5 Day AI Challenge: Day 2

5 Day Challenge Classroom Training:
Day 2 - Let's Start Building Your Course!

5 Day AI Challenge Day 2

[00:00:00] Okay, then we're going to get started with day two. So at this point you should have completed the exercise and if you haven't, that's okay. I don't want people to get too worried about falling behind. So if you haven't completed yesterday's exercises, today's is not going to be really complicated.

[00:00:18] There's a few steps I'm going to show you that you're going to need to do today. But at this point you should be narrowing down to what you're niche market is and hopefully you know what that is. And if you don't know what that is, we can talk a little later about I can do a little bit of coaching on that and help you out with that.

[00:00:36] Do some Q and A on niche selection if you're having any confusions or questions about yesterday's training and completing it. But at this point, I'm going to assume that you've selected what your niche market is going to be. And now we're going to really dig in and create We're going to actually decide what your course is going to be about and we're going to craft it in a way that is going to be emotionally compelling.

[00:01:02] It's almost going to be like a magnet that will pull people into wanting to do that course. It will speak to, it's you know, you know how a dog whistle dogs can hear a dog whistle, but humans can't. Right. So we're going to create a course that purely by its title and by what it's about is going to act like that, where it's going to, The people that you want to do business with are going to notice it and they're going to want to buy it.

[00:01:26] And it's going to be almost this psychological thing that they can't avoid. So that's the idea behind how we do this. This is also based from Julie E. Juliette. I can't even think of his name. E. Haldeman Julius's techniques. Because when he would sell his little books, he, all he had was his titles.

[00:01:47] So he would have these ads and he would put multiple titles of different kinds of books that he had, and then people would send in the mail their order for the books. So his book titles had to clearly convey what it was about in order to get people to send him money. And so one thing I want to do for you today, as we get started, is to actually get you A little extra gift.

[00:02:13] So I want to give you a little more insight into E Haldeman Julius's method of how he did his business. And so I have two kind of surprise unannounced gifts. One of them is going to be, of course, the E Haldeman Julian's first hundred million. Ebook and you'll, you can actually download that for free.

[00:02:33] And we have a magic keyword set up in the chat. Let me look and see what it is. And if you put the magic keyword in. Oh, it's pretty simple. If you put the magic keyword in, then it will give you a link to download your free bonus. Okay. All you need to do is in the chat, if you type, let me look and see first hundred million, that's first.

[00:02:59] With a F I R S T the number 100 and then million first 100 million. If you put it in exactly like that, our automatic bot will respond back and give you the download link to that unannounced special bonus. And

[00:03:20] I have a second bonus for you as well. So if you put first hundred million, that's first F I R S T the number 100 1 0 0 and million, right? Three separate words. First 100 million. Pop that into the chat. The chat will respond back with a download link for you to get that bonus. And yeah, it's 100 with a number, the number 100.

[00:03:45] Sorry. So the bot is very picky. You're going to do it just right. So it's first 100, 1 0 0. And yeah, then that'll get you first 100 million. Now I've got a second. Unannounced bonus to give you a little more insight because that's a book. I think it's 350 pages it's kind of written in old timey, you know english.

[00:04:08] It's not exactly the easiest read. So what I did is I created It's kind of a cheat sheet for the book, the cliff notes for the book. So it has all of the relevant marketing sales and entrepreneurial information kind of pulled out of it and put together. So you just have the cliff notes version. If you don't want to read the 350 page book of old timey English language and to get that.

[00:04:33] What you need to type in the chat is the number 105 for 105, 105 years old, 105 years with an S old, 105 years old. Type that into the chat and you will get the second free bonus download, which is the Cliff Notes version of E. Haldeman's Julius's book. And in there, we're going to get into highlights of the takeaways, really what is the takeaways and actionable things that you can learn from my first 100 million without having to read the 350 page book.

[00:05:09] So I thought you guys might appreciate that. I'm sure you don't want to read a 350 page PDF, you know, from 100 years ago. So, and again, that keyword is 105. Years old 105 years old. So, okay. I see people claiming it there in the chat panel. That's good. Good. Awesome. All right. Well, that's my gift to you.

[00:05:32] I wanted to make it easy for you to get that. We found out that the book is available that I could give it to you. One of our one of our challenge members actually pointed out that that was something that was that we could just easily give to you. So thank you for the challenge member who pointed that out to me.

[00:05:50] So we've now given you the book and the cliff notes version. So you can pull out the relevant. actionable marketing data that you can use in your business. All right, now we're gonna move into today's training and go getting some stuff ready behind the scenes here and get my notes.

[00:06:21] Okay.

[00:06:27] Oh, one more thing. One more thing before we get into today's training and that. Is the Facebook group. So we do have a private Facebook group that you can join. It is something that you can participate in the community. So if you want to be able to brainstorm niche ideas and you want to update the community about how you're doing, get feedback, ask questions, talk about your course that you're making.

[00:06:55] Kind of network with the community. You can do that in our private Facebook group and to get the link for that, all you have to do is type Facebook group, invite Facebook group, invite, pop that into the chat and you can get your Facebook group invite, which will take you over there and you have to applied it for entry and then our team will approve you.

[00:07:17] So it's a private Facebook group, so you have to apply for entry and then. A member of my team will approve you and I'll let you have access to that, but get in there and put your application in. And again, in the chat, just type Facebook group. Invite and you'll get that and I think that's all the stuff I have to hand out today before we get started

[00:07:41] okay. Good. Good. Good Awesome. Awesome. Awesome Then we should be good to go Then let me check here, too. So samantha i'm assuming you're behind the scenes back there. Let me know. Yeah In discord, if you're helping out in the chat today and okay, good. So we got team members in the chat. I'm just trying to see if Samantha's in there.

[00:08:13] She's the one who heads up our support area. So she's over overall, overall customer support. And yeah, just want to make sure she's here as well. I think, okay. I think she is. Okay, good. She just confirmed it. Fantastic. All right. So I think that is it. Now just, I want to remind everybody how this works.

[00:08:37] Okay. So each day is a unique live experience and each day has a unique link. That will be unique every single day on that page. What will happen will be you'll have the live experience with me, like you see now. And then after the live experience is over, you will be able to get your written materials.

[00:09:01] Okay. And you'll be able to find that the page will be emailed to you with instructions about how to get them. And that will happen each day. So the first live broadcast happens. Then the written materials. Those of you in some of our VIP programs have additional written materials each day.

[00:09:17] It varies. Some of the written materials vary day to day. And then a lot of what those of you in, for example, inner circle got as you have some bonus sessions that we'll be doing together once the challenge is over. Okay. So those in inner circle. Most of what you're getting happens after the first five days are done, then I have even more stuff to deliver to you.

[00:09:37] In inner circle. And then our elite members get some additional stuff as well. And those will again, those are, there'll be separate pages for you to access those materials. And each day is on a different, unique page. Bye. Bye. Blank. So you'll you'll notice that and you'll be emailed every, for every time there's material available for you, we will email you.

[00:09:58] And so I want to also remind you that if you haven't yet, you should add our email address to your address book or wherever you get, have email or whitelist us, each place has a different thing where you can whitelist us because you don't want your, you know, the materials you paid for going in the spam folder or getting blocked or having, Oh, who knows what from your email service provider.

[00:10:18] So make sure if you have an address book. Like in Gmail you can add contact at jobcrusher. com. That's contact at jobcrusher. com. That's the email that these will be coming from. So to make sure that you get them and they don't end up blocked or spammed or whatever. You're going to want to whitelist or add us to your address book.

[00:10:40] And that will help make sure that they get into your inbox. Okay um, now I think I am done with housekeeping. And so I think we can finally finally get rolling. Let me just refresh that. And here we go.

[00:11:02] Okay, cool. Oh, Samantha just reminded me. That for support, right? That's a different email that contact at job crusher. com. That's where mail comes to you with announcements and things like that. If you need support, how you'll do that is you'll email help at push button. ai help at push button. ai that goes directly into our support desk so that our team can help you.

[00:11:29] And again, that's. help at pushbutton. ai. And then again, the announcement emails come from contact at jobcrusher. com. Two separate emails, ones for support, ones aren't just our announcement emails. Okay. Great. Then we are clear to get started. Now, as you know, we're basing this on E Haldeman Julius's.

[00:12:00] Strategy of creating simple information products. Okay. He did those little booklets, the little blue booklets on all kinds of different topics, teaching all kinds of different things. And his key strategy was he was brilliant at being able to give exactly what his audience Needed and wanted and almost in a way that was an on a psychological level.

[00:12:24] He had to take an idea, you know, let's take whether it's I don't know, learning how to knit. Okay. He would have to make a really emotionally compelling. Title to make the name of his course. And that alone was how he was able to do marketing. Now we have a lot more tools. We can do a lot more than that, but that's what he was limited to way back at 105 years ago was his title.

[00:12:51] And all he could do is publish an ad saying, Hey, here's the course, here's the title, you know, might be a blurb about what it might teach and that's it. And then he had to be able to get all of his orders that way, how he did that. Is by being able to tap into what people truly desire, not what they'll necessarily tell you because a lot of times what you'll find is even when you do market surveys, you'll have what people answer on the survey and what's socially acceptable for them to say they want.

[00:13:19] Right? And then. You have the deep seated internal desires of what do they really, truly desire. And those are not always the same as what someone will tell you, but what they do with their actions is what helps speak to that. And that's how he measured it. And he measured it by, he carefully monitored. He would run ads for different titles and he would carefully monitor Which booklets people bought, and that was how he judged what to write in his next batch of little blue books was based upon their behavior.

[00:13:54] So what did they buy? Not what did they say they would buy or what they said they wanted? And so what we can now do is using the power of AI is tap into the reason that happens, which is this people will buy things. that solve their problems like we talked about yesterday or help them achieve their goals and these can be problems that they're admitting they have or problems that they won't admit they have but they feel it they know it they think it but they won't say it and when you do this correctly it really taps into a sort of emotional psychological trigger that gets someone to want to buy your training because a bland book about you know Hey, learn how to train your dog is a lot different than ease the family frustration and emotional turmoil from your dog's crazy barking, right?

[00:14:53] You see that like, you know, solve that if you have a thing that solves that and someone like me who has a barking dog, who I love my barking dog, but she drives the family crazy. That's going to speak to me in a way that makes me want to buy it. But if you gave me a booklet that said, oh, hey, learn how to train your dog.

[00:15:12] I'm probably not going to buy it, right? I don't really have a lot of other issues I need except for that one, that I have that really big emotionally compelling problem that I want to solve. And now with the genius here is with AI. AI has basically all human knowledge in it, right? I mean, that's a That's way over simplifying it, but that's basically what it is.

[00:15:37] Okay. So when you speak to what's called a large language model, which is when you talk to chat GPT, you're talking to a large language model, which is the math behind it is pretty crazy. But basically that's what you're talking to and that's what it's called. And in it is. Trillions of pieces of information of all of the available information out there that they can train it on and it has this superpower of being able to know what are all the things people are asking to solve.

[00:16:10] You know, in the various internet forums, what do they ask questions? Like we talked about Quora, we talked about looking at answer the public and things like that. Well, baked into the AI is it kind of knows those things. And so we can tap into that and there, and by doing so we can come up with exactly.

[00:16:32] So once we know our niche, which you should know now, or you will very soon but once you know your niche, then you need to figure out what is the course going to be about? And how do we make it be one of those emotionally compelling psychological triggers that makes someone want to buy it? And that's what I'll be teaching you today.

[00:16:51] And so today we're going to go over. How do you use AI to brainstorm out what your course should be about? And then you Create a course outline. Okay, so we're going to, by the end of today's lesson, we're going to know exactly what your course is about, and we're going to have made an outline of what's going to be in that course.

[00:17:10] At the same time you're doing this exercise, you're going to come away with a deep understanding of your niche market and what those psychological triggers are that are going to make them want to buy your stuff and what you can truly help them with. So that's really what it's about. I know it sounds tricky of like these schemes to like find psychological triggers and make someone buy from you.

[00:17:32] That's cool and all, and it sounds interesting, but really, truly it's. Those are the things that they want help with, that they desperately want help with, or they're eager to want to achieve, and it's by helping them with those things is what makes it rewarding. And it also is what makes you the most amount of money.

[00:17:51] That's, that is the strategy. And so I'm going to pull up chat GPT and we'll do some examples of this. And again, all the prompts that I use today will be in your written materials. We'll follow up after we're done being live. We'll put all of the prompts that you'll see me use on screen and we'll give them all to you there.

[00:18:11] And let's do screen sharing. Give me a second here to get that set up.

[00:18:22] And there we go. Okay. Samantha's asking for those links. Let me give you those links real quick. Samantha behind the scenes

[00:18:47] and to send you cat pictures

[00:18:52] and let me get you the a hundred million book.

[00:19:02] Okay, good. So she's helping people in the chat who are having difficulty with our bot. So she'll. Help you out if you need those links and okay, cool. Then let me do this, get a new window open and we'll head over to chat. GTT and we'll pull that window around over here. Okay.

[00:19:29] All right. So let's say today. I'm going to keep using dog training as an example. Okay, just makes it simple for the sake of the exercise. So we're going to do dog training today for the demo. So the first thing that we want to do um, is is we're going to dig in and we're going to find out. So let's say we know generally I want to serve people with dogs and I want to serve them with dog training.

