and it's actually speeding up. It's actually growing faster right now than at any time ever before, and it's wide open.

[00:22:21] For anyone to profit and we have a little bit of a door, a window, I guess is maybe a better way to put it is open for where we can use technology like some of the AI tools I'll show you today in order to get your foot in the door, get through the window while it's still open because this window will close.

[00:22:40] And if you act now, you'll be able to get in. So anyone with a little ambition and some guidance that I'm going to share with you during a challenge you're going to be able to participate in the massive fortunes that are being made right now in the market you just need a bit of ambition and some guidance which i'm going to be giving you And you'll be able to claim your share of this.

[00:23:00] Now it will take some some persistence, some energy, and some drive to build a business. Any kind of business you build is going to take that, right? I'm not in the business of selling false smoke and mirrors and shiny objects. I want to teach you how to actually build a real business. So be prepared that it's going to take some work.

[00:23:21] It's going to take some effort. To be able to do all the steps during the challenge, but then beyond that to push your business into a profitable business, but I will show you the fastest, easiest, most powerful way that I know how now this is a hugely lucrative opportunity. And it's as I said, it's online learning.

[00:23:41] And it's such a profitable opportunity that I personally have done dozens and dozens of digital courses that I have sold as my time as an online entrepreneur. Many of these courses have supported me and my family. Just a single information product where you're helping somebody with you know, achieve their goals or helping them with their problems.

[00:24:03] Just one of them has supported my family and generated over 15 million in revenue as an example. And several of them have made me a lot. Well, this is the one right there, nearly 15 million in results. selling an 11 little bit of information. And so I've been doing this for 20 plus years. And I kind of start, I stopped counting after it went past 20 years, but I've literally been building online businesses for over 20 years.

[00:24:34] And I have invested a lot of that time in creating and selling courses. And I'm not just talking about how to make money courses. These are courses and information and trainings in all kinds of markets, including personal finance government related information and a lot of different markets.

[00:24:54] So the answer as to why I do it is because of the the growth potential. When you get it right and everything is dialed in and these businesses can scale up and make a lot of profit quickly. So I also don't want, if you have any preconceived ideas, About e learning or about courses or eBooks, like, Oh, that's old.

[00:25:15] It doesn't work anymore, or it's too hard or whatever. During this challenge, I would like you to take those and just at least temporarily park them to the side. Because when you follow what I'll show you, it is not hard. It is not expensive. Anyone can do this. You just follow the steps I'll lay out over the next five sessions.

[00:25:37] Now I think online learning is the perfect business right now, because it's never been easier for you to enter this market. In the past few years, millions all over the world have changed the way they operate. Now they've turned to the internet. When it comes to learning, everyone has turned to the internet.

[00:25:57] You know, we had a large shake up in society of the the illness that shall not be named, and that actually made the entire world change. And overnight e learning, consuming information and courses and training online is now commonplaced amongst everyone. And we have a new audience, by the way. So the other thing that happened during that is a lot of the older audience that was previously staying off the Internet has now come online and is also now consuming training and courses and information.

[00:26:33] Now, human behavior doesn't change. It changes like changing human behavior on a planetary scale is slow. But this. Changed overnight, literally just over the course of that event. Everything changed and we have so many more people getting their wallets out, opening up their purses, swiping their credit cards digitally online and buying training in courses.

[00:26:59] And I'll show you how you can participate in this. But what that means is it's a huge opportunity to build your business from home and so that you can call the shots in your life. And according to the World Economic Forum over 200 million people will be looking to enroll in online learning this year.

[00:27:17] I'm personally not a big fan of the World Economic Forum, but they do gather a lot of useful information. They're good at collecting data. And they say that 200 million people just this year are going to enroll in paid online learning. So we've got an extremely receptive and a hot market. In fact, sales of digital courses themselves are expected to top 1 trillion by 2028.

[00:27:44] So that's the actual projections right there. So you can see the growth curve has just really gotten started. And this is why I think this is a truly huge opportunity and there's never been a better time for you to create a course business. Whether you want to do a course hosted online, an ebook, a video training series, you'll have your choice of which medium and which way you want to create your e learning business.

[00:28:13] And I'll be walking you through how to get AI to create it for you. But there's truly never been a better time to do this because of the AI element to this. Now celebrities. Huge fortune 500 companies. They're all jumping into this exciting new world of e learning. They're creating courses and they're making monies even in places that they're not experts in.

[00:28:36] I want to make that really clear. You do not need to be an expert in the topic in order to make a course. So it's like everyone is discovering this secret way to share what they know and then how to help people and earn profit from it. Now, for example, Mike Tyson, the famous boxer. So did you know that he has a an online course?

[00:28:58] Yeah, he does. Actually, it's on ClickBank of all places, and he actually sells a digital course called 12 Rounds with Tyson. So it's on ClickBank, and in 12 Rounds with Tyson, you might think that Mike Tyson would do a course on boxing, right? After all, he's the, you know, the champ, you know, the guy. If you were to ask anyone who in the Western world, who is the The best boxer, they're going to say Mike Tyson.

[00:29:24] So you would think he would do a course on how to teach boxing or fighting or something, but his course called 12 rounds with Tyson is actually a personal development money making course. It is all about making money according to his philosophy and the way he approached life. It is not. at all. It's all about a he does know a lot about mindset, right?

[00:29:53] He mean h heavyweight champion of t But but that's not w the boxing, he's teaching

[00:30:05] And you might also think they're going to target boxers. Well, it's Mike Tyson. So let's sell horses to boxers. No, he's teaching this to people who work on the internet like you and I, his course is designed for internet entrepreneurs and and startups. And so that's his target market. And the funny thing is Mike an expert at online business?

[00:30:26] Absolutely not, but he's still succeeding. And that's the magic. What I call profit sinking. And so that's part of what we're going to be doing training on today. And in fact, let me come back on camera and I want to show you something here real quick. Let me pull up his website. I'll show you his site. So let's find it here.

[00:30:48] There it is. And I'll pull it back up here. So

[00:30:56] he just did a launch. In fact, they had a big product launch. So there's Mike Tyson, digital course seller. Would you ever think of such a thing? He's a, Mike Tyson would be an internet marketer selling digital courses. About how to make money. Isn't that crazy? So that's a good example, right? And we're going to be going through an exercise in just a little bit that will help you find what your perfect course is And what your perfect niche market is and how you uncover what that is for you and just like mike did right there and finding out how he had a unique thing that he's not necessarily known for and that no one would expect.

[00:31:37] And he was able to make quite a lot of money selling a course about it. So we're going to help you figure out what that is for you and your perfect niche. Okay. So let's go back to the screen. So with profit thinking, this is all about not having to be an expert. You don't have to be a top expert in order to do this.

[00:32:00] You just need to spot what's hot and trending. Then let AI create content about those trends for you. And it's kind of like having a superpower that actually makes you build a course that people want to buy. So the tactic I'm going to teach you a little bit later, we're going to pull up chat GPT and we'll do this together.

[00:32:20] It is quite literally a superpower. If you know how to do this, you'll know exactly how to create courses that sell like wildfire. I guess does wildfire sell? I don't know. So you can make money from things that you already love and that you know a lot about, like gardening, painting, or even cooking, or if you're not sure about what topic to choose yet.

[00:32:43] AI is going to help you. AI will help you identify the trends and niches where you can make money, even if it's something new to you that you're just learning about yourself. This is how regular people are doing this. So I want to ask, I think at this point you're convinced that this is the right path, right?

[00:32:59] You do see how building an online course today and letting AI do a lot of the hard work. Is what I think is the single greatest opportunity that exists right now. So I've spent a lot of time Figuring out ai so some of you might know. I have a software platform called push button ai And in that software platform, we've built something quite Amazing.

[00:33:25] And we've been working on this for a long time. I have a team of AI experts. In fact, we even have a data scientist on the team. That's part of this. And we use AI to actually build complete businesses. And so, what push button AI does is you literally just answer a couple of questions and then it builds everything during this challenge.

[00:33:46] I'm going to be teaching you how to do it, but what this AI does. is it just does everything for you. You just hit a button and it builds your sales pages, your course, your, and it just builds everything automatically. So what I'm doing is I'm taking all of the strategies that we've built into our push button AI technology.

[00:34:04] And I'm going to teach you how to do it yourself. So you'll be able to learn how do you use AI tools. To research a niche market, to outline your course, to be able to identify what needs to go in each and every lesson, how to make sure that what's in your course is the deep seated psychological needs and wants of your target market so that they will love to buy it from you.

[00:34:30] How to create your sales page. How to create a free giveaway to get people to join your list. We're going to come, we're going to create all of those things together. Together, I'll show you how to do this using, we're going to rely quite a lot on ChatGPT, but there are other tools as well. And we'll be going through step by step.

[00:34:47] But I want you to know it's basically pulled from what our AI, our complete end to end AI system does automatically. It's like a done for you solution. So what I'm doing with you here on the challenge is teaching you how to do it yourself. And that's what we're going to be going through together. All right.

[00:35:06] So the past few months, I've spent a lot of time figuring out this whole AI thing, and truth be told, it's really over a year that we've been working on AI, not just a few months.

[00:35:18] So, I'm sure you've seen AI chatbots and AI image generators, different text to speech tools. It's a really hot topic right now, you know, people are talking about it everywhere And there's a lot of excitement about this technology, but there's very little in the way of practical money making application So that's what this challenge is all about.

[00:35:37] It's about practical Money making application of ai and i'm curious i'd like to ask i'll ask in the chat. Who here has collected a bunch of tools, right? Have you bought like AI software tools? Maybe you bought like an image maker or a video maker, or maybe you signed up for chat GPT or maybe you're playing around with some of the really neat image creation tools like dolly three or mid journey.

[00:36:06] Yeah, let me know who here has a large collection of AI tools, right? Okay. I see a lot of yeses. There's some no's. Some of you haven't gotten into the AI tool collection phase yet. But I did it. I, you know, like I have subscriptions with, I mean, I don't know. Easily over a dozen different AI tools, spent tons of time on YouTube and researching, and, you know, you spend hours and hours trying to learn how to just use one tool.

[00:36:33] So, so what I realized is there's a lot of data and there's a lot of information and a lot of tools, and it creates a little bit of an overwhelming and a little bit of a confusing situation where it's like, okay, I got all these tools, what do I actually do? And so we'll be breaking down.

[00:36:49] Practically, I'll show you how to use some of those tools that you own. How do you actually put them to practical use so that you get something of value out of it and you get a business that can make you some money. That's what we're doing basically here together during the challenge.

[00:37:07] Cool.

[00:37:11] So. A lot of people are playing around with ai. I know I have a lot of fun with it. Like I think one of my favorite AI tools is suno. Anybody here heard of Suno? Suno actually makes music and yeah, I think it is by far my favorite app. And SUNO can create jingles and songs and all kinds of things.

[00:37:31] And so, there's a lot of fun ways to mess around with and play around with these AI tools that are not necessarily ways to make money. But surprisingly, I figured out a way to make money with my songs. So, we make music with Suno, and we actually use it to make money. And I'll show you how, I'm gonna show you that later in the challenge.