[00:19:56] Okay, that's a general idea. That is not. Really specific enough and not exciting enough to to work for this model. So we're going to make this better. And the first prompt that we're going to do, and we're going to do this in one single window. Remember how I said, when you open up a conversation in chat, GPT, it kind of remembers the context and we'll keep talking with you in that window.

[00:20:19] We're going to use that same strategy today. So first we're going to come in here. We're going to put the first prompt, which is you're an expert in market research. Please help me uncover a comprehensive list of problems and goals people face when it comes to, and I'm just going to put their dog. Okay.

[00:20:39] So if my niche are dog owners, you know, people with dogs, well, Let's find out what are all the problems and goals people face when it comes to their dog.

[00:20:54] And of course, instead of putting their dog, you would put whatever your niche market is, okay?

[00:21:05] Okay, cool. And then sometimes what you'll notice, ChatGPT is going to give you general things, right? So it's saying behavioral problems and it's giving some like, such and such, right? So it's not being specific. Sometimes that will happen, and we're going to follow up with a little prompt to help. Help that out.

[00:21:23] Okay,

[00:21:30] so we're going to let it finish

[00:21:36] and we're going to say Please don't give me Summaries, please. Give me a complete and comprehensive List of all the exact

[00:21:59] things. Okay, so we're prompting it to make it better And sometimes you'll need to do that and sometimes not sometimes it just gets it right the first time. There we go

[00:22:18] And this is actually I'm learning something here because I've been so focused on training um, and behavioral problems. I hadn't thought about the health issues and all the things that go along with a healthy pet, not just one who behaves well. So that's something I hadn't an insight. I hadn't really thought about before.

[00:22:35] Okay. Care and management. Now it's going to give me goals. Okay.

[00:22:55] We'll let it finish there.

[00:23:14] All right. So now what we're going to do is we're going to go on to prompt number two. Okay. And that prompt is this. Now narrow this list down to the things with the biggest emotional impact on my potential customers. I plan to sell a horse on. So we'll go

[00:23:36] say dog training.

[00:23:48] Here we go. Now we're getting into the good stuff.

[00:23:55] Separation, anxiety, aggression, fearfulness, excessive barking, destructive chewing, lack of recall.

[00:24:04] Pooping in the house. So we're getting high impact goals and high impact problems. So we are learning a lot about our market, you know, and I know this is just scrolling by the screen really fast. But what you're going to want to do is whether you read it now or you go back and reread the results because it'll save in chat GPT and you can go back and reread this.

[00:24:30] But this is going to give you insight into your customer that in a way you probably never would have had. Okay, it would take. You know, speaking with and having hands on with hundreds, maybe thousands of customers before you would learn some of what it's telling me right there. So by learning that and really understanding who your customers are and where they're at, what their problems and goals are.

[00:24:55] Is how we sell to them, but also how we provide them the most value in when they buy from us. And so it's by having this understanding is, and that's the evolution of a constantly improvement that E. Haldeman Julius would do, which made him his, you know, 500 million book empire was by. Really knowing his customers and so pay attention to this.

[00:25:19] Don't just let it scroll by the screen. Kind of like I'm just doing it now as a training exercise. But when you do it, you want to really understand this and really learn from this to know who your customers are. Let's continue.

[00:25:36] Okay. So now we've boiled it down. To the things with the biggest emotional impact, we're going to do one more prompt and remember all the prompts I'm going to give you after we go in or off live. I'm going to give you the written prompts for you to follow up with um, and so now we're going to say now based on this list, please help me brainstorm out 10 different digital courses.

[00:26:00] I could sell to my target market to help them solve these problems and achieve these goals.

[00:26:16] So now it's giving me course ideas. So these are examples of the little blue books, right? And some course ideas that you might be able to create. Or you could create a comprehensive course that solves all these things as well. It's sort of a depending on your niche market and what you want to do with that.

[00:26:37] Um, interesting. Okay. So then

[00:26:42] what I'm going to do is I'm going to now do one more prompt. So this is prompt number four. Assuming my courts will be let's pick one.

[00:27:01] I'm going to copy that and we're going to put it here

[00:27:15] And then we're going to put a description of how we're going to help our clients. Okay

[00:27:19] okay now i'm saying now, okay, we gotta spell it, right? Now give me the five biggest problems people face about this So you see we're drilling down and getting more and more detailed. And so We're now going to learn what are the five biggest problems about that one specific course topic that we're going to do.

[00:27:47] Okay. And now I could, one of the thing you could modify here is if you want to combine some of these into a more, let's say you didn't want to just do one on aggressive behavior, but you want to do one about negative behavior, maybe Aggression, barking and some other things combined. You could continue to have conversations with ChatGPT to try to bring some of those together by, and you can simply prompt it saying, if I wanted to combine X, Y, and Z, what's a course I could do about that?

[00:28:19] You know, and you could prime it there if you wanted to do that. That's another optional step you could do as you're chatting with ChatGPT in this brainstorming session. Okay.

[00:28:33] But we're going to stick with this one for now, for the sake of this training, we're going to stick with the From growls to grins.

[00:28:46] So we're getting problems

[00:28:52] and solutions. I'm more interested in the problems at the moment than I am the solutions.

[00:29:07] Okay, we're going to let it finish. It's going to keep going. So we're going to do three steps now. So now that we've kind of narrowed down to a very specific topic that we're helping our clients with, we're going to dig and find five problems. Five goals, and then all of the related benefits that someone would get if they solve those problems or achieve the goals.

[00:29:31] Right? And so we're going to make a list of these things. This is what tells us we should make our course about. This is also what tells us that if we make our course about this, it makes it really easy to sell it. Right? So it's like the best of both worlds. We're helping our customers the most we can possibly help them.

[00:29:52] And at the same time. We're magically kind of uncovering that marketing persuasion voodoo that we can use in our sales messages that make them buy our stuff. Crazy, right? So we'll go back here. So it finished. So that's, we got 10 problems. I'm sorry. We got five problems, five problems, and now we want five goals.

[00:30:15] Okay, so we're going to put this back in again. I need to copy and paste some things. Just give me a second here.

[00:30:25] Copy the benefit and the what it helps people with and submit. Okay, so now I'm finding out about. Their goals.

[00:30:44] So the goal, the owner is seeking understanding and I can relate to that actually. So, my dog Bodhi ever occasionally is weird. He's kind of aggressive and in certain situations and and it's very weird. So,

[00:30:59] goal of ensuring safety. Goal of rebuilding trust. That's cool. Social harmony is another goal. So now do you see the difference? Why? So I want to just kind of make sure everybody is grasping this. A lot of people will approach it from a much more bland standpoint and they'll write something. That sounds like an essay that a high school student wrote, right?

[00:31:31] They'll come up and go, Oh, I want to do a course on dog training. Okay. And then don't create a course on dog training and it will come out in a way that to it's to the target market. It doesn't speak to them. It's kind of bland. It's sort of, again, it's almost like. having been assigned a project and having a high school person write an essay about how to train your dog.

[00:31:52] And that is not what we want. And if you go to ChatGPT or use any of the typical AI tools like, like ChatGPT, and you ask it to make you courses, you're gonna get one of those bland things that sound like an essay. And also you don't get really effective marketing materials that way. And so it is by following this approach, which is much different than the traditional approach of just going like a top down, broad, bland idea of, Hey, I want to do a course on X.

[00:32:25] Is this is it? I want to just make sure that everyone is really seeing the distinct difference. There is a difference between how we're assembling this, which is kind of a pain, right? We have a lot of steps to do. We're going through a lot of things, talking back and forth and copying and pasting and all of that.

[00:32:41] But this is you know, this is how you do something that will get you a much better result with your digital product business Let me check the chat and just make sure if anybody is not understanding this or is not seeing the difference I definitely want to know that so I can help you out with that.

[00:32:59] Okay, good. Good. Looks like

[00:33:02] okay. Cool.

[00:33:10] Makes sense. Absolutely. Cool.

[00:33:19] Okay. And then Samantha, I don't know if you see Kim's in there. She's trying to talk to somebody, but seems to not be getting through. Okay, good. Oh, this is amazing. Okay, good. Thanks, Steven. Good. Cool. All right, then we're good. So then let's go back and we're going to continue the process. So

[00:33:45] now we're going to ask it to combine that list of problems and goals. We've got one list of problems, one list of goals, and we're going to now ask it to combine them. Okay. Now combine my list of problems, a goal into a single combined list of 10.

[00:34:14] So now we're going to get 10 and these 10 points are what our course is going to And all of our sales and marketing material will be based on. So we're not going to write on random topics. We're going to stay precisely on this list. This is your guiding map. Okay, so all of our sales materials are going to ultimately be based on this.

[00:34:37] All of your course materials will all be based on this. And so we need one more thing here that we're going to do.

[00:34:49] We'll have one more prompt that I'm going to put in. And with this one, I'm saying now take my combined list of 10 problems and goals, give me a list of the benefits people would achieve if they solved those problems or achieved those goals.

[00:35:07] Let's see if I can get it to put it in. Please put it in table format. I'm going to add that little touch and we'll see if it'll do what I hope.

[00:35:22] There we go.

[00:35:28] So now we're actually getting the benefit to the end user.

[00:35:37] And some of these are kind of self explanatory and simple, and others are very intuitive that you may or may not know what the end benefit is. So it is why would someone want to solve the problem? Why would someone want to achieve the goal? And what is the big benefit at the end? There's a and especially I want to focus on the emotional aspect of that.

[00:36:00] So when they achieve that goal, what's the emotional benefit? What's the emotional like feeling when they solve that problem. And it's by taking these two pairs of things is again, how we're going to assemble this because we're telling them, Hey, you want to solve this problem because you want to achieve this benefit.

[00:36:19] And when they see us talking in that, we'll be talking in our sales material and in our course, the way they're thinking, and when those two things align, that is how lots of money is made, right? If we can align our sales messages and our courses in the training materials with the what they're already thinking about, like you've seen some of my reactions as I've seen some of the answers while doing this exercises, where I realized, oh, yeah.

[00:36:46] That's exactly what I've been thinking. That's exactly how my family's feeling. And if now we can communicate that's what makes buyers. And that's what makes happy customers. Okay. Back to the screen. Okay, so now we've got our combined list. We're going to base our course on this list of 10 things.

[00:37:10] And so what we're going to do now is we're going to do

[00:37:18] this. I'm going to modify this query real fast while I'm here. Let me just quickly tweak it.

[00:37:42] So here is the prompt. You are an expert in direct response marketing and persuasion. Please give me 10 titles for a course about training your dog to behave in the style of E. Haldeman Julius and Gary Halbert. Anybody here not know who Gary Halbert is? So Gary is sort of like the godfather of Direct response, modern direct response, copywriting.

[00:38:11] So a lot of when people are writing sales pages and offers and squeeze pages, they may not know it, but the guy who really pioneered a lot of that is Gary Halbert. So, a lot of the people, and Gary's no longer with us, but he in the early days of the internet, He was the one who influenced us all.

[00:38:28] And so when you see different internet gurus teaching kinds of marketing and persuasion and sales, it's based largely off of Gary's work. So we're saying we want to write like Gary and we're going to borrow from E. Haldeman Julius, and we're going to submit this course.

[00:38:56] Cool. And we're getting course ideas.

[00:39:10] So, we'll pick one of these.

[00:39:18] Command and confidence. Legal leashes beyond the bark.

[00:39:32] Okay, I like this one.

[00:39:37] Good, so I'm going to take this one. And I'm going to say,

[00:39:44] Please help me break down my course that will be

[00:40:01] We're pasting what it gave us

[00:40:09] and lesson course outline.

[00:40:23] So now it's going to break it down. Now, if you don't like the outline, we can continue to talk to chat GPT about that and then continue to guide it. So it can adjust them.

[00:40:45] So we'll let this continue. And And so this process is, so we start from a very big idea at the top and we keep getting it, we keep breaking it down, right? We break it down into a concept. So we choose a concept that we break that concept down into problems and goals. Then we break those problems and goals into lessons and you see how we keep going.

[00:41:06] And then once we're ready to do our lessons, we're going to break it down as well. Okay. So I'll show you how we'll do. I'll pick one of the lessons and I'll show you how you would write that lesson. And there we go. So it's now finishing.

[00:41:29] Let's pick this one.

[00:41:38] Okay. So we're going to take that one. We're going to say, please help me break down this lesson into five. Parts of what the most important information I would need to teach them.

[00:42:07] So there's our lesson and we're asking it to break that down into five parts.

[00:42:26] Okay,

[00:42:31] we're going to let it continue and finish.

[00:42:49] Okay, good. Now we're going to say, Please create a,

[00:43:00] an introduction for this course lesson.

[00:43:10] It's now going to write our introduction.

[00:43:17] Now the beauty of this, As it's writing it is remember where we've done this in one long chat GPT session. And so chat GPT is remembering what has been gone over there. So it knows what we have covered. It knows all of the emotional problems and goals. It's all sort of baked in and it's being considered while it's doing more content.

[00:43:39] So it's really useful to do it in one window as we do this. Okay. And so it wrote my introduction and what I'm going to do now is. Write each section of the lesson and my goal. Yeah, if it comes out properly is that I have a lesson that is At least 3, 000 words in length. That's kind of a good target for a lesson that is consumable But not too long.

[00:44:06] It's long. It's information packed. It's going to get the impact and teach them about what they need to know, but it's not going to be so long that it's overwhelming and boring. So that's kind of my target for each lesson is to get right around 3, 000. A lot of my lessons end up being 3, 500, maybe as much as 3, 800.

[00:44:25] But if you have a lesson that's going like north of 5, 000, 10, 000. Words of material then that's too many that you're making that too long. That should be broken down further. Okay. All right We'll go back here. So we have our introduction. Okay, and I would quite literally Copy and paste this so we can copy and paste this

[00:44:51] I'm just going to do it all just for the sake of speed. I'm going to, you know, bring this over here. I'm just going to,

[00:45:05] it's the hair for, I'm just going to save it as we go in this word doc. Good. So now let's scroll up and we're going to do. Part one, I'm going to copy this and we're going to feed it back to it and say, now, please write part one of this lesson. And we're going to paste it and submit.

[00:45:44] And so we're going to let it do its thing. So obviously I'm not going to make a whole course while you guys watch me for the next few hours, but that this is the process. This is the process. And so we would break this down lesson by lesson into sub parts, have it write each sub part. Read the sub part.

[00:46:03] If you don't like it, you can actually just give it some feedback saying, Hey, I didn't like that lesson because of X or because of Y. Can you do this instead? And then ask you to rewrite it so you don't have to take exactly what it says. You can give it guidance and ask it to redo it just right in the window.

[00:46:20] And then we're gonna be copying and pasting this all together.

[00:46:28] Okay, so here we have part one,

[00:46:33] paste it in right there,

[00:46:42] and then we're gonna now ask you to do part two.

[00:46:51] And same thing, whoops, we got to go down and we'll say, no,

[00:47:01] please continue and write part two is we're going to remind it what part two is, pop it in there and submit.

[00:47:18] So now it's writing our next part.

[00:47:29] Okay, cool. And I do see some commentary in there. Yeah. And so this is a lot of back and forth. That is absolutely true. So I see a few people talking about why do this when you can use solutions like push button AI? Why am I doing this? This looks like it might take a long time. And it's true that assembling your course like this, it's a lot of busy work.

[00:47:54] You have to put the prompt in, copy, paste and go back and forth. But this is the process. And I want you to think about, compare this process. Even though this might be a little bit time consuming, compare this process to just a year ago, right? Before ChatGPT existed. The process would have taken months. I know because I've made many courses over the years and I've, whether I write them myself, I hire an outsourcer, it would have taken me months and Potentially cost me 10, 000 or more to do it.

[00:48:27] So yes, you might have to spend a few hours doing this, but it is well worth it and it is so much faster than any other way you could have done this in the past. And you come away with a really quality ebook, because that's important to me. If I'm going to sell something, I want it to be good. I want it to be, I want it to actually help my customers.

[00:48:49] And with this strategy that I'm showing you, you're going to have that. You're going to actually help your customers with what they need help with the most. And not, you won't just have some piece of garbage written by, you know, that sounds like a high school essay. So anyway, that's this is the process.

[00:49:08] So let's go here and we're going to copy part two and we'll paste it here in our. In our word doc. Okay, so we would go through this process and then I'm gonna, I'm gonna go ahead and skip ahead just because I know you guys, it's not super exciting to watch me copying and pasting here. So let's do this.

[00:49:34] So now we're going to wrap it up and I'm going to assume we did all 5. Okay, let's pretend like I did that process and I got all 5 and you can say now please wrap up this lesson and give me a Conclusion,

[00:50:05] it's now wrapping up the conclusion and that will be the end of this particular lesson

[00:50:14] and let's let it finish

[00:50:21] and we're going to copy it and we're going to go over here and we're going to,

[00:50:32] we're going to paste it um, but this gives you some idea. So we're going to assume this is finished and so at this point, we're going to save that the way it is and you're going to have choices as we go forward in future. Days of the challenge you're going to have some choices as to what format you want to put your course in.

[00:50:53] Okay. And we're going to get to that. So at this point, we just want to save it and have the course, the entire course written up and completed. So you're going to have 10 lessons written just like I, I did here. And you want to just have them written and organized and saved. And then we'll talk about the different ways that you can publish, present, and sell this course in an upcoming day of the challenge.

[00:51:18] Okay. But but your goal at this point is to create. Yeah, is to create your lessons. And so what I'd like to do right now is I would like to do some Q and A. So if you have questions about this process of how are we using our 10, remember 10 PGB problems, goals, and benefits, how are we using 10 PGB to help us decide what our course is going to be, how are we using that to then?

[00:51:46] You know, outline the course and then create the course. And so ask those questions now in the chat. And and I want to help you with that. And then I have some other cool stuff. I'm going to tell you after Q and a so, but let's get through Q and a. And and handle that. So let me go over to the chat panel and you'll have to bear with me because there's a lot of questions.

[00:52:12] Okay, so here's a good one. Is your recommended 3 to 3, 000 to 3, 500? Words per lesson or per section that's per lesson. So that, so if you have 10 lessons, that would be 35, 000 words of content. So, and technically what you're going to have is you're going to have a, which we haven't talked about it yet.

[00:52:35] Also, I'll give you a little insight into the future. You're going to have a course introduction, your 10 lessons, and then an entire course conclusion. So you're actually going to have 12. Kind of modules in your course and if each of those modules is three to four thousand words Let's say, you know, you're you know, you're talking about a body of work.

[00:52:55] That is gonna be up to almost 50, 000 words of content Potentially so it's pretty hefty, but it's yeah, so it's you know, three to four thousand words per individual lesson in the course Okay, let's take a look back at the chat Okay

[00:53:19] Asking about the bonuses. So the bonuses I gave out today or some were bonuses. Some are just part of what you get. You should, you have the Facebook. Link to join the Facebook group. You have the a hundred million, the first a hundred million ebook, and then you should have a report on the first a hundred million eBooks.

[00:53:37] So those are the three things that we gave out links for today. So the report is sort of like the cliff notes, the, what are the actionable takeaway, what's the knowledge that you need to know if you don't want to read, you know, it's a 350 page book. So. We pulled out the nuggets of marketing goal that you need to know and put it in that report.

[00:53:57] So, and I think the report is six pages long. Anyway, it's yeah, but it still has all that stuff in there and it talks about some things as an entrepreneur that you can take away from his strategies. But also it goes into copywriting deciding what courses to make and all things like that. So there's a lot of really useful lessons that can come from that.

[00:54:18] So that's the cheat sheet Cliff Notes guide we did. Okay What are your thoughts about using a conclusion in an ebook or course that's usually a giveaway of an AI written product? So, frankly, I don't care if somebody who knows about AI realizes that something was written by AI. And conclusions are not necessarily just an AI thing.

[00:54:45] I use them. All I care about, whether or not, if a person reads my stuff and knows it's written by AI, I don't care. What I care about is does the lesson Give the person value. Does it actually help them solve the problem that they have? Does it give them some new insight into how to solve that problem?

[00:55:05] Does it get them a step closer to achieving the goal they want to achieve? If it does that, it's irrelevant. If it's whether someone knows it's written by AI or not. So, and I think a lot of people are getting hung up in this idea of like, Oh, I don't want to watch AI content on YouTube, right. Or I don't want to read an AI article.

[00:55:25] And I think what most people are really trying to say is you don't want to watch a bad AI video, right. That is boring. That is not useful. Right. Or you don't want to read an article. Like I have been, I mean, as a consumer, I've gone to Google and said, you know, Hey, how do I do? You know, how do I weave a basket underwater?

[00:55:46] I go look at the search results and I've seen an article. I know it's written by AI, but the reason that I even notice it is because it's not answering my question. It's not helping me with my, what I'm looking for, right? Now, if it, I go to an article that's written by AI and it gives me exactly what I want and tells me the exact information I want.

[00:56:08] In a useful way, I don't care AI or not. It's all good to me. So I think when looking at this, that's the mindset I recommend is to just be thinking about, does what you're doing provide value? Does it help someone get a step closer to solving that problem? A step closer to achieving that goal.

[00:56:28] And then are they ultimately happy with what they've gotten? And that's all that matters. But that being said, if you don't like conclusions, then, you know, you can modify the, you don't have to do this exactly the way I do it. You can modify that and call it something else. Don't use the word conclusion.

[00:56:46] You can call it something else or leave it out if you want to. Okay. Back to Q and a, I have a lot of questions. I need to hurry up. OkaY.

[00:56:57] okay. So if you're talking to the AI and it gets off course, how do you steer it back onto course?

[00:57:04] okay. Got it. All right. So sometimes when you're having this conversation, the AI will ignore stuff you're saying, or will do things you don't expect. And sometimes you have to repeat yourself. Think about it like you have a brand new assistant that you hired who's sitting at your side and they misunderstand what you say.

[00:57:27] I mean, think about it quite literally like that. And you might have to repeat yourself. Say, no, what I meant was X. It's like, oh, well, you didn't get this part right. You know, can you do it this way? And what's funny is I've been in a conversation with chat GPT and it might take me to repeat that two or three times to get it back on track.

[00:57:51] But it usually does work if and again, I know it sounds funny, but be polite to chat GPT. You never know when Skynet turns on and comes after you. So you want to be nice to the AI, but being nice to the AI gets you better results. So, be nice to it and say, Hey. I like X, but Y is incorrect. Please fix it and instead do, you know, and give it guidance.

[00:58:15] Give it clearly guidance on, What did it do right? What did it do wrong? What do you expect of it? And then sometimes you might have to repeat yourself. And this is only if you find that the AI is getting off track. Right? Again, if it's ignoring your requests and not coming back with weird information, you know, this is often how you can get it back on track.

[00:58:38] Okay.

[00:58:41] So, someone's asking me to review all the prompts from beginning to end. I can do a quick overview of that. But remember all the written prompts are going to be given to you. When we go offline, we'll get those out as ASAP. I'll get you all the actual written prompts too. Okay. Cool.

[00:59:00] How critical is it to keep the same chat bot window in this exercise? This might take days. It is important and, what I would suggest, so I know here in chat GPT, you can, your things are saved, right? So this conversation right here is saved. And if you have chat GPT plus anyway, I don't know if the free one does it, but the premium version is 20 bucks a month, and I know it is going to save this.

[00:59:29] So you can come back to this conversation in the future, right? So let's say I'm going to go back here.

[00:59:38] There we go. So I can go back to this conversation I had over a month ago and restart it and keep talking in context. Okay. And then so you can come back to save conversations.

[00:59:59] So yeah, if you need to step away and then come back, no problem. If you're using chat GPT plus, you know, I think I don't know if the free one does it, but that's what I do. I can come back and keep, just keep talking to it in that context. All right, let's see. Okay. Oh, there's another question very similar to that.

[01:00:22] I think I have that. Would you say the course produced is copyrightable? So this is a gray area, right? And I don't want to be smart here. I'm not a lawyer. I can't give you legal advice. Okay. But my opinion for whatever that is worth is that if. You spent the time to organize this, and if you spend some time to maybe modify it a little bit and tweak it, you're, you're, you have the copyright over it.

[01:00:53] We're doing much more than you know, as, you know, saying, hey, give me an article, right? And then it's spitting out an article, and then we're going to copyright that. We're actually. We are the creative mind behind guiding chat GPT into what it's creating. So I believe with that combined with, if we made the few modifications as we're copying and pasting and assembling our course I think that it is copyrightable again, I'm not a lawyer.

[01:01:21] And don't take what I say as legal advice, okay? If I give you advice on marketing, great. You can take that to the bank all day long. But if I ever give you legal advice, you know, or financial advice, I am, you know, I'm not a financial consultant. I'm not a lawyer. All right, so there you go. Got to protect the legal stuff there.

[01:01:42] Would it be a good idea to convert all of the problems and goals made into different drafts of books? Well, I would say ultimately, right? Like if you're going to be really comprehensive and let's say you're, you want to release several different trainings. So if you remember early on at the very beginnings of our session, chat GPT was giving me all kinds of things.

[01:02:06] That pet owners are experiencing, right? I saw health issues that I hadn't really thought about that as an angle in the dog niche and I think that it could be useful if you're in it for the long haul you're going to stick with your niche You could release You know, dozens of different courses on different topics.

[01:02:27] Okay. So even just in the dog behavioral niche, I could have a course on aggression. You'd have a course on barking. I could have a course on training a puppy, right? So it depends on how far, how deep you want to go into the niche that you have selected. But but I, by what I would suggest is start with one, just start with one, make one course, get it launched, get some sales coming in.

[01:02:53] And then within the mind in the future that you have all these other topics that you can come back to. Okay. Don't waste a lot of time making a bunch of courses before you take action and get something out there. Just get one made, get it out there. And then you have a whole host of other ones that you could do.

[01:03:12] Okay. Cool. Let's see, then let's go back to Q& A. Where'd it go? How do we avoid okay, so here's a good one. How do we avoid copyright problems? So there's a misconception in the world That the chat GPT is going to plagiarize someone. I have never found that to be the case. I don't know anybody that has ever happened to.

[01:03:41] It's a misunderstanding of how chat GPT works, in my opinion. Think about it this way. If you're an artist. Okay. And you go to an art museum and you're looking at paintings on the walls and you see, oh wow, look at that beautiful use of color. Right. And you see this other one is like, wow, look how they framed their subject in this piece of art.