[00:37:52] So, at this point, artificial intelligence is pretty darn amazing, I have to say. But it's a, it's not particularly intelligent when it comes to enabling entrepreneurs like us to actually make money. So, and it's a lot of profit potential being wasted. So if you know how to use it, right, there's tremendous profit potential.

[00:38:14] Instead of it just being a collection of tools that you mess around with and create interesting things to show your friends and family. Like I'm constantly making pictures and music and things with AI that I'm sure my wife is tired of of all my creations. I keep sharing with her. But so let's take it beyond a collection of tools that you're just messing around with and let's turn it into some profit.

[00:38:36] So let's move on to a really important question about this model. And that's, can I really use AI to build a high quality digital course? And this is a big question, right? So. I see it a lot. People that are suspicious, skeptical, and maybe rightly so in some ways about AI and can you really use it to build something of value?

[00:39:05] Or is it just garbage? Like You know, can you go to chat GPT and have it build you a lesson that it's just going to be junk, or can you build something that actually has value? And then the other thing people think about is, well, does it really know everything? Can it really help someone with a course lesson?

[00:39:23] And it absolutely can. And let me explain

[00:39:30] chat GPT. It's the, when you think of AI, everyone typically thinks of chat GPT, it's a product by a company called open AI and that technology actually passed the bar exam. That's how intelligent it is. It's true. Not only did the AI pass the challenge, but it did so by a huge margin. It actually did a better job than humans on five of seven subject areas on the bar exam.

[00:40:00] So, and if you know the bar exam is the test that everyone takes, you have to go all the way through college. You go to law school and then you take the bar exam to prove that you can be a lawyer so that you can get your license to practice law. Well, CHAT GPT scored 297 on the bar exam, which puts it in the top 10 percent of everyone who takes the test.

[00:40:23] Now, this is a very interesting, it's just a little hard to read this document. There's a lot of data, but this is how CHAT GPT scored on all kinds of tests. So up at the top is the bar exam. It scored in the 90th percentile. Of test takers. It also takes the SAT scores. It got a 700 in the SAT math score.

[00:40:45] It got a seven 10 in the SAT writing score. It that it, it beat my SAT scores. Chad GPT beat me. If I look, think way back in the day to my SAT scores. So you can look here, the AP tests to get credit college credit. It passes those. I think my kids are really brilliant. They did a lot of these courses and chat GPT beat them in their scores.

[00:41:12] So, you can see here all these tests that it is intelligent enough to take. So do you think about it? If I is smart enough to actually pass the bar exam, imagine how much power it has when it comes to craft the digital courses for you. It essentially knows the sum of all human knowledge. But the trick is, you need to know how to harness that power.

[00:41:38] If you don't understand exactly how to do this, you can go to ChatGPT and you can say, hey, write me write me a course lesson about how to I don't know how to make pottery. Okay. And it will write the lesson and the lesson we pretty bland. You're pretty bland, not necessarily going to be really insightful and filled with information.

[00:42:03] If you don't do it, right. If you know the strategy, you know, the procedure of how to actually do it. Because I think most people go to chat GPT and they just want to be able to go, Hey, write me a lesson and let it just do everything right. And it just doesn't work that way. That's when you get those low quality bland.

[00:42:21] Silly kinds of articles and lessons and courses and things like that made by AI. There's a completely different strategy. You have to break it down into pieces and I'll be showing you how to do that tomorrow, how you actually break down your lessons and your courses into pieces and then have chat GPT write it properly so that you come away.

[00:42:43] With a really high quality lesson. And that was the trick when we built push button AI, we realized really quickly that it was complicated. Like you couldn't just go and say, Hey, write me a sales page or Hey, write me a, an article. You had to break it down into great detail and then have chat GPT write each section.

[00:43:04] You might have to have it write an outline. Then write the headline, then write the intro, then write, then break your article or your lesson down into multiple chunks and write each piece one at a time. And then sometimes you have to feed all that back to chat GPT and ask it to put it all together and give you a good lesson.

[00:43:20] Right? It's a little bit time consuming that I mean, and that's kind of what we solve with push button AI is to make that simple. But point is, I'm going to show you the correct way to do it so that you come away with high quality materials that people will be happy that they spent money with you.

[00:43:42] So you need to know how to harness the power in order to profit from it. Otherwise you just, you know, you can play around with them. They're fun toys to play around with, but if you don't know how to harness the power properly, They'll never be nothing more than a toy. So the secret is in the prompts and the guidance that you're going to give the AI to tease the right information out of it.

[00:44:04] So you can't just be direct with it. You can't just be direct and say, Hey, I want X and then expect to get a perfect answer. We want to be able to present the information in a way that's helpful to our buyers, that's easy to understand. And that's incredibly valuable to the audience that you're going to serve.

[00:44:22] Because that's how we make money. Okay. We make money. When we help people, if we're not helping people, we're not going to make money. So I want to be really clear. If you're looking for some sort of a gimmick where just sort of like some magic moneymaking scheme where, you know, you prompt a couple of things in AI and money spits out, realize that we actually have to help real people.

[00:44:47] So our courses that we're going to create. They are going to help people. And it is when you do that well, and I'm going to teach you how to do it. It's not hard to do. You just need to know how, and it's by helping people and providing solutions to their problems and helping them with their goals. That's how we make money.

[00:45:06] And the better we do at addressing people's. Problems and emotional pain points and their goals and aspirations in life. Some of the deep seated psychological things that they want to achieve. And you'd be surprised even in silly hobbies. Like knitting people have problems and emotional tied deep seated desires that you can tap into And when you create the correct course for them, they love you for it And not only will they be happy to buy it They'll be happy to buy more and more stuff from you And that's truth be told the secret on how you really make a multi million dollar business is by making people Love what you're doing so that they want more and more of it.

[00:45:48] And that's what I'll be showing you how to do.

[00:45:53] So that, that is in a nutshell, what we're going to be doing together. And next we're going to get into the steps for today's training. And so I hope that's clear. I wanted to make sure everyone is crystal clear on what you and I are building together over the coming days, and it's going to be.

[00:46:12] I'm going to be teaching you how to create a course that is going to help someone solve unique problems that they have, achieve unique goals that they have so that they love their purchase and they will want to buy more from you. Then I'm going to show you how to create your sales materials so that you know how to tap into that deep seated psychology of what's going to make them get out their credit card and buy in the first time, you know, the first purchase with you.

[00:46:39] So I'll show you how to set it all up. And you'll be ready to take all of those materials and start your new business by the time we're done that's my goal with you here. And what I'll do really quickly, cause I'm going to do, I'm going to, the very next thing we're going to cover is our training for today on exactly the action steps that you're going to be doing.

[00:46:57] Because the number one question I'm going to guess that everyone has right now is okay, cool, but what niche do I go into? What course do I make? That's logically the next question, and that is what I'm going to be answering in just a moment. So I want to make sure if anybody else has any confusions about what we're going to be doing here together or about how this works and what we're going to be doing, I'd like you to ask those now in the chat, and I'm going to do my best to do it quick.

[00:47:26] There's quite a few people here, so I'm going to try to do a quick round of sorting out any confusions or questions about the business model. I want the business model really clear. So you understand how we're making money. So we're together, we're going to be building the digital equivalent of these things.

[00:47:42] So E. Haldeman Julius used to make these little mini guides. An example is this one here. This was written in 1942 and this one is 47 pages. So it's a little booklet. It's a little booklet, 47 pages. Not very big and he sold a lot of these and made a bunch of money So that's we're going to be figuring out all the different ways that you can create little mini courses little trainings that people have deep seated desires for so that they're going to want to buy them from you and then i'll show you how to Create it all And put it online so you can sell it.

[00:48:23] And what's interesting here too. If we look in here, so this is the manual about what he you his business and he goes through here and we all actually have a list of many of the titles that he actually sold. So he would create these little booklets and they'd have a really simple title and the title.

[00:48:44] Would just clearly explain the value of the book by care of skin and hair. That was an example of one of his booklets, like a skincare and hair care guide. He sold 52, 000 copies of that eating for health vitamins. So again, this was. In the thirties, forties, fifties, people buying information, even all the way back then about how to eat correctly for health.

[00:49:09] Latest food and diet facts. That's another one. He sold 27, 000 copies of that. So, and you can see it in this little, in this book, but it's hard to show you on screen. Diabetes cause and treatment. So another hot topic sold 12, 000 copies of that. So anyway, throughout the booklet, they talk about here's a book on fortune telling facts about fortune telling in astrology, 44, 000 copies how to play bridge.

[00:49:39] So like the card game. 37, 000 copies party games for grownups was another title, 38, 000 copies. So we're going to be making the same kinds of things together and then offering them for sale. And one of the other key things about his little booklets. Was they were inexpensive, so when he would get someone to buy a first booklet from him, it was inexpensive.

[00:50:02] But what would happen would be they'd end up on a mailing list, and those people can buy more and more booklets from him over time. So that's an important key part of this business model. Now, I'm going to try to go back to chat and okay, I'm going to go back and scroll up a little bit.

[00:50:19] Let's see any related courses on K. Okay. Somebody asked about the a hundred million dollar, a hundred million book guide. So this is a, it's kind of an out of print and hard to find thing. There might be some, sometimes they have some on Amazon, but it's called the first a hundred million. And there's his name, E.

[00:50:45] Haldeman Julius, not focusing very well. But I've got like this little manuscript version of it. And what's interesting, too, if you go on eBay, you can find some of his old little. So, my computer froze there for a second.

[00:51:01] so there we go. Let's see any other questions about the business model. Okay. Okay. So will you be providing a PDF with the front end product of all the steps needed? So, yes, if you're part of the challenge each day, you're going to have a checklist. So you have a checklist for each day. Okay. And that will be provided in PDF form and you can, any, regardless of which level you've got, you will have access to that.

[00:51:30] So you'll have a summary, the CliffsNotes summary, and the PDF checklist. Okay, let me go here, see how did he sell the books? Where did he advertise them? So he, at the time, he only had one place he could advertise. That was, So he would run an ad in the newspaper. His ads were very simple.

[00:51:53] And they actually use the same persuasion strategies that I'm going to be teaching you. So he used a very specific strategy on how he would persuade someone to buy through his ads. And I'll teach you how to do that. But it's pretty simple, but pretty genius all at the same time. And but yeah, it was just a plain newspaper ad.

[00:52:11] And then then he would get people, you know, like he'd have these repeat customers and his that would continue to buy from him. And then he even had like, at some point in his career was publishing a periodical, a monthly magazine. So it's, which is kind of the equivalent of a modern day membership or continuity program.

[00:52:30] It's a whole other thing. All right, let's look back. Let's see.

[00:52:42] Okay. Oh, it looks like that PDF is available online. That's good to know. Cool. Cool.

[00:52:54] Okay. So when Lars is talking about having a problem being able to figure out his niche, which that's I'm going to cover you there. We're going to do that in just a second. Okay. Awesome. I see. Yeah, it looks like it's shared from the. A library in Illinois. So if you Google it our user let's see, who is this?