[01:04:01] And then six weeks later, you're painting a painting and you have some inspiration from what you saw in the museum. And it kind of influences what you write. This happens to artists. Poets, musicians, you know, like, I, and this is what is happening with chat. GPT chat GPT is reading and understanding material from all over the place, but it doesn't plagiarize it's sort of like a body of inspiration for it to make stuff out of.

[01:04:31] So, I have never found. Again, I'm not a lawyer, don't take my legal advice, but I have never found that it is a copyright issue that anything that comes out of chat GPT that I make is not going to infringe on somebody else's copyright. Now, that being said, if I went in and said, you know, write me a story about I don't know what's it, who's a copyrighted character, Harry Potter, write me a Harry Potter book.

[01:04:58] And then I try to sell a Harry Potter book. Well, that's me who violated copyright, right? Not the AI, because I told it to do that. Or if I told it to make an image of, you know, I don't know, of Chewbacca, and I put it on a t shirt and sold it, well then I violated the copyright, right? Not because I told it to.

[01:05:18] See what I mean? Okay. Okay, let's see. Will we be making a free report? Yes, you will be.

[01:05:30] Cool. I see people, a lot of people having issues.

[01:05:39] Okay, someone's asking Am I going to show about making images? Especially in the guide. Yes, I will. I'm going to get to making images.

[01:05:52] Let's see here a lot of good questions that are getting into. Okay, so here's what I'm going to do. There's a lot of questions in here and I think some of them are just going to be answered by the course materials themselves. So, we will be talking about using images in a future session. Then also, we're going to be talking about the way you present this course.

[01:06:17] Right now, we just have a written course. There's going to be a lot of ways that you could sell this. Whether you put it into lessons on a website, that's my preferred way to do it. But you can also assemble it into an e book and sell a downloadable PDF e book. There are ways to convert this into an audiobook, convert it into video lessons.

[01:06:38] There's a lot of options of what you can do with the written materials that you've made. Now, also, some of you might enjoy the niches that you pick so much that you would want to offer additional stuff. Maybe you want to offer coaching. Maybe you want to offer additional support or Q& As or A live challenge like I'm doing right now, right?

[01:07:01] So these are all things that we're not going to cover in detail, but I will talk about them at the end of the challenge of all the different upsells, cross sells, improvements, and ways that you can turn your course into a full fledged seven figure business. Okay. So we will get to all of that as we go through the course.

[01:07:20] And I think that kind of summarized most of the questions. So, and then I saw also people having issues. With the links to the Facebook page or the free bonuses I gave out today, the a hundred million book and the marketing report. So. I'm going to make sure that you all get that. So I'll make sure they'll be published on the page with all of your written materials.

[01:07:43] So when I email you later this afternoon with all your written materials, I'll make sure they're right on the page. You'll be able to download them from there. So if you miss them in the chat window for whatever reason, no worries. I'll make sure you get your download links to both. Of the free bonuses and the link to the Facebook group.

[01:08:03] So we will not leave you behind. We'll make sure that everybody gets everything. Awesome. Then uh, something that keeps coming up. So I want to ask this. So, so first of all, at this point, the action items for today are to use the prompts that I'm going to give you. To start to work out what your lesson is, or sorry, work out what your course is, and start making your lessons.

[01:08:30] Okay so by the time we get together again that you'll want to have that, you know, as complete as you can. One thing I want to let you know is that If you begin to fall behind, let's say that you don't finish your course by the time we get together again. No problem. You can continue that process little by little, day by day, of finishing your course.

[01:08:53] You can still come and attend, and you can keep learning and getting the materials. And you won't, it's not going to be a situation that if you don't finish your whole course, that the whole thing is a failure. I don't want you to feel like It's getting overwhelming and you're not going to be able to keep moving forward.

[01:09:10] Don't worry if you want to get your course as far as you can and then just keep attending the training and you will not fall behind, right? I'll make sure that you get results out of this challenge with me. Okay, so don't worry about that. Another thing that keeps coming up. So, I see a lot of people asking me about.

[01:09:29] So I'm teaching you all of the steps of how to do this by hand. And as you're seeing, you know, there's a fair amount of steps. And some people are asking, can I get a demo? Can I see what push button AI does? So before before I think the concern is if you spend the next. Three days building a course, and then you find out that push button AI can do it in the push of a button that might be frustrating and that you want to see it.

[01:09:56] You want to see what push button AI can do. So I've seen several questions, several prompts of people who want that. So I wanted to make sure number one, I delivered the training for the course today and you have your action items. So I have done that. So what I'd like to do now, and I'm going to check with your permission, do you guys want to see Pushbutton AI, right?

[01:10:17] I have a little presentation I can give about what it is, how it works, and I can do a demo of of Pushbutton AI as well, but, yeah, that so that's if you guys want to see it. I have seen quite a lot of questions and comments about that in the chat. So if you're up for that, we'll kind of switch gears a little bit and I'll show you push button AI and you can kind of see what it does because it does a lot of what we're talking about today.

[01:10:42] It just does it automatically. So behind the scenes, this is the process that it's going through. So it actually does 177 different prompts going back and forth. So like each prompt I'm doing by hand, there's 177 of them and it goes back and forth doing all those steps and assembling the course and even registers your domain name.

[01:11:04] It does videos. It does audio, does your logo like it. Does have literally everything. So, if you want to see that I can show you. Okay, cool. Cool. Okay. All right. There's an overwhelmingly yes on that. Okay. Well, I want to make it clear that those of you who are in the challenge you can absolutely continue the challenge.

[01:11:31] And we're gonna, we're gonna keep going and get amazing results together. But if you do choose to look at Pushbutton AI, it's going to shortcut it. It's going to make it so that you don't have to do, you can still attend the training and learn all about the theory behind it, but you won't have to do any of these steps.

[01:11:48] The software I'll just do them all for you. So, all right. Well then on that note, I'm gonna I'm gonna do that. So i'll do i'll do a little presentation. And then we'll do a demo I'll open up push button ai and we'll actually build a course together so you can see it happening And yeah, so that'll do what we do next And then if any of you are at a point where?

[01:12:10] You're stuck and you're having trouble moving forward. I'll do another round of Q and A at the end. So I'll do one more round of Q and A and then we will and also you can have support. So you can email help at pushbutton. ai at any time to get help if you're stuck at some point, and I didn't get to your question while we were live.

[01:12:29] So, that will be what we'll do next. But now let's go ahead and move on. So I'm going to get screen sharing set up here

[01:12:43] and let's do this. So this is from a webinar presentation. I'm going to fast forward through the webinar though, and just show you the important bits and do that. We'll pull this around here.

[01:13:08] Cool. All right. So there are several sections of this little presentation that I'll fast forward through. But cause I think you guys have a, know a lot of this information already. But this is this is about push button AI and are what we call our early bird early access program. So right now, push button AI is not available for sale to the public.

[01:13:31] But but we do allow people into our early access program to get access to the tech. So, we're going to go through all this. I'll do a live demo and I'm going to go through the deck, but I'm going to do it kind of fast, just cause you guys, I think know a lot of this information, but we'll go through by slide deck real quick, and then I'm going to open up the push button AI software.

[01:13:54] I'll show you what it does. And then those of you who, if you want to join our early access program. I will I'll give you some links where you can do that. Okay, cool. So this is new tech. So this is interesting because there's a ton of AI tools out there. That, you know, we'll do various different things.

[01:14:14] But this, what I'm going to show you is new technology that does everything. This isn't a one solution. It is an everything solution. So this is an AI business builder. It's not an AI article writer or an AI course creator. It's an AI business builder and it builds every component, every piece, including your hosting, your website.

[01:14:37] All the plugins and themes and tools, your domain name, logos, videos, audios, everything you could imagine. It does it all and puts it online and publishes it live for you so that you don't have to deal with the tech stuff. So that lets you profit. Because the state of the art AI actually does the hard work of building your business for you.

[01:14:59] Because the fun part is once it's published, right? So it's a lot of work to create the course, do the free giveaway, set up the website, set up the sales funnels, get it all launched. It's a lot of work. The fun part is when you get to start driving traffic, and you start to get traffic to your site, and you start to get customers.

[01:15:20] You start to get subscribers and you get to really get to the fun part of expanding and growing your business And that is what the tool is designed to do. So i'll we're going to go through it i'll show this all to you but remember the hard stuff that the ai does is done for you by the ai so this isn't partially done There is no copying and pasting and assembling and editing and all this stuff.

[01:15:44] It's a truly done for you solution, so you'll see in the demo. Now when I created Pushbutton AI, it was around this concept. Okay. I know that in my entrepreneurial life, the faster I go from my idea, the idea in my head, to a launched business and to get to results, the more likely it is that I'm going to succeed and the more money I'm going to make.

[01:16:10] The faster I go from idea to execution, to stuff happening, the more money I make. And that's a. I think that was a phrase made famous by Joe Vitale. So, Pushbutton AI, I designed it for two kind of sets of people. If you have an existing business that you'd like to have new and different ways of doing marketing, maybe you want to create courses, create a lead generation website.

[01:16:36] We can add that on to your existing business, or if you don't have a business yet, it can actually create your first, your entire business. It can literally create your entire business for you. So I'm curious let me know in the chat. So pop into the chat and tell me which one of these fit you. So you'll notice, I say, Existing online business or don't yet is the key part of this little persuasion trick.

[01:17:05] There's such a thing as self persuasion, and I find that if you go around saying, I don't have an online business, I'm struggling to build my online business. then you might not succeed. But if you take the approach mentally, like in your even within your head, the way you think about it and the way you talk about it, if you say, oh, I'm building it, but I don't yet have my online business.

[01:17:30] That's saying that it's inevitable. You're gonna have it. It's just a matter of time. Okay, so which of these are you? Okay, you don't look at there's a mix. It's a really it's a real blend here. And then some of you say both Some of you say that you have a business and you want to start a new online business.

[01:17:51] So that's cool. Awesome Thank you for those answers. Oh, and you did answer in the chat. So thank you for that now In this presentation. I had a piece here just some of my background you guys Most of you know about me, but so just quickly I've done over a hundred million dollars in revenue to through my different businesses.

[01:18:15] I've driven hundreds of millions of visitors who have seen billions of pages on my site. I've been doing this for over two decades. I built multiple, you know, quote unquote, seven and even eight figure businesses. And I've helped over. 81, 942 customers to build and grow their own businesses. Okay. So what's, what I do now is I help entrepreneurs.

[01:18:39] So, I've been in a lot of different niche markets. I've sold courses and trainings and information. Services, products in all kinds of different markets. But what I really truly love to do is to help entrepreneurs. And so I love the, whether it's helping an entrepreneur create their first business or helping somebody grow their existing business, I believe that is the number one way to help the world for me, like.

[01:19:04] That's the thing that I can help you, which helps the economy. It helps you will hire people and train people. It helps your family because you'll be financially free and feel good about it. And that's what I now devote my time to. So I build software tools and I do training to teach and help entrepreneurs.

[01:19:24] Oh, by the way. You know, I know we've we've been on here a long time. You guys have been with me already for quite some time in the chat. And so, I'm going to reward you for sticking around, by the way. If you hang around with me to the end, I'm going to give you some stuff. So I'll give you some prizes.

[01:19:41] And number one we're doing giveaways all the time. So we have all year long, I'm giving away 25, 000 in gadgets, marketing campaigns, ad campaigns. Cash, all kinds of stuff. So you stick around with me. Until we get back to Q and A, then I will be giving one of you a hundred dollars in cash. So one of you will have a hundred dollars in cash today at the end of this, when we get into the Q and A session.

[01:20:08] So we'll be awarding that to one person in Q and A. So, to stick around through till we get through this, I'll do the demo. We'll go into Q and A and those of you who are still with me as a way of saying, thanks for watching my. little presentation here. I'll award one of you a hundred bucks and then you will all be entered into our year long prize pool.

[01:20:33] So focus with me. You ready for that? Stick around with me to the end. Yeah. Okay. So this is a slide that the lawyers make me do, which is that I cannot promise any specific monetary result, right? So lots of people love to see proof. They want to like to see screenshots and proof of income and proof that something works.

[01:20:53] But there is a legal liability to that. So I need to tell you that any results I show you, any screenshots I show you, any case studies that I'm showing you those because they're extraordinary results and I hold them up as a shining example of what's possible, but it's not a promise that you're going to make the same amount of money.

[01:21:13] All right. So there's some of the reasons why do entrepreneurs come to me for help? Well, my, what I'm kind of known for. Is building businesses up to that million dollar mark fast. So here's one. This is from authorized. net. It's a screenshot of From our merchant account for processing visa mastercard amex discover and so forth.

[01:21:37] There's a 1. 8 million dollar business Here's one where I was trying to get it to a million dollars in under 12 months and I missed the mark But here's what we got to so 927 129, 000 in its first year. Here's another out of a different PayPal screenshot. And then here is a business. I made 15 million selling an 11 info product.

[01:22:02] And yeah. So, let's get into AI. So you, if you're here, you already know. AI is a once in a generation opportunity. That's why you're here. People are already becoming millionaires using AI. And I just want to share this quote real quick here. From John Scully the third. Who knows who John Scully the third is?

[01:22:24] Anybody here know who he is? Let me know in the chat who knows who John Scully, the third, and don't go use Google and no cheating. Some of you are rushing to Wikipedia right now. I can tell all right. So he is famous because yeah, some of you got it. Some of you got it. He is famous because he was the CEO who brought Apple to success.

[01:22:51] A lot of people think about Steve Jobs when they think about Apple. But truly the guy who took Apple from a small, kind of a smaller business. They were they were doing about 800 million a year. Okay? So, I don't know, you can use kinda use air quotes, a smaller business, but he took Apple from $800 million in revenue to $8 billion.

[01:23:13] So Apple became a multi-billion dollar company, not under Steve Jobs, but under John Scully. And he says, timing in life is everything. And I actually agree with this. I wholeheartedly agree with this because I think of all the times that that I have taken action on a new opportunity. I have one in a big way.

[01:23:36] Okay, so I was lucky enough to be back in the day amongst the first people were using the Google AdSense program, for example, and I made millions back in the day. Long ago, I was amongst some of the first people doing affiliate marketing. And I made millions doing it, but I think a big part of this, why it was so easy for me back then was because of my timing.

[01:24:01] I was quick when I saw the opportunity that was supposed to be a snap. There we go. Snap. I went right to work and I exploited that opportunity the moment that I saw it. Okay. So, I mean, Bitcoin is an example, right? I was I kick myself. This is one of these opportunities that. Boy, I wish I would have bought Bitcoin when it was a dollar right now.

[01:24:23] It's I'd be a billionaire. I wasn't looking at it. I was investigating it. I was actually going to be setting up a minor in my home. And this is back when Bitcoin was a tiny, just a little, just not very much money at all. And I didn't do it and I would literally be a billionaire So there's an example of a lost opportunity because I didn't take action But the times that I did like with affiliate marketing like with adsense I made millions because I took action when it was a You know, at its peak opportunity.

[01:24:55] So you, what you want to ask yourself is, are you really prepared to take advantage of this because I've written these waves, I've seen the trends and I'm telling you that right now, that is the next one, the next, like, it's like the birth of affiliate marketing all over again, or the birth of AdSense or an opportunity to get involved in crypto several years ago.

[01:25:15] With AI, we have that right now. That's not an exaggeration. And that's what this is about. Okay, so hang out with me for a little bit. And we're going to talk about that. So you guys all know that. So I believe the most profitable reason to use this tech is to create courses. And that's the result of me selling info information online 11 at a time.

[01:25:42] Now I did a survey of my customers. And we recently found out that out of all the entrepreneurs and all the customers that I work with, 70 percent of them in the survey said that they were looking to have a business they could work on from home. They didn't want to have to go into an office, didn't want to have to build a big elaborate business.

[01:26:03] They didn't want to have to do that. They wanted to be able to work from home and be in a situation where they could step away from that and have the business keep making money. So if they wanted to go on vacation or wanted to go spend time with family or wanted to do something else. They'd have a business that actually kept making money when they weren't actively working on it.

[01:26:21] And so we're going to talk about that. So we're going to talk about how do you earn income where you could work once and you get paid over and over again, something that's going to give you more time, freedom, something that if you do it right, it's. It's actually easier to make sales using AI the way I'm teaching you.

[01:26:39] As an example, I've made millions selling an 11 information product, 11 bucks. So this is the closest you can get to that hands free business. There really, truly is no such thing as a true hands free business. You have to work on your business, especially at the beginning. You have to get it up, get it running, get it successful, systemize it.

[01:27:01] Then yes, you can have a business that allows you to step away. And I know that because that's what I did. So I did this. It changed everything for me. When I first started my first affiliate marketing, my first digital marketing, a business where I was selling information, this is many years ago. It's what enabled me to actually stop.

[01:27:24] Working so many crazy hours. And instead, when my children, when my boys were young, I was able to be there and be part of their entire, as they grew up as young boys, I was home. I was taking them on vacations, doing road trips. I was not at the office. I was with them. And I did it every day. I was sort of a very hands on dad, and that was really important to me to be able to take them to the places I wanted to take them and spend the time that I wanted to spend with them.

[01:27:54] And so that's what this business enabled me to do that. So, you know, that e learning is huge. So the entire population is now doing courses online, whether they're eBooks, online training, online video training. So you can see the increases are tremendous, and you know this already. That's why you're here.

[01:28:20] Okay, so we actually can sell information in a lot of different ways. We can sell video training, we can sell ebooks, we can sell audiobooks, we can sell in page written course lessons. Okay, but up until now, building a course like this took a long time. It could be very expensive. Okay, so right now I'm showing you how to use chat GPT to build your courses and how to use different AI tools to copy and paste and assemble and put them all together.

[01:28:48] And so we're going to be showing how to do that. If we were to look just a year ago, This is what it would cost me. So this is, these are actual numbers. These are not made up numbers. This is what it would actually cost me when I wanted to test and build a new course business between hiring someone to write the sales page for me, hiring someone to do the squeeze page, a person to write a free report, create a 12 lesson course on my email followup sequence, social media content, my writing my ads, I would spend almost 10, 000 just to test.

[01:29:24] a new product. But now with AI, you can do this at a fraction of the cost and it doesn't take weeks to complete. Okay. So I'm already showing you how to do this with AI and you're doing it by hand with AI, copying and pasting from chat GPT and other tools I'll be teaching you, but there's actually an even faster way to do it.

[01:29:47] So, and I think you already get it. You see that. Combining AI and digital core sales. I think you're, you get this, right? You see that opportunity I think. Okay. Now, the downside of of this is you do have to become an expert in AI, which I'm making you one during the challenge. So you're going to be learning how to become that expert.

[01:30:07] You will become an expert in AI. by the time you finish the challenge. But it does still take some time, and you still have to be able to get your sales materials up, get your website published, set it all up, launch it, and put a pull it all together. But my question for you is what if instead you could build an entire 12 lesson course, 20 plus up to 60, 000 words of training content at the push of a button, would you be interested in that?

[01:30:39] I already know from the chat. There was a lot of people asking for this already. People wanted to, what we're asking for, how do they get access to push button AI? And so I want to know who here in the chat would be interested in getting access to push button AI, where it can write your sales pages for you hands free.

[01:31:01] So instead of having to do the process, I'll be showing you in an upcoming lesson where you have to, you know, assemble it very similar to what I've been showing you now, what if instead you just kicked up your feet and the AI just did it all. And published it and formatted it and designed it. What if while you watch, it could create a free report for you that you can give away to get subscribers.

[01:31:23] Could even, it can even build your squeeze page for you. What if it can create videos, audiobooks, email campaigns, ads, social media posts, and you just sit back and you let the AI do that without lifting a finger. Then once all of that stuff is built, the AI can even find you a perfect domain name for your business.

[01:31:43] So think about that. The A. I. Finds you a domain name even helps you register it and you just kick up your feet and watch. It's cool, right? What if it did all that? But what if it also configured your hosting, built your website and got everything ready for you to instantly be in business and ready to start making profit immediately?

[01:32:03] So this awe inspiring technology that I'm going to show you in a minute, it builds sales pages, it builds free reports, it builds courses, it builds videos, emails, ads, everything else you could possibly need to get profit flowing in. It does it at the click of a mouse. And you get to watch your business come to life before your eyes, and it's all thanks to the power of A.

[01:32:27] I. So we're using a combination of many different A. I. Tactics and strategies. We automated all so that you don't have to sit there chatting with a chat bot, and it just does everything for you. So who wants a demonstration?

[01:32:47] Yeah, let's see. Someone says configuring my hosting sounds scary. Yeah, well, that's why I want the AI to do it for you. Right? So that this is, I built this because to solve all of the biggest pain points and the biggest problems that I see entrepreneurs have, especially newer entrepreneurs, like setting up your hosting.

[01:33:09] building your website, all these kinds of things are very intimidating and troublesome. So I wanted to create an AI that solved all of that. And it just handled all of those most, the biggest pain points and the biggest roadblocks that most entrepreneurs have. So that's what I built it for. So it looks like, yes, you guys definitely want a demonstration.

[01:33:31] So here, hold on. I wasn't prepared. So let me open up a new window and let's go to push button AI now.

[01:33:46] All right, let me pull it around here.

[01:33:52] So here is an example of the members area. So in the Pushbutton AI Early Access program, this is the members area. So when you get in, there's my smiling face. You've got a variety of different courses, including how to use our course builder, how to create a lead generation business with it, something we call AI Profits.

[01:34:14] We have all the tools and features of our sites, training about it. We have a special training called commission chain reaction. This is an amazing strategy where you can Pushbutton AI will build you a business where you can get free traffic and build a list of buyers. It's really cool. So we got the bonuses that everybody get access to.

[01:34:34] We have a niche coach where you can talk to the AI, helps you pick your niche. We have a traffic training and then we have all of our apps. Okay. So, We can do an AI course. That's what we're going to do today. Okay, so today we're going to build an AI course business. And then, of course, we have coaching and all your support.

[01:34:52] That's all in the members area. But let's actually go through the process. Of building a an AI course business together so we can come in here. Now this is our first step of putting this together. So I would, like anybody in the audience have an example of a niche market you're interested in. So let's actually go with a real live example from the audience who has a, an niche.

[01:35:21] That they are interested in so give me some ideas in the chat I'll take those up and we'll actually i'll build a course For with one of those so we're going to actually build the course together in just a minute while you watch So let's see here. I'm still waiting for the chat to refresh.

[01:35:40] So yeah, let me know in the chat What you'd like me to build a course on

[01:35:49] I don't see chat refreshing. So let's see here. Oh, there we go I just had a okay. They all came in a flood. Okay. Sorry Okay, here's a this A lot of good ones.

[01:36:08] survival. Okay. I've seen several people ask about the survival and prepping market. Okay. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to start with the page. We call it our page filler. So there's a bunch of boxes. This is going to help us fill out. And so what we want to do is we want to enter a few things.

[01:36:26] So, so we're going to say people interested in survival and prepping how to air for.

[01:36:50] How to prepare for disasters. Okay, well, these two boxes are all we have to fill in and then we can click the fill form button and let the AI go to work. Okay.

[01:37:05] Okay, here we go. So if we take a look here, it's actually created a a list of problems and goals. So these are the problems. And these are the. Problems or goals and benefits. Okay, so create a disaster preparedness plan. Stock up on emergency supplies. Develop a communication strategy. Learn basic first aid.

[01:37:26] Identify safe shelter options. Establish an evacuation plan. This is good. Learn essential survival skills. Secure important documents and data. Prepare for power outages. Stay informed about potential threats. And then we have all the benefits. Okay, so these are all the benefits from them up. you know, solving these problems or achieving these goals.

[01:37:48] Now, there's a couple things I want to show you. One is language, so we can build it with American English. UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Dutch. So think about that. So I could come in here if I wanted to, I could make a Portuguese survival course. And I don't know Portuguese, right?

[01:38:06] So I could just say, you know, I could actually complete this and generate it, and it would make the whole thing in Portuguese. But instead, we're going to go English. We're going to go to the bottom. Now what we could rerun this. And we have some these are some advanced features that I'll I won't go over today because they're a little complicated, but we have some advanced features.

[01:38:26] You can adjust these dials to get different results and you could resubmit it. You can also edit these. So let's say that you don't like this one, you can come in here and you could edit it and make it anything you want. You could also fill out these 10 things yourself by hand. If you wanted to make a course that you personally designed.

[01:38:46] You could just put in 10 problems and goals here and then their benefits here and then the whole business would be built for you so you can fill these in by hand. If you want, you can edit them, make them whatever you want. And then you just hit save. So we're going to save our course.

[01:39:05] It's saved. And now here we click to go to the next step. So it's going to in a moment. It is going to create an outline. So it's now busy outlining our course. Here we go. So, this is now the outline for our course. This is for our lesson one. Here's lesson two, and it's going to continue.

[01:39:30] It's actually creating it's going to go through creating for each of our 10 lessons. It's making the the title of the lesson, and then it's breaking it down into five parts. Which should be familiar to you, right? So, we have our lesson, we have our five parts. Our lesson, our five parts. It's going to continue making all this for us.

[01:39:53] We're up to lesson six, got a few to go. But this is pretty cool. So, one thing on the next step. So, we're going to have a choice. So, if you become a Pushbutton AI client, you'll have a choice when this is going to finish. Actually, it looks like it's finished. But now, I can do one of two things. I can click for an instant site build, okay, where what I'll do is the AI will then automatically help me pick a domain name and build everything, right?

[01:40:29] So it's just hands free. So all I have to do is click quick site build. It's going to suggest some domain names for me. It's going to then help me register those domain names, the one that we pick together, the AI will help me pick the domain, and it'll be a good one, it actually picks good domains, and then I walk away, and the AI builds everything, so, and I mean literally everything, it builds your sales page, your squeeze page, all of your lessons your logo A free report to give away.

[01:40:58] I then once you're half, once it's generated, there's like a step two where it will make your videos, your audios your ads, a 30 day email sequence, like it just does everything. So. We can either pick the quick site build or we can build it together with the AI. So it actually is a step by step process where you can watch it build each lesson and you can be involved in editing and tweaking.

[01:41:26] So if you want to be very hands on. You can let the AI build the lesson and then you edit it. You go in and you can edit it, change it, tweak it and work kind of collaboratively with the ai or you just let it do everything hands free and walk away. So what I'll show you right now is I'll show you the hands free and walk away approach.