[00:53:09] This is Stephanie found it online. So you can find that PDF if you want to read it in PDF form online. So are there any niches that won't make money and should be avoided or will any niche work? Great question. We're going to cover that in detail in just a moment. I'm going to give you some action steps to take today to help you figure that out.

[00:53:34] Okay, questions about the replay the chat. Okay. Here's a couple things too. I want to cover I forgot I did this announcement on my youtube show yesterday, and I forgot that I didn't tell you guys so we had Schedule and how this is all gonna work. Let me explain this So the challenge ended up starting and where it's gonna fall over the weekend here in the United States where everyone wants to go to the Super Bowl, right?

[00:54:02] They want to go to Super Bowl parties, go hang out with family, hang out with friends. And I had a ton of people ask me if we could postpone the challenge until next week. But I also had a bunch of people say, no, I want to start on time. So what we're going to do is we started on time, like we're here right now, and we're going to be here today.

[00:54:20] And tomorrow we'll take a quick, we'll take a pause. We'll break over the weekend and then start back on Monday. So today is day one. Tomorrow's day to Monday. We'll begin day three and there'll be all the same time. You'll get a, I'm going to be emailing you all throughout the challenge. You're going to get a lot of emails from me with your materials.

[00:54:39] And when each day's materials are ready, you'll get it. And then because we're going to take a break over the weekend, what I decided to do was I'm going to go ahead and leave the first two replays up. All weekend. Okay. So session one, session two, I'll leave the replays up over the weekend and then they'll come down.

[00:54:56] Okay. After that, you'll get a replay that stays up for 24 hours after the challenge. So, that's unless you upgraded to the VIP and then you have other options. But for the core basic challenge, those replays will stay up for 24 hours, except over the weekend, because we're taking a little break over the weekend.

[00:55:17] Okay. And let's do this. Go back here. Oh, some people asking about a link to the 100 million book. You know, I'll dig out that link. Somebody in the chat shared it. So Samantha back in the back office, can you note that link for me? The chat's moving around for me and I'm going to move on through our next training.

[00:55:40] So Samantha, if you can grab that link that the customer shared in the chat to the, Okay. PDF. We'll go ahead and share that with you. So, I'm assuming it's not a pirated link and I'll check it out to make sure I'm allowed to share it, but as long as it's not a pirated link and it's something I can legally share I'll share that with everybody.

[00:55:59] A copy of the PDF of this. Okay. It's uploaded to a official government library website, so I'm pretty sure I'll be able to share it, but I'll just check. And if it's available, I'll share that book with everybody. Okay. Okay. Awesome.

[00:56:14] Here's a good question. When do you think we can actually begin to generate our first sale? Okay, so, Oops, clicking too many links. And yes, Samantha, that, that is the one. So instead of me typing over there, I'll just tell you on camera. So we're private messaging behind the scenes. So, okay, cool.

[00:56:37] Cool. All right. So when could you actually generate your first online sale? Okay. Now again, you're going to find out that I'm a little different than most. I do not believe in the whole smoke and mirrors telling people things that are not true. So I'm going to be completely transparent with you about when you can make your first sale.

[00:56:57] Okay. And the answer is it depends. I, and I'm not kidding. I have seen customers. That have executed on my training and within days they're making money. That has happened. That is unusual. I know most marketers would go, you can make money in a day. No problem. I'm not going to BS you. Can you make money in a day?

[00:57:18] Yes, absolutely. You know, let's just say after the challenge, so you got five days in the challenge. One more day of implementation. Could you make money that same week? Yeah, you could. Is it likely? Absolutely not. It's unlikely and it's unusual, but it does happen. So, truth be told, most people get their path to success where they'll launch their course, they'll send a little bit of traffic, and they'll kind of get And mediocre to poor results right out of the gate.

[00:57:50] It's kind of expected. But then the beauty of this is you learn from that and you can make changes and tweaks. In fact, I'll be talking about this. I'll be explaining and I get into it and I go into this in great detail in our business multiplier training. That's part of, I think, the inner circle. But I am going to touch on it in our basic training for everyone.

[00:58:10] That once your business is launched, there are some steps that you'll take. And you shouldn't assume that the very first little trickle of traffic is going to result in explosive sales. It could, I've seen it happen to customers, but that's unlikely. The more likely path is you'll get a trickle of traffic.

[00:58:27] You'll need to follow the procedure that I'm going to give you. You'll need to make some adjustments, send a little bit more, and then pop, you might get a sale. And you go, okay, well, why did I get that sale? And there's a process that I'll teach you on how do you scale up and improve from there? Because very rarely the very first sales letter or the very first course that you put out is going to be a runaway success right out of the gate.

[00:58:49] It's more about the process of being able to adjust, adapt, and make it work. And it's about. That it's like a tenacity of being able to stick with it and keep going. Even if when you launch your course, you don't immediately get a bunch of sales. Here's where most people fail. They quit there. They'll go, ah, this doesn't work.

[00:59:09] And they'll quit the people that go on to make millions of dollars. They don't quit. And they keep going and then I think, okay, well, why didn't it make sales? And what do I need to do to shift and adjust and adapt until I'm making sales? So this is a true course in success. It's not some BS smoke and mirrors, and I'll teach you exactly what you need to do.

[00:59:31] Realize that it may mean that you need to have patience and persistence in order to finally get that big breakthrough. So, just want to give you the straight truth and that, that's what it is. Okay, then,

[01:01:07] oh, I sure hope I'm still here. That was quite a disaster. My computer actually crashed. All right. So am I still here? Let me know. Am I still here? Hopefully I am back. Computer crashed. That was crazy. It's very frustrating because I spent like a billion dollars on building this computer. It's got the best of everything.

[01:01:31] And yet. It crashes while I'm live. Wonderful. Okay, good. I am back. Yay. Okay. I was so worried that it was going to end the stream since I'm the only one in the stream right now. Yeah, usually I have a partner who's in here helping me and that keeps the stream going, but okay. So let's do this. I'm going to get my screen share going again.

[01:01:59] Apologies for that. Let's see.

[01:02:12] I'm looking for my presentation now. One second. While I get that going again.

[01:02:29] Okay. Training. Okay, there it is.

[01:02:40] Good.

[01:02:45] Okay. Got the presentation going. Let me just start the slideshow again and then we will get into the training.

[01:02:59] Move this window over here. That window over there. Okay, fantastic.

[01:03:12] Let me add the screen.

[01:03:23] Okay, cool. So now that we have gone over the business model and how this works, now it's time to start our first lesson. And it's going to start in picking the right niche market. And there's a lot of controversy and a lot of opinions about how to pick the correct niche market. And I borrow from a thousand year old branch of philosophy Japanese philosophy when it comes to picking your Because some people will tell you ride the trends and just pick any niche, even if it's a niche you don't like.

[01:03:58] And I don't believe that's the right advice. Because just as I was saying before my computer crashed, that you need to be able to, um, be in it for the long haul. Right? So if you go into a niche that you don't like. Even though it might be profitable, maybe it'll be a profitable niche. But if you don't enjoy it, at least a little bit, you're going to quit.

[01:04:22] You'll never make it to the finish line because you have no reason to stick around. You have no vested interests, no affinity for the thing that you're doing. And so when you encounter trouble, like let's say you create an entire course business, you launch your website, it's for sale, and you don't immediately get some results.

[01:04:40] And you try a little bit of this, a little bit of that. And you're kind of struggling a little bit. Well, you're going to quit. Unless it's in a niche that you've at least got some little bit of interest in, right? And so it's all about balancing different factors and finding the perfect balance the perfect thing in the middle that has High profitability so you can make money, but it's something that's going to hold your interest and help you feel rewarding like you'll feel fulfilled at the same time.

[01:05:11] That's the magic ingredient and that's what I would like to teach you how to do in this session. So let's get on with it. We're going to be covering something called Ikigai and it's defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a motivating force, something or someone that gives a person a sense of purpose or a reason for living.

[01:05:35] Now this is applied in Japanese society as a way of trying to find Your career you're like what job and what career path you want in life. Do you have a fulfilling career? I believe it is incredibly applicable beyond a career but to a business itself And so this is a representation of ikigai So you'll notice there are these all these circles overlapping and in the center you have Ikigai.

[01:06:06] And we're going to cover each of these and what you need to do to find your Ikigai niche. So what your niche market, however you want to say it this is going to be in the center. And for you, that might be something that you like. Well, it should be something you at least like, right?

[01:06:23] So you have to have some degree of love for the thing, amount of liking this for it. There must be something over here on the side. You see that something that the world needs. It must be something that you have at least some level of skill at, right? Maybe not a you don't have to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination You could be a complete beginner, but you kind of have a knack for it You're kind of you know, you kind of enjoy it at the same time and then also what you can be paid for So if you go into a niche that has a lot of ability to be paid for like let's say you're out here in this circle But it's not really what the world needs And it's not something that you love So something that maybe you're not good at you're never going to succeed even if you can be paid handsomely for it.

[01:07:08] Okay you're going to not feel rewarded these are going to be things like, you know, like these are some of the more scammy Scheme type get rich quick things that don't actually provide value that you can get people to give you lots of money for but they don't actually give you any fulfillment and It's incredibly frustrating, and this is not a fun business.

[01:07:29] Instead, you want to be in a business that you can be paid for. You're going to move over in this direction. It needs to be something that the world actually needs. And I'll show you how to uncover this. It needs to be something that you at least have some degree of affinity for some amount of liking, you know, they call it love here, but really it's just liking.

[01:07:47] And when you find that perfect thing in the middle, that's got all of these. You're going to be making a lot of money and you'll be incredibly fulfilled. Now there are gradients to this, right? You can pick a niche market that you're at least kind of interested in. Maybe you don't love it absolutely, it's your favorite thing in the world, but you're at least kind of interested in it.

[01:08:07] And you're kind of interested in learning more about it so you can get good at it. And it's something that the world needs and they're willing to pay for, right? For some people, that's good enough. Some of you may find the perfect combination of what you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.

[01:08:24] And then that is incredibly fulfilling when you do find it. So I'm going to check in with the chat. Have you heard of Ikigai? Is this something you're familiar with?

[01:08:37] So, are you familiar with this term? You ever heard of it before? Who is, give me, tell me if this is a new or old information for you. So give me new or old in the chat. Is this new data or is this something you already knew new or old? Which is it for you for the concept of IKIGAI? Let me know in the chat.

[01:08:55] It's got a lot of new. Clayton says old. Okay. It looks like we are running about 80 percent say new, but 20 percent of you have heard of this before. Okay. Okay. Yeah. And that's continuing to go as the answers come in. Yeah. So it is about about 80, 20. So 80 of 80 percent of you, this is a newer concept.

[01:09:16] Okay. And so I hope you understand why I focus on this strategy and we're going to go into some steps. That's the next thing I'm going to give you steps that you can do to uncover this. And I focus on this purely because I want you to succeed. I just, I'm not interested. And just selling a ticket to a challenge and getting a little bit of money and that's that what I'm interested in is that you get to actually execute, you actually get to build a business that you stick with it and then a year from now, or maybe.