[01:41:45] So, we will do we will do that. In fact, let me see here. Lemme go back to screen share. So I wonder if I can. I'm going to try the step by step process if I, and I might be able to come back. Okay. So as you can see here, and now I'm going to try something I might have just broken it, but we'll see.

[01:42:10] So this is what it does as we're doing it together. So if you want to do this together with the AI. It's going to give you your outline and your course lesson, and it's going to be making, it's making our content for us. So it's actually creating that content now. And what it's going to do is it's actually going to make all of your lessons.

[01:42:28] So you can see the outline, the course title of all of your lessons that are going to be in your course.

[01:42:38] So, and it's actually going to make 12 of them. So you've got an introduction, a conclusion, and 10 lessons, and it's building them all for us. And I'm going to see if I can get one to show, and then I'm going to back up and try to do an instant site build. It might not let me back up, but let's find out.

[01:42:59] So, so you can actually, then this is the experience if you want to be interactive and be part of. The writing, if you want to be part of the course creation, and some people are very interested in that and being part of that, other people are like, no, just let the AI do it. And I'm going to go about my day.

[01:43:17] And then the AI gets to work, you know, and 20, 30 minutes later, boom, you have a whole business ready. But, but here's an example. So we can come in here. And this is an example of the lesson that it has created. So we can come in here. This is a drag and drop editor. So I can, you know,

[01:43:39] make it whatever I want. You know, you can format, you know, we can make it underline italics. We can make it a link. If we want to make a link, we can insert images. All of this is editable from our drag and drop editor. And so it just goes through. It's making all of our lessons for us. And then you see here's lesson two.

[01:43:59] Lesson three is still going. But I think you get the point. So this is the interactive experience if you want to be involved in the editing. Now, I'm going to go back and I'm going to see If I break it, because it's not meant to do that. So, okay, so it's gonna regenerate this, so we'll see if this is gonna work.

[01:44:20] It's not meant to go back. It's meant to just keep finished building your course. So we'll see if I can now show you the quick site build. So with quick site build, it's hands free. You don't have to be involved. You don't have to watch it build its thing. It just does everything. So let's see if it's gonna work.

[01:44:37] Okay. So we have to, oh it's, okay, still it's out, it's re outlining all my lessons. So that's going to take a minute. So we're going to let it re outline my lessons and then we'll do a quick site build example. Okay. What are we on? Lesson four. Okay. Just got to let it keep doing its thing. And so which would you rather do?

[01:44:57] I'm curious for you in the audience now, would you rather the quick site build? Where you just let it do its thing. You help it pick a domain and then set it free. And it just builds and does everything automatically. Or would you rather go step by step where you're working with the bot, editing the lessons, editing your sales pages.

[01:45:16] And and then at the end, it then sets up your hosting launches the site and builds everything for you. So I'm curious if you're more quick site or step by step, let me know in the chat, which one you're most interested in. Let's take a look. At what we've got. Both actually says, says peter. Okay then there's quick looks like quick.

[01:45:40] Okay seems to be either quick or both seems to be step by step okay. So it's a blend. It's a real mixed. It's a real mix. And so what I find is that Those of you who are doing in a niche that you're passionate about, or you have knowledge about people tend to really, or maybe it's a business you already have, and you want to launch a new course related to your existing kind of niche or business, those people tend to really want to be involved and be part of the step by step process.

[01:46:07] So they can be like editorial control. You can also add in your own content. If you have content that you want to add and it makes it, you know, makes it where you're much more involved in the creativity and then other people who are just looking to make money. They just want to get a business up and get some money coming in as fast as you can.

[01:46:26] You know, especially this might be your first business and maybe it's not in a niche that you're like incredibly knowledgeable about, then the quick build is the right solution. So, and I like doing everything quick, you know, like money loves speed. So I like to do the quick site build and then I'll come back later and clean it up if I need to.

[01:46:47] Okay. So it's going to do our last lesson. So this is lesson 12 it's doing now. There we go. Okay. Now, I hope I didn't break it. Let's see if it's going to let me do a quick site build. Since I started it step by step, it might not let me. Let's see what happens. Okay. So,

[01:47:09] okay. Well, there you go. That's it.

[01:47:16] It's building it. So that's it. Now I've walked away. I'll come back. And yeah, it's that's pretty crazy. And, oh, you know what else I want to show you? Let me see if I can show you

[01:47:29] oh, I may not be able to show you here. Let's see. If I go to step two, if it's going to let me. No. Okay. All right. So then what happens is it builds everything, your sales page, your squeeze page, it sets everything up. And then it's going to help you register your domain name. So it'll give you a big old list.

[01:47:58] They'll say, Hey, here is a bunch of domain names. It will check to see if they're registered and available, and it will help you register your domain name and set up your entire business. So, and it does it all just point and click. And then yeah, so by literally by this time tomorrow, you could be in business completely launched.

[01:48:16] ready to go. Everything done. It's pretty amazing, right? Let me show a couple example sites. Let me see if I can pull up some examples. One second. Okay, not that.

[01:48:37] Okay. There's a good one. There's one. Let's see. There's one. Stand by while I get all these going.

[01:48:58] So speaking of dog training, this was built. With it, by the way. So, I built this as a demo. We did this live as a demo. So, this domain name Wolf Instructors, it, it picked that domain for me. Pretty cool, right? I'm pretty good. Two word domain. So the AI picked the domain. AI made this logo. So this was created, but this is not stock photo that actually was created from scratch by AI.

[01:49:23] This squeeze page, like the copying for this squeeze page and the squeeze page was all set up by AI. Here are examples of content that it creates. So, so like these images. All done by AI, all this article content done by AI. These are highly SEO articles, by the way, including inbound links, internal links, pointing back and forth inside your site to help you get what's called topical authority.

[01:49:53] All this was done by the AI, as you can see a relevant YouTube video. Included into the article. So these are examples of free content, free articles that the system makes for your website. And then of course there's the homepage. Let me find some other examples. So, Oh, here's one. So this was, this is actually made by a customer.

[01:50:14] This is a customer site. So it's all about becoming a professional chef. So that logo made by AI, pretty cool, right? All made by AI. Oh, that lesson. I'm not signed in. Okay. Here's an example of a lesson. So, here's a lesson in stock trading. So we got the written lesson. And then down here, we have an audio version.

[01:50:40] Find undervalued stocks. How to find the best insider stock picks. Investing in the stock market can be a daunting task, especially when trying to find undervalued stocks to invest in. One of the most effective ways to identify undervalued stocks is by finding insider stock picks. So hopefully that audio was coming through.

[01:51:00] So that's an example of an audio lesson that it did. And then here's the same lesson as a video lesson, find undervalued stocks, how to find the best insider stock picks. So this video lesson, especially when trying to find undervalued pretty crazy, right? Here's another site done by the AI.

[01:51:25] Let's see. Let's see. What is that? This is okay. This is another lesson. There's more examples of come to our online lesson on how to audio and video. And then here, let me show you the sales page for this. I think it's here. So this, the sales letter was all written by AI.

[01:51:53] All right. And then as you can see here, so all this was done by the AI and we can buy the course. It's got a built in shopping cart that we can check out and pay for everything.

[01:52:07] So there you go. So that's an example of the demo of Pushbutton AI. What do you think? What are your thoughts about that? Is that cool?

[01:52:21] Awesome. Yeah, and you'll have a choice. So there are different audio voices. And you can go male, you can go female. But that's pretty crazy, right? So I built this so that it solved the most common problems. That entrepreneurs like you and I have. How do we actually go from idea in our head, apply the money, love, speed concept, and get launched like that?

[01:52:44] So we can have a business launched, we can start driving traffic, we can start getting some sales, and we can really start actually doing business. I see so many entrepreneurs that are trapped in this cycle of trying to get their first business up and and never really getting out of the starting gate.

[01:53:04] So. You make profit from these. It's pretty simple. I think you already know this, but we just find a group of people who have problems they want to solve and goals they want to achieve. We tell the AI about them. Then we go out and we find those people online. So they hang out online in the little traffic pockets of the different places they hang out online.

[01:53:24] And then we offer to help them. So if we find a group of people that are chatting in a Facebook group about dog behavior, Problems we offer to help them and we profit that's how it works. So I can, we have an early access program. I can open this up so that you will be able to get access to it. So let me know in the chat who wants access, who would like to join our early access program?

[01:53:55] So here's what will happen. So if you join push button AI we're going to meet, I'll show you how you build a complete business with this. And show you how you make profit quickly, right? The idea is speed. I'll show you how to use AI across your entire business. So we have an entire course called AI Profits, where I show many different strategies of where you can use AI through your whole business.

[01:54:17] To make it efficient, fast, and easy. You're going to get access to my traffic generation training. So we have a training course called traffic generation reveal, which will teach you how to get traffic to your new business and you'll start generating profit. Now notice I say you'll start generating profit guaranteed.

[01:54:36] So that's what the early access program is all about. It's about high level mentorship, coaching, training, one on one help so that you can build a business with our application. And when, because I am collecting success stories, I'm collecting testimonials. I'm collecting case studies in preparation for our future launch.

[01:54:58] We're going to launch publicly soon, and I need your help gathering those things. Okay. So are you interested in profiting with this tool? Would you like to get early access to this amazing proprietary new technology? So AI business builder to the public, but I need your help. So we've got some bonuses, by the way, okay?

[01:55:22] So, if you decide to become part of our Early Access program, remember this is optional and is not required to be part of the challenge. So this is an optional thing. The challenge will continue as, as originally planned. But if you would like to get access, and you become part of it, I've got some bonuses for you.

[01:55:41] First, we have what we call our AI marketing packs. And so earlier you heard me say about how the AI can make your, it'll write a 30 day email sequence for you. It can create your logo. It can create social media posts. It can write your blog posts. It can do all of the marketing related tasks that you need to get launched.

[01:56:01] And We can throw these are like add on packs. So you build your core site. It'll have your course, your sales page, your squeeze page. And that's the basic site that is built, launched and ready to go. You'll have your shopping cart, all the stuff you need to get going. But if you want to add a logo, you want to add a 30 day email sequence, social media posts, all the rest, these are marketing packs and we sell those as add ons.

[01:56:26] So you'll be able to get. Up to 10 add on packs for free when you join today, that's a 2, 500 value. Second fastener bonus, you saw the AI video course creation? Well, we'll create that for you, and those are again, part of an add on pack. So, if you decide you want to add video lessons to your new course business, It's an add on pack and we're going to give you up to 10 of them for free.

[01:56:50] It's a 2, 500 value. FastMover bonus number three. That's our AI audio course builder. Same thing. We're going to give you up to 10 AI audio courses for free. That's a 1, 900 value. And then finally, this is my big daddy FastMover bonus. So, We're going to take the limits off the number of courses that you can build.

[01:57:11] So for building for you, in your business partners, in your family, for your use, you will be able to build an unlimited number of these businesses. And we host them for you, by the way. So that's site building, hosting setup, monthly hosting. All the plugins, all the themes. In fact, there's 8, 000 worth of paid premium themes, plugins, scripts, and tools that we install on your site and pay for.

[01:57:41] So that you don't have to, that's a 3, 600 value easily. If you get in on this, you'll be able to build an unlimited number of them. And I find that this is important because. You know, I don't want you to feel like you have to get it perfect. I want you to just start So if you have an idea today you want to do a dog training course Boom, you're in business tomorrow and then next week if you change your mind and you realize oh dog training's not for me It's no big deal.

[01:58:09] Boom. You build another site. I'll do survival. I'll do a prepping site. I'll try that out. Cool. And then if you later, you want to add to that and do, I don't know, a healthy eating course or a course on how to lower your blood sugar or a course on how to eliminate pain or how to do real estate investing.

[01:58:26] You can build as many as you want with no limits. So you get our AI Business Builder, our AI Marketing Packs, our AI Video Packs. We have one on one consulting in available for you. So if you want one on one mentoring and consulting, that's an option you'll see on our order page. There are that is, so if you want to have a coach assigned to you that jumps on Zoom and works together with you one on one, that can be included in your package.

[01:58:57] We have the unlimited subscriber bonus. The done for you website set up the AI marketing profits course, the traffic generation revealed course. And if I sold each of these things separately, so, you know, that's what they would cost. This isn't some sort of weird marketing math. It's really, if I listed and sold each component separately.

[01:59:19] That's what I would sell it for. Now, you're joining us the early access program. We're not available. We're not open to the public. This is a closed door thing. So it's a public, not a public offer only during this private session. The reason we're doing our early access program is because I'm gathering successes.

[01:59:39] And I want you to be one of those successes. So I have a catch. So there is a catch. We're going to give you a discounted price. And we're going to give you a lot of extra bonuses, a lot of extra handholding and mentoring and help that the public will not get. But I have a requirement. I need you to be willing to work with my team, provide us feedback, both good and bad.

[02:00:04] You know, our customers are really helping us build this product because they're telling us, hey, I wish it would do this. You know, can you make it right? Articles for us. And then boom, we build it. Yes. Can you have it make a logo? Yes. And so it is from feedback from our early access customers. We're actually adjusting, improving, adding features.