[01:09:49] Five years from now, I happen to hear back from you when you say, man, I did what you said, and I got to quit my job and now I'm living this awesome, fulfilling life. There's nothing better than when I hear that from people that have learned from me. Like if I'm able to pass on some knowledge and some experience that enables somebody to get some results like that, that I just, that is where I live.

[01:10:12] That's what I love to do, and that's what I want to achieve for you. I'm not interested in selling just a. a 97 ticket, and that's that. I hope that you and I can work together for years, and I hope that whether it takes you a week, a month, a year, five years, but I hope that this data is something that you can keep with, you can stick with, and be persistent until you get that success.

[01:10:35] So that's the approach I'm taking through the whole rest of the challenge. All right, so now, how do you actually find your So let's dive into that. I like to start with this one. This is the place I like to start with. And some people this may stress you out because maybe you think, Oh my gosh, I don't know if there's anything that I actually like or love that I could get paid for.

[01:11:02] Don't get weird by this. Don't get weirded out by it. Instead, just follow through these directions. Okay. And the question for you here is if you really can't, some people struggle with this step in terms of trying to find out what are they like to do? What do they love to do? What are topics or subjects or groups of people or things that they just absolutely love could be pets, could be family.

[01:11:27] It could be your career. It could be a hobby, it could be your training that you know, that you have had in life. If there's anything that in your life that you would love to do. So the question really is what would you do right now if you didn't have to work and you had no family obligations, like for the next you know, you know, let's say that you're off for the next three weeks and you have no family obligations, no work obligations.

[01:11:57] What would you do? You know, I mean, of course, everybody's gonna say I go on a vacation. Okay. After the vacation is over, what would you do with yourself? You know, I'll give you some examples. I like lapidary. I like to cut gemstones and make jewelry, right? That's a hobby of mine. And so after I got back from vacation, I'd probably get out my equipment and I'd work on that.

[01:12:17] I also like to collect fossils and minerals. Like I go out in the field and collect those things. I'd probably spend some time doing that. The other thing it's funny, but I love marketing. I love. What I do here. So even though I might have three weeks of downtime, I'll probably going to go. I'll probably end up building a new little course business or something, right?

[01:12:40] That's something I really love to do. Or I might get on the phone and start networking with some friends and trying to help them with their businesses. I love business persuasion, marketing And then some of those other things. I also like to ride motorcycles off road. So those are some of the kind of things that I might put on my list.

[01:12:58] Other thing I love is my family. And I think family life is very important and that's something that's for me that would probably go on my list, but those are just examples. So. Your lesson or your steps that you need to do is to actually make that list and so make a list up Don't make it super long I say don't do any more than 10 of these things or what are the things that you love or at least that you like?

[01:13:23] All right, maybe if love is too strong of an emotion things that you like to do, right? So that is step one

[01:13:36] step two is we're gonna move over to what you're good at and people struggle with this, too Okay, and I think a lot of people are a little self conscious about these. Maybe people are a little bit humble. But what are you good at? And that could be something like, if you think about it, what have you ever done in your life or created or made or helped somebody with that you are proud of?

[01:13:59] Chances are you're good at it. What have you had training in? Whether as a hobby, maybe a past career, things like that, that you actually are skilled in. Okay. What do other people tell you that you're good at? Sometimes we all have trouble taking compliments, right? So, it's sometimes hard to look at this, but you really want to look at what are the compliments that people have paid you of like, you know, like I, let's say for me, right.

[01:14:29] I made a piece of jewelry and someone says, wow, that is really amazing. You know, something I'm good at. So think about that. What is something that you have been complimented for? Also, what do you have experience at? You know, in, in your job, maybe in your career, whether you're currently working in that career or a past career, or maybe is there a hobby that you have a lot of experience in?

[01:14:53] Even if you wouldn't consider it yourself necessarily good at it, but you've got a lot of experience at it. You're in, you know. That's good enough. So what are you good at? That's the next one and make a list. You're going to make a list. Don't make it more than 10. Okay. Stop. If you get to 10 or try to make it your favorite, you know, your top 10, then we're going to move on to the next.

[01:15:20] And that is what the world needs. And there's a little exercise that you're going to do here. Okay, so there are lots of places that you can go to do this exercise. Have you ever heard of a site called Quora? In fact, let me, I'll pull it up. Let me just pull it up for everybody real quick.

[01:15:46] So Quora is a site filled with questions. And this is what the world needs because they're asking for it. They're asking these questions. So you can also go to a site called answer the public, I think it's answer the public. com pretty sure we go. Um, and this will also help you with that. So let's just say, I'll say dog in search.

[01:16:26] And so it's going to give us all of the questions. that people are asking about dogs in this big old wheel, right? Can dog eat blueberries? Can dogs eat oranges? Can they eat those? What can they eat? All these questions, these all give us clues about this stuff. Quora, same thing. If I came over here and I searched Quora for Dog.

[01:16:55] Look at all these questions. What is the most dangerous dog breed? What are vital dog training tips? That's that in there. Look at that. This is a popular one. 181 people follow it, right? So what we're going to do now is we're going to come in here and we're going to use these two. But the best is to use chat GPT, which I'll show you in a second.

[01:17:17] Okay. So I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT to do this step. But now what we're going to do is we're going to start to take some of those things that were on your lists, right? You have your list of 10 and 10 or five and five, however many you have, and you're going to check and search, and you're going to be looking on answer the public, you're going to be looking on Quora, or you're going to use chat GPT in the way I'll show you in a minute.

[01:17:40] And and we're going to uncover what. The world needs and we're going to we know that because they're asking for it. They're looking actively for solutions and for advice and for help on those topics. And we're going to learn a little more about, you know. In these areas of what the world needs.

[01:17:59] Makes sense. Cool. I'm going to move to the next one and then I'm going to come back for some Q and A. We'll do Q and A in just a second about this topic, but so far everybody tracking with this is making sense. Give me a big yes in the chat. If this is a, you're following along, this is making sense so far.

[01:18:16] Or let me know if something is confusing. So anything confusing at this point, please let me know. Okay, good. Okay. Lots of yeses. Lots of yeses coming in. Okay. It's important. I don't leave anyone behind. So, I want to make sure that I want to make sure that everybody is keeping up. So if you get confused, something doesn't make sense.

[01:18:39] Please ask up. I'll try to help you on camera or at least my team will be listening in the chat and they can try to help you in chat as well. Okay. So, no man or woman left behind. That's my motto here. Okay. So, but don't be shy if you're falling behind. And then also if you're, if We don't get to you again.

[01:18:57] Don't forget you can always email if you get stuck. Something's confusing help at pushbutton. ai back to it

[01:19:12] All right, so we're going to be digging into quora We're going to be digging into answer the public and we're going to now spend some time with chat gpt And chat gpt is actually pretty easy to use for this step Let me pull it up and I got it going right here. And so what I find is that Is that you can have a conversation?

[01:19:36] With chat gpt and and it's going to be useful here like a lot I'm trying to think how to explain this concept, but a lot of times I think people Will just talk to chat gpt and they don't get good answers But what we're going to do here for this exercise, it's useful to sort of have a back and forth conversation with chat GPT.

[01:19:57] And so let's say, for example I have my interests of lapidary work of of riding motorcycles and things like that. I'm going to use these as examples. And so I have a prompt that we use. And where is that prompt? Let's see. When my computer crashed, I lost it. There it is. Okay. So here is the prompts that we're going to use.

[01:20:31] Okay.

[01:20:35] So,

[01:20:39] oh, this is my prompt for the next one. There, hold on. So, okay. Anyway, when my computer crashed, I lost my prompt list. So I'm just going to do it out of memory. Okay. So in chat GPT, we're going to come in here. This is at chat. openai. com and we're going to chat with it and we're going to start out by asking it.

[01:21:00] Are you familiar with the concept of geeky guy? I'm just going to ask it.

[01:21:11] This primes it. So what, what happens in these chat GPT sessions is chat GPT begins to remember the context of what you're talking about. So now we've primed chat GPT that it knows. That we want to talk about Ikigai. Okay. You can see it's answering me. Yes. It knows what it is. And it's giving me a quick summary of the concept of Ikigai and this is priming it.

[01:21:34] So now this chat window that we are in, chat GPT is now in Ikigai mode. Right? So all we had to do is ask it this, are you familiar with the concept? Now we can say. Great, now use the concept of EPI and act as an expert business market researcher to help me find these markets, okay? And by the way, I'll share this with everybody, so the prompts I'm using even though I'm just sort of typing them here, I'll share the prompts that I'm using so you can refer back to them later.

[01:22:21] And so now what we're going to do is we're gonna tell it here are a few things I love and am good at. Okay. We'll do a colon, we'll do a space like that, and then we're going to good at,

[01:22:46] right? So we'll do this. I'm gonna, I'm just gonna fill this out for myself. Lapidary, which is the cutting of gemstones. That's what that means. That's a ho the field of cutting gemstones and making jewelry. Off road motorcycle riding,

[01:23:07] being a good father, marketing and sales,

[01:23:21] and proving businesses. Okay? Now, what am I good at? Okay? Okay. Okay. I'm good at sales, writing, marketing, copy, business, strategy, good at lapidary um, and then let's see here, I'm going to come up here and help me find, I'm going to put a number in here, and I'm going to say, help me find 10,

[01:24:03] where there is a 10. Okay. need like the concept of what the world needs. Okay. So there's my prompt.

[01:24:24] Now it's telling me given your interests and skills, we can explore niche markets that align with what the world needs. And it's actually going to give me 10 of them.

[01:24:41] And so now what I can do based on the results, I can look at these 10 and I can guide it further. And we're going to have an actual conversation. And you could almost think about this like you're sitting down with an advisor. Okay. And you're having a back and forth two way conversation. You need to keep this conversation all in the same window.

[01:25:00] So you don't want to open a new window and start over, stay in the window you're in because chat GPT remembers the context of all you've talked about before. Okay. So we want it to know what we're talking about and keep it oriented in that same chat window. And we can now continue to query and ask questions in either.

[01:25:19] You're going to get 10 results. You like, maybe you'll like half of them, or you'll be like, what the heck? I need to try this again. And then you can guide it. And let me show you an example.

[01:25:32] So, let's say in my case, I want to create an online course where I help people solve problems or achieve their goals. Can you give me ten more?

[01:26:02] All right. And there it goes.

[01:26:10] All right. And so now we can go through and make a list of these and you can just quite literally have a conversation for this step. You can just keep asking it questions. You could say, well, Hey I like the, like here it said fatherhood and leadership. Okay. Lapidary Business Startup adventure Business Startup.

[01:26:35] Okay, so let's say I like the idea helping people start new businesses, and you give me 10 there of roads

[01:26:55] And something really interesting. We can get way into the technical reason as technically why this is could be true. Chat GBT tends to respond better. When you're polite to it, as weird as that sounds, if you say please and you actually talk to it politely, it's really weird, but it will give you better results.

[01:27:16] So some people could get really into like, thinking that's creepy. Like, is it because the thing understands you? It's not, it's there's an actual mathematical reason for this. It's not that there's a. A being in chat GPT who feels your politeness. It's a, it's just math, but it does tend to give you a little better results when you're polite to chat.

[01:27:39] GPT is weird as that is. So, so you can go through and you can continue asking it questions. You could continue guiding it. You could say, Hey, well, I like this, but I don't like that. Can you give me 10 more? Or. You know, what about how to, is there some things I can teach like how to courses and you could try to guide it, talk to it, and you're going to use chat GPT to come up with that list.

[01:28:03] And ideally, if you have the time, you'd spend doing all three. You'd look at answer the public, you'd look at Quora, and you'd take What you've learned from ChatGPT, and that's when you're going to make your list. And that, again, is the list for what the world needs. Which is actually similar, but different than what you can be paid for, okay?

[01:28:28] So what you can be paid for is another step of research, okay? So, what you can be paid for is something to find out, is this being sold already? I know a lot of people will teach that you should go into a niche market that is low competition, that there's not a lot of activity in. And I think that is horrible advice going after low competition niches.

[01:28:54] And you know, and, you know, hopefully I'm not offending anybody I know there, I think I you know, there's a lot of ways to teach how to do ni niche marketing, but I don't believe in going into little tiny micro niches. I wanna. Find a niche that is proven to make money. That's my personal strategy is I want to find a niche that I know objectively by looking on the internet, that it is already being sold.

[01:29:18] The people are willing to spend money to buy solutions to those problems. And the only real way to do this is with some good old fashioned research. And so we can go look in Google and see our people. Selling courses, do they seem to be successful in selling courses on certain topics, you know, and if there's no evidence that it's being sold, it's probably because no one's willing to pay for it, you know, at this day and age, the Internet is evolved to the point where if it's not already being sold on the Internet, the odds are that's because it can't be sold well.

[01:29:53] Okay. So we're going to pop open Google. Okay. And we're just going to search for some of the things that you've come up with. So by now you might be, your list might be starting to narrow down and you might be thinking, Oh, well, I want to sell a course on how to make jewelry and turn it into a business.

[01:30:11] Maybe I want to do a course on that. Well, let's go find out if it actually is something people are paying for. So, if we go over here, let's just go to good old Google.

[01:30:27] And we're going to say, how to start a proprietary and Google free business. Okay. We're going to search. We're going to take a look. And we're going to see, number one, are there any ads showing up? So, I don't see any ads showing up at all. So there are no paid ads. That's something I would notice. And I would look to see,

[01:31:02] are there anybody selling courses on this? I see a lot of like, here's the Gem Society. Here's just a free article in Rockin Gem Magazine. Let's take a look at this one.

[01:31:17] I don't think this is a course.

[01:31:23] Yeah, this is just a free article. And the next thing we could do is we could put on the end,

[01:31:37] buy course. So this is from the international gem society. Let's take a look at that.

[01:31:48] Okay. These seem to be free articles.

[01:31:55] Here's a lapidary course. Okay. Here's someone selling one.

[01:32:02] So here's a lapidary course for sale. How to be a lapidary artist. So that's a good sign. Start your Lapidary Supply Store. So when I'm looking at this, here's what I come away with. I come away with the thought that, yes, people are paying for that, but it doesn't seem to be a lot, right? So that would probably go, I might put it on my list of what the world needs, but it would be low on my list of what the world needs, right?

[01:32:29] Based on some quick research. And now The other thing that we can do is we can start to look in the affiliate networks to see if people are selling products and services. So you can go to the ClickBank marketplace. So if you don't have a ClickBank account, it's free. You can sign up and go look in the marketplace and see, is anybody selling anything even remotely like what you want to sell?

[01:32:51] You can also go, there's a place called OfferVault. I'll show you OfferVault. And OfferVault is a big listing. Of affiliate programs. Okay. So if we just type in Blapadary, just as a general word, we're probably gonna find, we go, zero results. So, you know, versus if we type in,

[01:33:22] you gotta spell it right, type in blood sugar, we're probably gonna get a ton. There we go. All kinds of offers helping people with blood sugar. Okay. Now, it's by taking a balanced look at all of these things is where you can figure out You know what's going on out in the world. We can also ask chat gpt now chat gpt is not my favorite For this but it's still good.

[01:33:49] Nothing beats good old fashioned research to see Is it what I want to sell for sale and are anybody else? You know having big success with it and if you don't see signs of that then it's probably not something that the world is going to pay for. Okay. So next up is chat GPT and we can go to chat GPT.

[01:34:09] We'll go back over here. And now we're going to use the prompts that I was talking about that I have right here. Okay. So we're going to take this prompt. I'll share this prompt with you by the way. So we're going to go over here. We're going to reprime it and put this here. And we're going to say I'm going to make this very fast what you love lapidary being a father building businesses, hoping

[01:34:50] always misspell entrepreneurs. Ironically what the world needs, um, versus on starting a profitable business. What you're good at, business strategy. Okay, I'm just doing this super fast. You make this list complete. And we're going to actually have it to evaluate my list and come up with things that we can be paid for.

[01:35:25] And this is the same thing. We're going to have a conversation with chat GPT. So we're priming it with this first prompt. Again, I will share it with everybody. It'll be in your written materials. So you'll be able to get that prompt. All the prompts I use throughout the entire challenge will, I will make sure you have access to them in your written materials.

[01:35:45] Okay. So

[01:35:52] it's given me some advice about selling a course on. For entrepreneurial parents in creative industries. I don't know if I liked that one.

[01:36:04] So it's answering in kind of a weird way that it usually doesn't. So, and that's the other thing chat GPT can be a little bit temperamental. It's given me actually an entire business plan. So that's pretty interesting. I get an entire market breakdown and a business plan. Okay. Please help me create a list of.

[01:36:26] 10 different things I could be paid for in the, as a online digital course. And let's change that to 10. Sorry.

[01:36:50] So now it's behaving as I expect it to.

[01:36:58] Okay. So now we can take this information as well.

[01:37:04] Family friendly entrepreneurship.

[01:37:11] financial management for startup, building a sustainable online business. So not only are we getting niche ideas, but it's actually giving us, we're starting to even get into ideas for courses, which we're going to come on. Oh, and you're guys, I'm not sharing my screen. Jeez.

[01:37:31] So you guys have watched me the whole time making prompts. Sorry about that. So, all right, let's start over.

[01:37:41] Okay, so this was the prompt I used. Sorry about that. I will share that prompt with everyone and chat GPT started to respond in a give me a big giant market case study about one particular business. So then I asked it, please help me create a list of 10 different things I could be paid for as an online digital course.

[01:38:02] Then it gave me 10, and now I can continue to talk to it and say what are some other ideas about father fatherhood and parenting? I could maybe create course people would want to buy. Okay, so now I can guide it. So let's say if I like some particular angle and I can have this sort of consultive conversation with chat GPT.

[01:38:45] So this is pretty cool.

[01:38:53] So you're going to use a combination of those factors and and again, to remind you, I'll put the screen back up. We're going to Google, are people selling any of the stuff that have been on our list? Are there any affiliate programs out there in what we're trying to do? And then we're going to also ask chat GPT.

[01:39:14] And so at this point, we're going to take all of these things and we're going to think about that Ikigai graph. And that's going to help us pick the niche that you want to go into. Now there is one more angle to get this right and to make this be profitable, right? You want profit. That's the whole point we're here.

[01:39:33] So there's one more step and we're going to cover that next. And then that's, this is going to be your action items for today is to do this IKIGAI exercise. And then the very next thing I'm going to show you, And then we're done. That's going to be it for your your action items from today. Let me go back to the Ikigai graph and just re promote, just point that out one more time.

[01:40:00] There it is. So once you've made your list, again, you want 10 or less of each of these circles. Okay. And then we're going to look for places where they all intersect in the middle. And those are going to be the ones that you might want to be. Do a niche marketing. Okay, and you can throw out and disregard if you have one that you absolutely love, but there's no evidence that anybody is paying for it.

[01:40:26] Skip it as much as you love it. You want to make profit, so skip it. Let's say there's something that you really love and you know the world needs it. But no one's paying for it? Skip it. Throw it out. Right? If it's something that you see, people are making tons and tons of money, but you don't like it?

[01:40:45] You don't, you actually dislike it? Throw it out. Don't do it. You could be amazingly good at something, and it's not what the world needs? Throw it out. You want what's here in the middle. Start to find the intersections and leave those, you might end up with a list of like, let's say you end up with a list of three potential niche markets that fit in this zone of Ikigai, okay?

[01:41:10] And that's good, then you're good, you're done, and then you can move on to the next step. And so what I would like to do now is go to questions about this, okay? So, I'm gonna do my best. I'm going to do my best to answer your questions. So first, do these classes always start at noon Pacific time?

[01:41:31] Yes, they do. So let's go, let's keep questions right now focused on Ikigai. So, ask your questions about this concept of Ikigai and then we will move on. And I have one last action item for you, but I want to cover any questions about this first. Another question about the prompts. Yes, I will send you the prompts.

[01:41:52] So what will happen is after each of our live lessons, or each of our live lessons, there's an extended Q& A that I'll be doing with the VIPs. Today there's no we're just getting started, so there'll be no extended Q& A. Tomorrow we do a live session, an extended Q& A. And then later in the afternoon, all the written materials drop and they'll be emailed to you.

[01:42:14] So we're literally making the written materials based on what we cover live, because I'm adjusting and adapting to your needs and how things go with you as a group. So after each session, me and the team get together. We make sure that we tweak, modify, improve, and get the written materials to match exactly.

[01:42:36] And then we'll send those out to you by the end of the day. So live session is at noon. Then there'll be the 30 minute to 60 minute VIP Q and A, and then the written materials will be dropped later in the afternoon by the end of the day. So that's our schedule. Now I'll go back in the chat and we'll take a look here and see if anybody has anything about Ikigai.

[01:43:01] What do you recommend if we have multiple Ikigai sweet spots? Well, it's okay to come up with, you know, I would say you want a small list. You don't want to have in your Ikigai graph here, if you're, if you've got like, I don't know, 10 things. that fit in this Ikigai circle here in the middle. That's too many.

[01:43:22] You want to narrow it down. You really want to get it down to a smaller group. And then the next thing I'm going to cover with you is going to help you make your final decision. Okay. So we want to break this Ikigai exercise down and let's say you want it down to a small list. You know, ideally it'd be like three, I guess if you could get up to five, that might be not too many.

[01:43:45] Certainly if you have more than five. that you've got here in the middle, that's too many. You want to really narrow it down to under five, ideally three, and then there's one more step, which I'm going to cover in a minute, that'll help you pick your number one. Okay? Somebody says, could our browser search tabs be a solid indication of what we love?

[01:44:05] Yeah, actually. Yeah, if you see your, in your browser tabs, you see a trend, that's a good idea. I had never thought about that. That's a fantastic thought. If you notice a trend in your browser tabs or your browser history, okay. Well, that might be an indication of what you love. What about researching on amazon about what is selling fantastic idea?

[01:44:28] Yeah, fantastic idea any place That has stuff for sale that lets you search and make and see if there are things being sold Is good if you see there's a ton of books That's a good sign, especially books that are selling, right? If you ever see, if you see a bunch of books that have like one review, maybe that's a bad as far as, you know, what the world needs and what the world will pay for.