[02:00:25] And so I really need your feedback to help us through that process. And when you have some success, give us a testimonial and that testimonial could be simple. It could be like. The AI found me an amazing domain name, or I never have been able to write a sales page before, and now it wrote it for me, or it could be, I made my first sale, but whatever testimonials, whatever successes and wins you have, I just asked that you share them with me so that I can use it in my purse and my future marketing.

[02:00:54] If you're willing to do that, then I'm going to open the doors to allow you in the early access program, and I'm going to lower the price. Okay. So we have set up our little bot to hopefully it will give you the link, so you'll have to test this out and try it. So, we'll have a special phrase.

[02:01:12] If you type in the chat, if you would like to check this out. Type let me in pop that into the chat and then you should be able to get your link So just put let me in into the chat. And yeah, it should then give you your link and There we go, okay, so and then let me just send the link out here as well One second here,

[02:01:51] and I'm going to push this out to everybody now.

[02:02:08] Okay, so you should all have gotten a link. And let me do this. Let me send it to you as a button. Hold on one second here. I'm going to do a button. Give me one second.

[02:02:32] Got your button coming out as well. So I'm just going to send you a button that just says click here. So you should get that in a moment. Send that out now.

[02:03:00] All right. So it says it's sending out now. Okay, the button should be out to everyone. Okay. Cool, cool. So,

[02:03:09] you should all have a link you can copy and paste, and you should all have buttons you can click. So there you go. And here, we'll keep going as well. I'm going to keep going through the presentation.

[02:03:27] Where is my slides? There we go. Okay. So you're part of this early beta, so you're not going to pay that full retail price. If you act now, you'll get the bonuses. You can head on over there and that's the link. So if you don't see the link, if something weird is happening in the chat, it's right there. You can go put that in your browser.

[02:03:49] And and check it out so you can head on over there and learn all about the different options available. So you'll notice there are three choices, three options available. And I want to remind you of the bonuses. So we have our done for you marketing packs, which will include your logo, 30 day email campaign.

[02:04:07] So you have 30 emails written, ready to load up and go done for you ads done for you. So social media posts. Also, you're going to get done for you, AI video courses, up to 10 of those done for you, audio courses, up to 10 of those. You can build an unlimited number of sites for your personal and business use.

[02:04:31] Now the question is it worth the investment to get in? Okay. Now one campaign, just one business, and you can build an unlimited number of them. One campaign. And you'd be profitable. The automation, like the, you being able to set up an entire business like this without having to hire any outsourcers or buy any other software tools, that alone will save you a fortune.

[02:04:56] So it's not an exaggeration. I went out and spent over 8, 000 on plugins, scripts, software, themes, tools, and install them on your website for you. That's why you have a complete shopping cart. Solution. You have all the marketing tools, all the SEO tools, all the stuff you need to build your business. And if you've ever built a website and you know, like if you build a site on WordPress and you go out and then you got to buy this premium plugin and that premium plugin, and you can spend a lot of money on that stuff.

[02:05:26] So I bought them all so that you don't have to. So just in WordPress plugins alone will save you more than the cost of entering today. So free leads, I'm going to show you how to get traffic and free leads. And Oh, other thing I want to let you know. So I do consulting and larger businesses hire me as a consultant.

[02:05:51] And so usually these are businesses that are already doing at least high six figures, most of them are doing seven, eight figures in value. They hire me to come in. I go through all their marketing and sales and business processes and I help them make more money. And they usually pay me a retainer for that.

[02:06:07] It's pretty, pretty expensive. So what I want to do is this is something that's going to take my personal time. Okay. So normally I'm busy between, you know, I like to spend time with my family. You know, I don't want to be working constantly. I have, I actually have three companies to run, so I'm pretty darn busy and I just don't have a lot of time, so I can't do this for everyone.

[02:06:30] But the first five of you who join right now at the ultimate level. So if you want higher touch mentoring, you want to get the most amount of add on packs for free take a look at the ultimate level. And then the first five of you who join, then I'm actually going to mentor you personally. So here's how that works.

[02:06:50] So you join at the ultimate level. You'll be assigned your consultant. You'll have a one on one consultant who is dedicated to you. They'll meet with you once a week on zoom. They're also available through through chats. You can have unlimited chat coaching. They'll mentor you. They'll consult you.

[02:07:07] They'll help you get your business established and set up. And then I come in. So they'll tag team with me. They'll bring me in. And then I will consult with you and I will work with you to help you get the business launched and into the maximum profitability. So I want you to know this is not a public offer.

[02:07:26] Okay. This is a private offer. It's only during this early access program. So you can head over to the link to learn more about how it works. And then ask yourself, what is a successful, profitable business worth to you? One where you control your traffic, where you control your sales. You have a thriving business that's growing.

[02:07:48] What is that worth? And that is the price tag that you should compare this to. And by the way, I did tell you that this was guaranteed, right? So, the risk is all ours. What you need to do is decide you're up for the challenge. Put up the investment today, and if it works, and you're able to get a profitable business up and running, awesome!

[02:08:11] You're happy, I'm happy, everyone wins. But if not, you're protected with our 100 percent risk reversal policy. So you have six full months. So this isn't a thing where I say, Oh, you have to hurry up and know within 30 days, whether this is going to work for you or not. I want to give you up to at any time during the, for during a full 180 days, you can use the software, apply our training.

[02:08:38] Get our mentoring, get our coaching, go through all the stuff, get your add ons. And if it, if we are not able to help you get set up and profitable, then no big deal. Ask for your money back. You'll get it. And not only that, I'm actually going to give you 500 on top to compensate you for the time you spent with us.

[02:09:00] So you get all of your money back. And 500 on top out of my pocket to compensate you for your time. That's how confident I am that I can help you get profitable. Now, I do expect that you actually do the course, you do the training, you follow the instructions, you get help from my team. You work with us because let's face it.

[02:09:23] Businesses all have problems and barriers and roadblocks and confusions, and you will encounter them. But that's why working with my team is so important. And that's why we're doing this. In our early access program and not later so that we can work with you more closely So if you're willing to work with us and get help from my team and help from your mentor Then i'm willing to back it up and reverse the risk.

[02:09:47] I will assume all of the risk and if it doesn't work Then you get your money back and 500 bucks on top So again, this is not a conventional guarantee. So this is not one of those things where it's like, Oh you know, the wind's blowing the wrong direction today. I want my money back. No, I'm going all in.

[02:10:07] I'm spending a substantial amount of money in payroll and staff and to help you succeed. And if I'm willing to do that, I expect you to be willing to do the same, that you're going to put the time and energy and effort in. And if you do it, we're going to be here on the same terms. We're going to work shoulder to shoulder with you.

[02:10:25] and get you profitable. And if we can't do it, you have six full months to redeem the risk reversal policy and get all your money back. So I'm looking for people who are actually going to use the platform and do stuff. I want action takers. The question becomes, is it worth gambling just a bit of your time?

[02:10:47] Because that's it. Just one single successful business, just building one. You can build an unlimited number of these and just one of them could put you in profit. So I do have this other weird offer. So this is a rebate offer. So you do have to grab the offer today. Okay, so if you would like to actually get this offer for free, you do have to grab it today.

[02:11:14] So you will invest in the offer, join us today, put it to use it to boost your traffic and your sales, send me a testimonial. You have to be willing to do that. Everybody has to do that, right? Everyone has to send me a testimonial. But if you're willing to go the extra mile and document it for me, you document with proof of your success, and then you and I will team up and we'll work together to build a detailed case study.

[02:11:40] Cause I would love to show the world exactly what you did. in order to succeed with your business and how you used our tools to succeed. And if you're willing to assemble a detailed case study that I can show the world, then I will give you a 100 percent refund or rebate rather. So you get a 100 percent rebate and you can get all of your money.

[02:12:02] So that's that's how that offer works. So what I'd like to do now is go back to Q& A. So I have not been watching chat. So I know Samantha and the team have been in there. And chat has been very busy, so I would like to go in and check out the chat. And so let's do questions you might have about the offer or just anything at all.

[02:12:26] Let me come in here. I'm going to try my best.

[02:12:33] Let's see here. Okay, here's a good question. Can we use our own domain? Yes. So you can use your own domain. If you have a domain that you have registered at whatever GoDaddy or NameSheep or whatever, you can point it to our server and it will work. Okay. The other question I see is Can we transfer this to our own hosting?

[02:12:56] So these sites are built on the WordPress platform and you can do a WordPress export that you can move over to your site, but that means you'll have to set that up. So, Oh, and I think my camera went down. Okay. Oh, well, at least I'm not on camera now. So you will have to set up your own hosting. If you want to host it yourself, you can do a WordPress export and move it over there.

[02:13:24] Okay, so I see here is anybody having issues ordering by the way Anybody have any issues? Ordering Steve.

[02:13:47] Okay. It does look like we're having some people with ordering issues. So let's see herE.

[02:13:55] Okay, cool. So then looks like some people are having issues ordering but so we'll get to that in a moment

[02:14:10] and See here. What is going on?

[02:14:25] Okay, so we got weird some weird technical issues going on behind the scenes. So apologies for that. Let me get back to the chat. Um,

[02:14:34] good. So let me pull down here.

[02:14:42] Okay, cool. So all right. Well, a few of you seem to be having ordering issues. So what I want to do is let's see. I'd like to do this. Type in the chat. Okay. Okay. Hold my spot. Okay. So if you're having trouble, if you're trying to order right now and you can't get it to work, type in the chat, hold my spot.

[02:15:11] Okay. Okay. Cool. Good. Okay. So we're noticing we're noting down everyone who says hold my spot.

[02:15:26] Okay. So let's take a couple of things here. People are confused about where to go. So if you go to pushbutton. ai slash deal, you see that link on the page? Just, you can open up a new tab in your browser, open up a new browser window and go to pushbutton. ai slash deal. So if you have had any issues at all, where you haven't been able to get the URL, you haven't been able to get the link.

[02:15:49] Then go to pushbutton. ai slash deal. And that's how you can get to the order page and learn all about the offer. And then for, if you tried to buy, if you went over there and you tried to actually buy and you can't get the deal to go, can't get the order to go through, then just type, hold my spot in the chat right now.

[02:16:09] And and we'll lock your spot in. Okay. So, cool. Yeah. Just type, hold my spot. That's if you tried to order and it's broken. Okay. So I need to make sure we're going to everybody who says, hold my spot. We're going to actually reach out to you offline. We're going to call you. We're going to email you and we're going to reach out and make sure that we take care of you.

[02:16:30] Okay. But if you're ready to order online now, Don't wait. Okay. So make sure you've seen the offer, you understand the options. And, but if you're having a, like your credit card is declining, or you're having some kind of a technical problem, then type, hold my spot in the chat. Okay. And again, that link to go directly.

[02:16:51] If you open a new tab, open up a new browser window, go to pushbutton. ai slash deal. Okay, good. Let's see. I see someone said they want to explain offer that we do explain the different offers. Okay. And here, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to come back on camera. Let me see if I can get my expensive camera died, but let me see if I can get my webcam to come on.

[02:17:22] Stand by while I figure this out.

[02:17:28] It's been a day of tech problems. You ever had a day like that? Where it seems if the technology can malfunction, it will do it like all day long. So, let's see. Hey, okay, there I am. I'm a little, gotta get a backup. Let's see. Okay. A little crooked, but I'm here.

[02:17:54] Okay,

[02:18:00] my expensive camera died again. So it likes to overheat and then the webcam is just sitting here flopping around. So let me, oh boy, this is very annoying.

[02:18:16] Okay, we're going to try it up here.

[02:18:21] Hello up there. Okay. So, yes. I want to explain the different levels. Okay. So you'll notice on the order page that there is a light level. So that's for somebody who wants to kind of do it themselves. They want to be a little more. But do it themselves and you're just going to basically you're going to build one site and and you want the traffic training.

[02:18:43] You're going to get all my traffic training. You're going to get all of our additional courses are VIP support, but really you know, you're just going to build one site. Okay. You're going to get one set of add on packs for free. So you'll be able to get it. Video training, audio training, logo, emails, all the extra stuff that we're going to add on.

[02:19:02] We'll do that for you on one site. You can still build an unlimited number of businesses. You'll just have to pay extra for add on packs later. Okay, that is the lite version. The premium version is for those who would like the option to be able to build multiple sites and get extra add ons. So you guys will all get more add on packs and you'll see all the information on the page.

[02:19:24] So if you join a premium, you'll get a lot more. Add on packs for audios, videos, logos, all that stuff. And then you get a little bit more extra, a little extra stuff in your package, and then the ultimate program is the one you want to pick if you want mentoring. So if you want one on one mentoring, you want a person to guide you through the whole process.

[02:19:46] You'll be assigned a single coach who will be dedicated to work with you. And this is a coach who has demonstrated that they can build their own profitable businesses. These are not just random. You know, outsourcers I hired, these are people who have demonstrated that they are successful entrepreneurs.

[02:20:03] They know how to drive traffic. They know how to build businesses. They're going to work with you. You'll only have one person assigned that work directly with you. You meet with them on zoom every week and you have a chat coaching so you can have unlimited access to them via chat coaching. And that's the ultimate level.

[02:20:21] And if you joined at ultimate, you get the mentoring, but you also get. 10. That's a lot of add on packs. 10 add on packs that you can use for free. So that's 10 sets of videos, audios, logos, email sequences social media posts, blog posts, all that stuff. And so those are the three levels at which you can join at.