[01:44:52] But if you see, there's a bunch of books being sold, you know, they've got hundreds of reviews and they're right on the topic. You know, the world is looking for it and you know that they're willing to pay for it. Right. So I think fantastic idea. Amazon is great.

[01:45:09] OkaY.

[01:45:10] okay. What if we're really struggling with ideas? Okay. Well, I think, I mean, give me a little bit more info about where you're struggling. Can you make the list of what you love and or what you're good at or have experience in? Because remember those, there's some slides back here that I said exactly an exercise, right?

[01:45:31] Okay. So what would you do with yourself if you had no obligations, right? That's a clue of what you love your browser tabs like or your fellow challenge member said You know make a list what you're good at and this is sometimes difficult for people because it's You know, sometimes people are humble and or self conscious about things, but it's what are the things that you have accomplished, created, or done that you're proud of?

[01:45:56] That's probably a sign you're good at it. What have you had training in that you know you're well trained? What do people tell you're good at? You know, you know, maybe you're an artist and you're a little shy about your work, but people are always telling you how great it is. Well, chances are you are good at if they say so.

[01:46:13] And then what do you have experience at? Is there something that you've spent a lot of time doing to the point where you kind of know it inside and out? These are all things that you're good at. So, and then the other two are just exercises, you know, doing some good old fashioned research. So let me know where you're stuck in that process and I'll do my best to help.

[01:46:33] Okay. All right.

[01:46:39] If I find on Google a hundred dollar college courses, but not 15 cheap courses. Is that an indication that there might be few buyers instead of many? Well, if there's only one college course and there are no commercial courses, they don't have to be 15 courses. But if you've only found one course that's probably not a good sign.

[01:46:59] But if you have multiple 100 courses that's good. That would be good. Um, is real estate invest, investing a good course to do? How do I get LinkedIn leads? Okay, well, LinkedIn leads is a different topic. We can maybe talk about that when we get to the end of the challenge. So i'll have to come back to that later.

[01:47:19] We'll get to it when we're on the topic of getting sales but real estate investing could be a good course to do Yeah, just you know apply ikigai to it and see if that fits for you Lars was asked is there any ikigai that have an example filled in? I'll look for one. Let me see if I can find an example for you just to share some a demonstration.

[01:47:42] I don't have one. Let me see if I can find one or make one for you. Somebody asking about the two add ons. So we have both our Elite add on and our Inner Circle add on. Each of those are separate, so one does not include the other. So they're both separate, different upgrades. Um, Could the books we read be a solid indication of what we love?

[01:48:04] Absolutely. Yes, I think that would definitely be an indication of that. If you find yourself gravitating to certain types of books, yeah, definitelY.

[01:48:12] cool. What we could what we enjoy talking about also be a solid indication of what we love? Yeah, absolutely. Cool.

[01:48:29] Okay, so question from Tim. So hey, Tim. And if the course is designed to follow chapters from a book, do you have yet to write the chapters for your course to correspond with the book? Or, I'm not sure if I, let's see if I understand this one. Oh, I see. You're doing a course covering the materials in a book that exists.

[01:48:51] So you're going to do like a course based on a book. And do you have to make the chapters correspond with the book? Not necessarily. I mean, you could, um, another thing you could do when we're jumping ahead. So we're really getting into course content, which I'm going to cover tomorrow. So I'm going to dive more into this, Tim, and you can ask that question again tomorrow.

[01:49:12] So that's, Tim's got a great question about course content and we're covering that topic tomorrow.

[01:49:17] Great. So somebody has an idea. This is Christiane, I think. I already know what I want to focus on, personal development. I want to start with finding happiness, encouraging optimism, finding purpose. I know these are good and I have researched some on chat GPT. I published in my earlier years and I love to write content that is helpful.

[01:49:40] So do I need inky guy? So it does sound like you kind of have all the makings for a geeky guy. And what you describe here, um, you know, I might spend a little bit of time just to see if people are selling courses on those things. I'm pretty sure they are, but you may already have your IKIGAI actually.

[01:49:59] So, so here's the one I love too many things and I'm good at a bunch of stuff. So, you're having trouble narrowing that down. So, Yeah, I don't know what to tell you. I think, you know, go through the process and take things off the list, you know, be, you know, really be strict at yourself. It's not just what you love or just what you're good at.

[01:50:25] It's also what the world needs. Are they searching for it? Are they asking for those questions on Quora and other places? And more importantly, can you be paid for them? Okay, so just be, you know, really aggressive in weeding things out. If people aren't searching for solutions and people are not currently buying and paying for books or courses or products or services about your topic, throw it out no matter how many things you're good at or how many things you love.

[01:50:54] And I know the feeling, you know, I have a lot of interests, you know, I'm interested. There's a lot of things I want to study and would love to learn. So yeah, I understand how it can be tough to to. Bring that list down. Okay, let's look for on the last round of questions, then we're going to move on.

[01:51:13] What if there are a lot of free classes offered in your niche? Well, That's fine. That's fine. As long as there are also paid ones. I'll give you a little, we're going to do a case study for I forgot if it's in one of the, I think it's in the elite program where I'm doing my case study about my 15 million digital course, digital business.

[01:51:33] And that sold a little 11 membership. And we did 15 million in sales of 11 memberships. And There was a lot of places that had free information on my topic. So courses, trainings, information, lots of it was free. And yet I still was able to do 15 million in sales, 11 bucks at a time, even though there was a lot of free info.

[01:52:02] So don't let that make you be afraid of a niche if there. Are people giving away courses and giving away info? It's totally fine. Usually that means there's a high demand for it. As long as there are signs that people are also paying for that information and for those courses, then you're fine. Yeah.

[01:52:19] So don't let just being, there being free courses scare you away by itself. That doesn't disqualify a niche necessarily. Okay. So when we do these searches, are we searching for products or courses? What's kind of both, you know, you're searching to see. It depends on your market. But I would tend to look for courses or I would phrase my searches as solutions, you know, like let's say if I wanted to do a dog training course, right.

[01:52:47] I might just search for dog training, you know, and and start there. And then maybe try to search for dog training course or dog training service or, you know, and you kind of have to play it. You know, by ear, depending on niche to niche. But , I want to promote my travel site. Will it be too broad?

[01:53:07] And perhaps I should focus on something else. I love to cook. No, I think you could promote your travel site. I think travel, I don't know enough about your travel site to know if it focuses on a particular region or particular type of travel. But I think you could do a course on travel. That's not completely out of the realm of things.

[01:53:27] I probably wouldn't make a generic course of like, hey, how to travel, right? You want to get specific, but I think you can do that. And then you also love to cook. So, you know, do the ikigai exercise. Maybe there's a, maybe there's a niche in cooking you could do. Either one, I think, would be fine. What if we have two different Ikigai?

[01:53:46] Well, you gotta pick one. Flip a coin. If you did all the work, I have one more step. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna finish up here. I think I have two more questions to answer, and then we're moving to the next step. So no more questions on Ikigai. I'm moving to the next action item, and that's gonna help answer a lot of these questions.

[01:54:02] So if you have multiple Ikigai, or you're having some uncertainty, the next step is gonna help you.

[01:54:10] Cool. Can we also use Udemy to see if our topic is taught and is popular? Yes. So those who, if you're not familiar with Udemy, there is a site that sells a ton of training.

[01:54:29] Ah,

[01:54:37] so they have all these courses over here. And the cool thing is you can also see how many are sold. Like this course right here has been reviewed 269, 000 times. Fantastic way to search. So you can totally search here. Just for fun. Let's search lapidary. I need to spell it correctly.

[01:55:05] Nope, no courses. Oh, that's a bad sign. So let's try jewelry making. Okay, here we go. We got courses on jewelry making. This one's been reviewed 1, 500 times. So there are some, but then let's say if we search dog training,

[01:55:33] so okay, lots of dog training courses, lots of them with over a thousand reviews. So yeah, so yes, this is a great place to look. Okay ,

[01:55:46] I love listening to people and Prompt them to discover something within themselves. How does that relate to Ikigai? Well, that's kind of a form of personal development. So, I mean, that is a niche, right? Personal development. So, when you listen to people and give them advice, you know, like, what kind of strategies are you using, you know?

[01:56:10] And that actually might be, that might be the topic for a course.

[01:56:21] All right, and Okay, how long are the live sessions? Are they all two hours? No, the live sessions are intended to be one hour The first session tends to be longer just because a lot of questions of people as they just get started so the intention is that the sessions are one hour long. So, I will hang around and do q a So there might, that might extend it a little bit, but they're intended to be an hour.

[01:56:50] Okay. Okay. So I'm going to need to move on from Ikigai real fast. So, just again, for the sake of time so we can wrap up today. Okay. So, we're going to do our final step. And in the final step is how you really can tell if Your market is the right one, and it will be in the answers that you'll find in the next step.

[01:57:16] So, we're going to do that next. And I want to remind you, like, what I'm teaching you in the challenge is what we do every day in Pushbutton AI. So Pushbutton AI automates all of this. So, the EKI steps and we have a niche coach, an AI niche coach that does that for you. It actually helps you pick a domain name.

[01:57:37] It and then it builds your course. It's like all of these are automated behind the scenes. And so what I'm teaching you in the challenge are all of those steps. So all the steps that the software automates, I'm teaching you step by step how to do it. By hand, and this will be useful. We have actually quite a few of our customers who already own push button.

[01:57:59] I also took the challenge because they wanted to learn how does the software work? What is it actually doing behind the scenes to build out courses and businesses and? lead generation sites. So this training is teaching you what goes on behind the scenes, what's under the hood in the software. And it's actually doing all the steps that I'm going to teach you.

[01:58:20] It's actually doing these one step at a time. And putting it all together when it launches a business for you. So, that's what it's based on. And including this next step, which we're going to go back to the screen and move on to the next bit of training. Okay. I went too far.

[01:58:47] So, we're going to cover this. Now, those of you who have been following me a while, you know what this is. Okay, and I actually might have given you a clue already. So the solution. When you have boiled down your ikigai and you have, let's say you have three or five or however many you have of the possible niche markets that you've got, how do you decide, how do you decide exactly which one is the right one?

[01:59:13] How do you decide which one is going to make you the most money? How do you decide which one is ripe and the best use of making a course? Well, we use 10 pgb to do that and this little acronym stands for something very important and I weave this into everything I do when it comes to writing sales copy to selling even selling in person webinars, When I create courses when I create training materials, it is all centered around 10 PGB and we'll test here.

[01:59:45] Who knows what the PGB is? What is PGB?

[01:59:51] Let's see who here knows that. Who, we're gonna see who knows the concept of 10 PGB and who this is new for. Anybody know what 10 PGB is? And I kind of actually let a clue out earlier. So, no, no answers. No. Wow. A couple of you, I know have sat in on my training and seen the 10 PGB already. So there we go.

[02:00:15] Tim's got it. A pretty good buy. That's a good guess, but no. Russell, no, that's that's it. This course is a pretty good buy, but that's not what Penn 10 PGB stands for. Okay, cool. Okay, couple of you got it, couple of you got it, but some of, like, a lot of you don't know what this is. So I teach about this a lot.

[02:00:37] That's the point. I center a lot of my training around this. So 10PGB, it stands for 10 Problems, Goals, and Benefits. 10 Problems, Goals, and Benefits. Let me explain.

[02:00:57] The entire world's economy is centered around this concept. The only reason, and really, truly, the only reason someone will give you money as a business owner, as an entrepreneur, is if you can solve 10 PGB for them. And the biggest part of that is number one, problems. What problems? Is someone facing in your market.

[02:01:23] So let's say your market is cars. I'm just going to just do a really weird one just to illustrate this. Right. Let's say that someone wants to buy a car. Well, the only reason they're going to give a car dealer some money is if that transaction helps that person solve a problem. And you might think, well, if somebody just wants to buy a fancy car, what problem could that possibly solve?

[02:01:49] Well, it could be gas mileage. It could be affordability. It could be that it could be status. It could be that they want, they're not happy with their status and they want to upgrade their car, right? For a, for status reasons, that's still a problem. Now in every market where we're doing a course in that's even more important problems are at the heart of that.

[02:02:15] So what problems can we help someone solve in your niche market? So when you've used Ikigai to narrow this down and you've got your list of, you know, three different possible niches, which one has big, juicy, emotional problems? That you can help people solve and we're looking for problems that have emotion attached to them.

[02:02:40] You know, the bigger the emotion, the bigger the problems, even if they're not problems that the customers will talk about a lot, but we know they have them. These are vital in terms of what's going to help you sell the most and be the most profitable. And then on the flip side of this, so problems is kind of a negative thing, right?

[02:02:59] It's like. Trying to avoid uncomfortable things or avoid pain or challenges or whatever that might be. And then we have the flip side, which are goals and goals again, need emotion. So these are emotionally, there's some emotional attachment to being able to achieve something. And that could be as simple as the pleasure of finishing a project, right?

[02:03:24] Whether it's an art project or knitting something or or, you know, maybe their goal is to get better at being an artist, right? That is a, that is a. a positive goal. So we're looking at a positive, upbeat, like, something that they really want to accomplish that has some kind of emotion attached to it.

[02:03:44] And there are lots of goals that people have in life that they don't even express, that they don't even say to the world, but they have them in their mind. They're in their subconscious about what they're trying to achieve. And so we want big, scary problems that people really want to solve. And we want big goals that they really want to achieve.

[02:04:06] And when we're evaluating what niche to go into the niche that has the kind of more of these kinds of things, more problems you can help them with more goals that they want to achieve, the better off you are. And so we're going to take a look at those two things. We want to find what are the problems that we can solve in the market?

[02:04:24] What are the goals that we can help the market achieve? And then we can also take a look at what are the benefits that come from that. Okay, so when we solve someone's problem, what is the benefit? So let's say as an example, I like to use dog training as an example. So, I have a dog who barks all the time.

[02:04:45] She, I love her. Her name is Roxy. She's a cute little dog. And an important member of our family, but she loves to bark. And sometimes it's really frustrating, especially when I'm on live. It's amazing. She's been silent this whole time, but usually she's she's off barking somewhere, but and it actually is kind of a stressor, like it stresses out the family, so that's a pretty good problem.

[02:05:10] Right. But also my goal is to have all my family members in harmony and to have a happy household, right? That's my benefit. The end phenomenon of, okay, she's not barking anymore. My whole house, my house is quiet. I have a serene, peaceful house. My family is in harmony. That's the end benefit. Okay. And it is by looking at these things, problems, goals, and their related benefits is how you can make your final choice in terms of picking your niche market.

[02:05:43] And in tomorrow's lesson, we're going to use this in a big way. We're going to use problems, goals, and benefits to decide what your course is going to be about. So today you want to decide what your niche is. And another way to look at that, who are you going to serve? Who are the people that you're going to serve and what are you going to help them with?

[02:06:05] And this is a general concept. And then tomorrow. We're going to get down to specifics and we're going to be nailing down exactly what your course is going to be about. We're going to help you uncover the exact problems, goals, and benefits that you need to know to craft the perfect course. So that's tomorrow's training is going to be very centered on that.

[02:06:29] And we're going to dive into course creation and course outlining. But today you want to pick your niche market. You want to kind of figure out who do you want to serve? And what's the general overall topic that you want to help people with? That's your lesson today. And you can use this concept of, does that market have problems that we can help them with?

[02:06:50] Do they have goals they want to achieve? And if you have one that you see that's really clearly true, then that's your pick. Pick the niche market. that you can help them with the biggest, hairiest, ugliest problems, and the most exciting, positive, upbeat goals, so they have super happy benefits at the end, okay?

[02:07:09] Because what we ultimately want to do is sell them a course, they get through, and they're happy about that, so they'll buy another one from you, right? And and that's what helps you decide your final choice. And then again, tomorrow, we're going to get a lot more into detail about 10 PGB and about problems, goals, benefits, and creating courses that help people with them.

[02:07:33] That's the agenda there. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to flip Back to you and see if you have any additional questions about this idea of problems, goals, and benefits and how that relates to Ikigai. And I want to help make sure that you're super clear. And then your job now is to go home or at your office or wherever you're going to go.

[02:07:55] And you're going to make your list for Ikigai, go through that process, pick your top three. Right. Or if you can boil it down to one, that's great too. And then we're going to take a look and I'm going to show you a quick exercise on you can go to ChatGPT and you can even ask it about the problems and goals in a market.

[02:08:16] Okay. So, as an example, if you're struggling with this, let me show you really fast how to use ChatGPT to zero in on this. Okay. We're going to go back to ChatGPT. We're going to start a new chat. And we're going to say

[02:08:33] please act as a business market research expert,

[02:08:50] please provide me a list of the 10 most important problems people have when it comes to They're dogs.

[02:09:12] Boom! Right? So we're talking about pet training, right? In this case.

[02:09:19] And it's going to give me a list. So I can just come over here to chatGPT and ask it. If you're struggling trying to decide, does your niche market have important enough problems, it's going to tell you. And then we can also follow up in this same window. You can say, now tell me 10 important goals that people might have in relationship with their dog.

[02:09:51] Right?

[02:09:55] And it's going to tell me.

[02:10:02] Now, one other thing that you can do, If chat GPT is struggling to to find you good answers in this step, you can ask it to do research on the web. And let me show you how that works. So you can actually say, please search on the web for the top

[02:10:30] behavior problems people have with their pets. So I can literally just ask it to please search the web. And it's actually doing it. So it's actually going to go on the web, do the research, and come back

[02:10:50] with the answer.

[02:10:55] Barking! There's my number one.

[02:11:02] Okay, cool. Now we're going to get much more specific with problems and goals tomorrow, but this today. You just want to use this as kind of a tool to help you make your final choice in picking your niche markup and Bring them to me tomorrow And if you maybe if you're having trouble choosing if you've got two and you can't pick which one bring them to those to me tomorrow and i'm going to help you make your decision.

[02:11:26] Okay? And now let's go to chat. Cool. And so at this point I want to, I do want to clarify the action items have been given. So you now know your action items for the day that is to use Ikigai to narrow down into your niche market. If you're struggling and you can't do that, you can use 10 problems, goals, and benefits to help.

[02:11:50] You make decisions. Like if you're can't decide you have too many in that are coming up and Iggy guy, they'll then use the 10 problems, goals, and benefits to kind of inform your decision making, right? That's what that's for. And then again, if you're struggling and you can't pick. Come back tomorrow and I'll try to help you make decisions.

[02:12:09] Okay. And you can also, um, if I miss your questions today, if I missed you asked earlier and I didn't get a chance to answer, please email help at pushbutton. ai and they'll also help you there. And then tomorrow we're going to be back same time, noon Pacific, which is three Eastern tomorrow. I'm gonna try to keep it to an hour.

[02:12:31] Okay. Bye. Yeah, we'll see from there and then later today, keep an eye on your email. So the written materials from today's lessons are being created and they'll be dropped into your inbox by the end of the day. And that's all the written followup from today's lesson. And so I'll go back to Q and a, and we'll get into there.

[02:12:51] And I do see a lot of people asking me about push button AI. Well, let's talk. Yeah, I'm not gonna talk about that today.

[02:13:01] Okay, let's see.

[02:13:11] Okay, so people with scheduling Issues. So yeah, just reminder on scheduling. We're going to be Live tomorrow and then we're breaking over the weekend. So we have a and i'm going to take the recordings from today And the recordings from tomorrow and the replays will be left up all weekend. Okay. So you've got, if you're feeling stressed, like you're falling behind and you know, you had another appointment, you had to bail out early or you missed the first half, don't worry, should help a lot of people because we're going to be leaving the recordings.

[02:13:47] Here all weekend long and then on Monday at noon, we'll pick up from lesson three and then the you know, The replays will go offline on monday Cool. So now I want to make sure that any question you've got to take action It's important that you do these steps, so any confusion that you have or uncertainty problem you're having, whatever I can do to help make sure that you're all set up and ready to take these actions.

[02:14:20] Okay, let's handle those questions right now, and then we're wrapping up for day one of the challenge. Okay, let's see here. When will the replay link be available? Oh, good question. The replay is right here. So the page, the very page you're sitting on will turn into the replay. So, you don't have yeah, it'll stay right here and you'll be able to watch the replay on this page.

[02:14:44] Now, depending upon what time it is, my team may or may not be able to answer the chat. So I know we have the chat panel on the page. So the chat. You know, you may or may not get a live human during replay hours, depending on what time it is and what day it is, but the replay video will be on this page throughout that whole time.

[02:15:06] Good. When will we receive the chat GPT prompts? That will be today. So as soon as I go off the air, I'm getting with the team to package this all together and get it over to you as soon as we can, so that will be this afternoon or depending on what time it is for you, I know we have some people in in the UK and even Australia.

[02:15:26] So I don't know what time that is for you, but for me. It's this afternoon. Okay. Almost midnight in Sweden. Wow. Late nights. Well, Lars, thanks for sticking with me over there in Sweden. Good question. Could we use BARD? So, for those who don't know, BARD is Google's version of ChatGPT, and yes, you can use BARD.

[02:15:50] You could also use CLAWD. So, CLAWD2 by Anthropic, if you have access to it is another sort of a chat based AI called a large language model. So you could use you could use Claude, you could use chat GPT, or you could use Google's BARD, or I think they're now changing it to Gemini, because I think they're changing the name, so.

[02:16:15] All of those will work.

[02:16:16] So here's a good question. Oh, well, this is cool. So Christian says, and I hope I pronounce your name right. I've wanted this type of training for a long time. I'm very hopeful that I can succeed this time. Thank you. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah, I love this environment. I know for some people to be on live and have to do this.

[02:16:45] It's a time commitment and can be frustrating because these can go long if I answer a lot of questions. But I do think that this kind of environment really helps people take action and actually move through and get results because there's a ton of like eBooks and courses and video trainings. And let's face it.

[02:17:05] I've bought tons of those and I usually don't finish them. I usually, sometimes I buy them and I never even log in. Crazy. But I think we all do that. Maybe you're guilty of that. Am I the only one? Have you ever bought a course and then you never did it? I don't know. Okay, chat GPT is giving me service related answers.

[02:17:25] I asked it to give me courses and it gave me specific course names. How do I reframe the questions? So, that one so if that were happening to me, I would try my best to again, remember to be polite, say these aren't what I'm looking for. What I want is, okay. And then try again. And if it's still not correcting, then open a new chat window.

[02:17:52] The funny thing about all of these large language models is their answers will vary. So if you just open a new window, it's like clearing its memory, right? So it's like a mind wipe. Just wipe it away and you can start a new conversation in a new chat window. But but yeah, that's how I would guide it.

[02:18:09] I would just give it some clear instructions that this is not what I'm looking for, specifically what I'm looking for, and then try your best to describe it. Kind of sounds like you're doing that, but try again and worst case, open a new chat window and then refresh the memory. Okay.

[02:18:30] Awesome. Awesome. People looking forward to getting the prompts.

[02:18:38] Rafa has a question, and this is a delicate question, so I'm going to be careful about how I answer this. We have push button AI. I do have other software. I would love for everyone here to buy it and be a push button AI customer. But I'm here for the challenge. I want to, I'm going to be sticking with the challenge and teaching everybody the steps of the challenge.

[02:18:57] But Rafa was asking, am I going to show a demo of push button AI? And they want to learn more about it. So I don't know. So at some point during the challenge, yeah. Well, I'll show you the software and we'll talk about it, but I didn't want to make, especially not today. We just started the challenge of day one.

[02:19:14] I didn't want to make it be like a weird switcheroo where now I'm selling you a piece of software. So we're going to stick with the challenge. I'll keep delivering it. If enough of you want to see it, I mean, I'll leave it to you guys. If you want to see push button AI, then I'll show you guys what it does.

[02:19:29] So, but that'll be up. That'll be up to you. I don't want it to be something I'm pushing off on everyone. But certainly if you do want when the challenge is over you know, you can schedule a demo and get a demo of push button AI that you could also do that. Okay. Oh, another person midnight in France.

[02:19:50] Okay. Thanks for sticking with me, Peter. Also, Nicola, I think, is is up late in the UK. Wow. Wow. Wow. How many people are here in Europe? That, cause, yeah, it is late for you guys. What I'm Yeah, I'm honored that you stayed up late for me. That's pretty cool. When I actually saw a lot of orders coming in from Europe and even from Australia, and I just wasn't sure with the timing.

[02:20:16] So I was hoping that this time would work kind of be the best universal time for everyone, but um, okay, cool.

[02:20:31] Do we have to have a paid subscription to use chat GPT? So chat GPT does have a free level. It's it does have some limitations. I recommend you upgrade if you can it's 20 bucks a month to upgrade to their They're kind of premium level, but they do have a free level. And And you can also if you search for google bard or google gemini I think they also have a free version of that as well.

[02:20:55] So, okay And then someone's mentioning, yeah, Claude is not available in Canada. Yeah, Claude is one that's not available all over the world. I know it's in the U. S. in some countries. I don't know why they don't like Canada. I'm sorry. I don't know. I don't know why they don't give it to you.

[02:21:13] okay. Can I give tips about how to change a static course into something more dynamic like the challenge we're doing now? Maybe I hadn't planned on it, but if enough people are interested, I can talk about that at the end of the challenge. If you guys have interest in, you know, other formats of like how to make live challenges or how to create webinar trainings, or if there's interest, then I can talk more about it.

[02:21:45] But I want to finish the core part of the challenge first. Okay, Where's access to the VIP? Is there a separate portal? So VIPs will get a separate link each day. You'll get your first link tonight. So VIPs will have a separate set of links for their additional materials. It'll all be emailed to you.

[02:22:05] There'll be individual links that point to each day. Each day will have a core training link like you're on right now. Then there'll be an elite and a inner circle VIP room as well. So those will all be emailed to you. So if lesson first, you show up in the main course room, like, like this, and then you'll get emails with your inner circle, your, all your written materials and all of that.

[02:22:32] OkaY.

[02:22:33] can you let's see. Can you go in a big niche like real estate investors? Absolutely. You know, approach it again, approach it from the standpoint of solving problems and helping them achieve goals. Think about Ikigai. And if it, all that fits, absolutely. Then. Go for real estate investors. Can a course take include pictures that I took myself?

[02:22:56] Yes, it caN.

[02:22:58] let's see. Okay. So this is shy. I appreciate your training and learning from you directly. I agree that this is helping me to take action. I'm already a push button AI customer, and this is helpful to fill in the gaps to clarify my niche. Awesome. Okay, cool. All right. The rest of that, I think Shai, if you want to spin that off and do a support ticket, we can do that over there as welL.

[02:23:26] so push button, do a bonus day. I'm not sure I understand this question. This person, I don't have your name for some reason in the chat window asking about if push button AI could be done on a bonus day. Oh, got it. So you want to see push button AI, but maybe as a bonus training. Got it. Here's, okay.

[02:23:47] A lot of people do want demos. A lot of Europeans. Here's Germany. UK. Another European. Okay, cool. What about Perplexity? So, this is from Son. I think if I'm pronouncing, I'm sorry if I'm ruining everybody's names. So for the rest of the group, Perplexity is another AI tool. It's kind of an, it's a very interesting tool.

[02:24:13] I really like Perplexity. It's sort of a combination of a search engine and an AI chatbot in one. Perplexity is a paid service. I think, I don't think they have a free level, but you could use it. Perplex, Perplexity is great because it is sort of the best of both worlds. It does the AI research.

[02:24:31] You know, by scrolling the web, but then it also is an AI kind of chatbot. Does Pushbutton AI have a payment plan? Maybe? Let's see. All right. Yeah, some people are interested in learning about how to do additional trainings. Here's the beauty of when you have a course business. So when you're selling a course business, if you think about it, they're the perfect leads for any niche market.

[02:25:01] Okay. Let's take, I don't know. I'll just, I've been talking about dog training. That's a generic niche I talk about a lot. So let's take the dog training niche. Let's say. That I was an expert in that, right? And I'm an expert dog trainer, right? I could build an entire business around this. I can sell access to a course.

[02:25:21] And now I'm by I'm collecting buyer leads. And I know these people are invested and engaged in wanting to help. Train their dogs. I can sell them all kinds of things. I can sell them. There are tools like clickers. There's all kinds of dog Accessories and toys and training tools. I could sell them there. I could sell the more advanced training.

[02:25:43] I could sell them consultations Where I can jump on zoom and talk to them about their unique situation with their pet and charge them money for it. I could recommend a local dog trainer and get a commission for it. Like there's, it sets an entire business can be created off the back of a course because they're the perfect lead for just about any business because they're only buying your course because they want to solve problems and achieve goals.

[02:26:10] And if that's true, there are many more things that you could sell them, whether it's upsells, whether it's monthly memberships, whether it's selling other kinds of products and services. You know, the sky's the limit but of course is a solid foundation that you can build an entire business on.

[02:26:28] Okay. What if I'm already in the internet marketing niche and have some other courses? Well, if you're going to stick with it and it kind of fits Ikigai for you, if it's something you enjoy, go for it. You can stick with that and just use these strategies to keep making more of those kinds of courses.

[02:26:49] Sure. . So the courses will be digital text courses and not video or audio. So we're going to create a digital text course. Yes. I will show you some AI tools that you can use to make them, to transform the written course into a video course, if you so choose. So the main thing we're going to do together is a written course, and then I'll show you some tools.

[02:27:17] That can help you make it a you know, a video course. Okay. Well, here's somebody in Thailand. Wow. I think you might be the farthest from me. I'm not sure. Okay. Let's

[02:27:35] see. Okay. A few more people saying they want to know about push button AI. Okay. Well. Somebody else wants a URL to go buy it. Okay. All right. More push button AI questions. Please let me know how to get it.

[02:27:50] cool. Okay. Well, then I think I am. I think I've got all the questions. So, so here's what we'll do. So I'll, I will talk a little more about push button AI. And then for those of you who want to learn more about it, you can. So, but we won't do that today. We've already gone way too long today. So in a future session I'm, I've seen a lot of feedback.

[02:28:12] People want to know what it is more about it. So I'll, I will show that. And I'm not sure when, at some point during the challenge I'll show that and, But that's not the highlight of what we're doing. So I'm going to continue teaching you exactly what we planned on the challenge. But if you want to learn more, then fine, you can you can do that.

[02:28:32] So yeah, it may I'm not sure which day we'll do it, but on, on some day during the challenge, I'm going to, I'll show you push button. I think that is it. So, Oh, can we make color pictures for our books? Absolutely. In fact, I'll show you how to have AI create a full color cover graphic for your for your course.

[02:28:55] So, AI images are just amazing. They're just, they've come to a point where they're really good. So, you can use AI to make all kinds of stuff. All right, well then this is it. We're doing last round of questions and then we're wrapping up. So today was kind of an epic Show I see we've we're on two and a half hours But I wanted to make sure I got all the confusions out of the way and that everyone was on the same page And all the questions were answered and I think i've achieved that so we are good to go and as soon as I Close down this broadcast the team and I'll get to work And releasing all the written materials for you.

[02:29:33] So keep an eye on your inbox. You will get an email from me As soon as it's ready I'll email you all with your links and you can come get all the downloads all the prompts Cheat sheets all the rest of the stuff that you have coming to you will be coming to your inbox in just a little bit and I'll go back and check if there were any other questions.

[02:29:55] Okay. Is the elite and VIP separate? Yes. So Daryl, elite and the inner circle are separate. So You'll get a separate email from me with separate written materials for the Elite and the VIP. And, oh, by the way, so that's what I'll do next. As soon as I go offline, I'll email you all the links so that you know if you, anybody who wants a second chance at InterCircle or or the Elite upgrades, I'll send those to you immediately right now.

[02:30:25] As soon as I go offline, I'll go send that email so you'll have those. And I'm going to leave that available until tomorrow. Okay, so tomorrow we'll be starting on day two and that'll be it. I just want to make sure that everybody had a shot if you had problems getting those last time. And one more check of the chat panel and we are good.

[02:30:47] Okay, so if I missed your question, You can always email support at pushbutton. ai. That is help at pushbutton. ai, email them. They'll help you out. And then tomorrow we have a separate room, so there'll be a different day two room. It will not be in this page. I'm going to email you your day two links. So, you'll get an announcement email.

[02:31:13] And I'll also email you when we go live. And tomorrow, those of you who signed up for text notifications, we'll get. text notifications as well. But yeah, it'll be a different link for day two's room and I'll send those to you in your inbox. So lots of emails coming to you from me and keep an eye out for them.

[02:31:30] And I really want to say thanks for being part of this. And I appreciate that you devoted. Some money and some time to spend it with me and I'm going to work my hardest to give you as much value as I can. So when we're done with the challenge, I want you to be in a position where you can finally create a really highly profitable course.

[02:31:53] Or if you've done it in the past, make another one. So that's my goal for you. And again, I'm incredibly appreciative that you joined us and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Goodbye for now.