[02:20:42] Basically, if you want one on one mentoring, you want to actually work with someone directly, and you want that extra level of VIP hand holding and help then grab ultimate, that's the ultimate level. If you're someone who is, you know, likely to build several sites on the platform, then you should grab premium.

[02:21:03] You know, if it's, you're just really going to build it for one business. Then you can grab the light version. So that's kind of how I would my, that'd be my guidance on how to approach it. So there you go. And then I forgot about this. Let me show you a couple of things here too. So a few testimonials.

[02:21:20] So if you're curious about the platform and then you're curious about the quality of our support and our help, let me just show you what a few people have said here. So it's beyond amazing that by answering two simple questions, Pushbutton AI has developed landing pages, sales page, and a 10 lesson course.

[02:21:37] Good content, compelling language, targeted sales copy. That's from Jeff. There's one from Judy. It took me three minutes to type in my course demographic and subject. And it generated a 10 course lesson ideas. I tweaked one of the suggested lessons, but the rest were spot on. My core, my course is low carb sharing recipes for weight and muscle gain.

[02:21:59] It was amazing how quickly Pushbutton AI generated a list of good domain names for my course. It usually takes me days to think of a name and then it's usually taken. Here's Kathy. I'm so impressed with the quality and professionalism of my ads and social media add ons. The images are incredible and totally work with the theme of my course.

[02:22:20] Much better than I even expected. Thank you. Pushbutton AI is awesome. Kathy, let's see, is that the same? Let's see, was that Kat? Yeah, same Kathy. My first one on one coaching session today with Jay, and it was awesome. I highly recommend taking advantage of the ultimate option because having the ability to actually have a personal mentor adds so much value to the program.

[02:22:41] Thank you, Bill and team. And there's a bunch of these. Here's one from Gordon. Gordon was very excited. OMG. It was love at first sight. So exciting. Awesome landing page. Awesome sales page. Amazing copywriting.

[02:22:54] Had to go for a long walk to calm down. Wow, that's pretty excited. So he really liked his course and here's Tracy M quick email let you know i've done my first course site and I love what it turned out Thank you so much for your hard work and all your support.

[02:23:10] So I won't We won't go through too many more of these. So, what I'm going to do here is we'll come back on screen, come back to you way up there. And so what we'll do now is we'll continue to do questions. So reminder that you can get in if you go to pushbutton. ai slash deal. Okay. That's where you can get in and let me go here and see if I've, there's a lot of questions, a lot of activity in the chat.

[02:23:39] Okay.

[02:23:44] Okay. Awesome.

[02:23:47] we have, let's see. I really want to use this for content creation. If I build a website, am I able to build multiple? So here's a I have a secret. Do you want to know the secret? So I have a little sneaky secret. So, When you join, I have a gift that I am going to be giving everyone. And normally I don't talk about it on the webinar, like when I'm selling.

[02:24:22] And that is something we call our traffic packs. Okay. So when you join today, you're going to get one of these for free, and then you'll be able to continue having more. You can buy more of them. You can add them to your sites, but I'm going to be giving this as a gift. To all of you for free. So everyone who joins during the challenge.

[02:24:41] I'm going to give you one of these. It's called our traffic. It takes a little bit to explain why it's so darn valuable, but let me try to sum it up. So we're going to take your once you've built your course. We're going to do an analysis of your course and your 10 PGB, right? The 10 problems, goals, and benefits.

[02:24:59] And then we're going to come up with a topic map. So if you've ever heard of a topic map, it's what helps you rank in Google. It helps you get what's called topical authority. We come up with topics. that your customers are interested in. What are the things that they desire most that they would go to the search engines and be searching for?

[02:25:19] What are the keyword phrases that they would search for? What are the topics that they would be interested in social media? And we will create a topic map. And this is just a group of all 10 different topics related to your problems and goals that your customers would be searching for. Then we do a ton of keyword research and we will uncover all the keywords that we need that are going to be That your site can rank for because a brand new website, it's difficult to rank in Google.

[02:25:48] So we have to target very special, specific types of keywords that you could possibly rank for as a new site. Well, we'll uncover all those keywords and then we'll create 10 what we call pillar posts. So 10 complete pillar posts, which are over 3000 words of article content. The post will have videos in them, the post will have pictures in them, will be very high quality, useful posts designed to answer questions that people have that they're searching for.

[02:26:17] We will make 10 of those for you. We'll put them on your website, okay? Then if you choose, we can continue and make a post a day, every day. automatically hands free on your site if you so choose. So this is called our add on, our traffic pack, and I will give you one of those. So it's my gift for being part of the challenge of being part of our early access program.

[02:26:43] So when you join today, we'll add that on to your order absolutely free. So you'll get one traffic pack for free and you can buy more if you want to get more. They're not that expensive. And again, that comes with all the keyword research. We come up with the topic map, the keywords, we create 10 pillar posts, and then if you'd like us to, we'll continue making posts.

[02:27:04] We'll do content on your site every single day for as long as you want. So that is our traffic pack. Again, I'll give you one for free when you join today. And that was a question earlier. They wanted a way to do articles with the system, and that's the best way to do it. Okay.

[02:27:21] Oh, cool.

[02:27:23] All right. So cool. What I'm going to do now. So we're going to do a little bit more Q and a, there's a lot of questions. So I'll do a little more Q and a, and then I'm going to give out, I promise to give out a hundred bucks, so we're going to give that out. So, yes. So we'll give out that a hundred bucks in just a couple of minutes.

[02:27:38] I'll do a little more Q and a, and then we'll hand that cash out and, it's just really bugging me that the camera is crooked.

[02:27:49] Ah, whatever. Okay. The joys of malfunctioning expensive equipment now. So, let's go here. Oh, I know I wonder if this is going to work. I don't know if this is going to work. So let me know in the chat. Again, if you tried to order and you couldn't get your order through, it could be your credit card is declining.

[02:28:17] There's some technical problem, whatever that might be. I want to remind you, you can type hold my spot in the chat right now. And and then we'll, we're going to. Make note of who says that we're going to hold your spot and then follow up with you offline. So we're going to call you, we're going to email you, and we're going to help make sure your order goes through, solve any problems you have.

[02:28:37] And then let's say an example could be as simple as this. So if you are in, like you've looked at this, you've decided this, I want this, I'm going to buy this, but you need to do the courtesy of informing your spouse or your partner before you make the transaction, right? It's not, it's a, not a small, tiny transaction, it's a You know, it's a significant transaction.

[02:28:58] So you want to inform them first before you run the charge, but you're in like you've made the decision that this is right for you, but you owe them that courtesy. So if that's you, then you can also type hold my spot in the chat. We'll follow up with you. Help you get through whatever solve whatever problems you need to solve and then get you signed up so you can say hold my spot in the chat.

[02:29:20] And that's how you do that. Okay. Okay,

[02:29:26] cool.

[02:29:33] Let's see. So I see Tim. Okay. So Tim, I'm sorry, Jim, not Tim. So Jim, I see your stuff in there and support will continue to try to help you. And then we'll reach out and help you out directly. If you're struggling to get in. So, one other thing I want to ask about is. Well, I think we'll leave it at that for now.

[02:29:58] So, here's a question about premium. So premium is only one business included with premium and no. So with premium you, you're getting, you get unlimited. So you can build an unlimited, all three levels. You can build an unlimited number of these sites. Okay. The basic site comes with a sales page, a squeeze page, a free report and your course.

[02:30:24] Okay. All set up domain picked hosting launched. Set up online, ready to go. You can do an unlimited number of them. You can build and we'll host an unlimited number of those that were the the add ons come in is the stuff you want to add to them, which is like video courses, audio courses, logo, a 30 day email sequence, social media posts, social media ads blog posts, those kinds of things are add ons.

[02:30:53] And so at light, you're going to get, oh, I think it's one. Add on pack. So you get, you can do all of those things on one site. If you do premium I believe it's four. You can look at the page and confirm this. It says it on the page if you look. But I think it's four. And then ultimate, it's a whopping ten.

[02:31:11] Which is a lot, because I know it's expensive for me to do. But yes. So that is that's how that works. So you, anyone can build an unlimited number of businesses. It's only the add ons are going to be extra. You know. Light comes with one, I think Premium comes with four, and Ultimate is ten. So you check yourself, it's on the page.

[02:31:34] When you go to pushbutton. ai slash deal, you'll see those details there. And then, the level that comes with one on one mentoring, where you're going to be assigned your own dedicated coach to get on Zoom with you every week, that is in Ultimate. That's only available in Ultimate. Also, a little detail on the Ultimate program that you might find interesting.

[02:31:56] The full price is listed at 49. 94, but it's actually two payments. So we actually break that down into two payments to make it affordable for everybody. So by default, so if you go to checkout, you'll notice that it's actually broken up into two payments, one payment today, one in 30 days. Okay. So that makes ultimate.

[02:32:17] Just a little bit closer in reach because I realized it's a significant investment. So I want to make it as easy on the pocketbook as I can So, let's see. Let me look what other questions we've got and here I'm gonna go back to testimonials here as well

[02:32:40] Okay, cool, so here's the question what if you can't afford this How are you gonna help people who can't afford this? So here that's an important question. So I don't know if you were here earlier, but this is not mandatory. This is not a requirement. This is not needed. It's not even part of the challenge.

[02:33:02] So if you're in the challenge, you get the challenge and you get all of the benefits, everything promised whether you got the basic challenge, elite or inner circle, there's all these different parts, you know, the upgrades in the challenge. Everyone gets those. If you're here, you get the challenge. And we're going to continue like, it's not, this, the challenge is not over.

[02:33:24] What I did today, there was a ton of people asking me for access to push button AI, right? And what I didn't want to have happen is I didn't want you to invest hours and hours building out your new course. And then next week you find out I've got push button software and you get mad at me, right? So I wanted to get those who want to, you can upgrade if you choose.

[02:33:46] So if you want to upgrade and you want to have software that just does it for you, you can totally do that and just jump into push button AI and then you can stick your way in the challenge or not. It's up to you. If you're in here for the challenge and you want to learn how to do the challenge and build your business.

[02:34:04] We're going to do that. Like nothing has changed. I'm absolutely going to deliver above and beyond with what you got with the challenge. So I'll deliver everything plus more than what we promised. So I want to make that really clear. This is not something where you need this to do the challenge. It's not something where you're going to get less out of the challenge if you don't buy it.

[02:34:26] If it's not in your budget, it's totally fine. It's okay. So we'll continue the challenge together. So, and I can, I actually can't wait to keep going. I got some really cool stuff that we're going to do together in the next few days. So don't worry about that. If it's something that's out of reach, out of budget, no problem.

[02:34:42] You're still going to be able to build a course business by hanging out with me in the challenge. All right. Okay. So now what I'm going to do real quick.

[02:34:59] Okay. So here, this is Sue. If I get the light version, can I build multiple courses with video or audio or do I only get one? Okay. Or do I need the four? Okay, so let me try to explain this a little. So the difference between a light and premium. So there's some confusion about this. So light, you can still, you can build an unlimited number of these, okay?

[02:35:23] Unlimited number of these businesses or these sites, however you want to look at them. But you're going to get a pack of add ons, one pack of add ons for free. If you wanna buy, add-on packs later down the road, you can totally do that. And they'll vary in price, depending upon how many you buy. Okay. But you know, they'll they're not gonna be thousands of dollars.

[02:35:44] They're like a few hundred bucks to do a, to do add-on packs. You'll be able to buy those later if you so choose. Okay? But your order at light will come with one set of add-ons for free. I'm going to give you a set for free if you buy it premium. Same thing, you can build an unlimited number of sites or unlimited number of businesses.

[02:36:05] And you're going to get four, check the page. I think I'm correct. I think it's four. You'll get four add on packs for free. And then if you join an ultimate, you get 10. So you'll get all 10 of those for free. Anyone will be able to order more out on packs later. If you want to, it's optional. That's if you want an AI logo, an AI video course, AI audio course.

[02:36:27] Okay. So I hope that's making sense now. Apologies if it's confusing. Okay.

[02:36:41] So yes, with light and premium, you can build multiple courses. Absolutely. An unlimited number of courses. Okay.

[02:36:52] okay. Some questions about what comes with it. Okay. So, your first domain name is free. So if you're new, like if you're new to our platform and you've never bought any of our hosting or software solutions before your first domain for every new customer is free. Okay, so you will pay for your first domain after that.

[02:37:15] It's only I think it's like 13 a year per domain. If you want to buy more domains, that's to buy and register a domain name. Okay. And then there's a question about autoresponders. And so our system integrates with all of the major autoresponder services. So if you want to build a list in a Weber, we'll work with it.

[02:37:32] You want to use get response. We work with it. MailChimp. We work with it. So all of the major email services we work with. Okay. We do have an optional email autoresponder service that we make available if you don't have any an autoresponder of your own. So, I recommend you use one of the premium ones like GetResponse, AWeber.

[02:37:55] Active campaign. Things like that. That'd be my recommendation. But if you don't have one and you can't budget one, we do have an auto responder service that I can give you. Okay. That is a available. Okay, cool. Let's go back to Q and a um, so, okay. There was a nice one from Tim, which I think Tim actually might be, I don't know if he's still in the audience.

[02:38:18] He was in the audience. He's a push button customer. It had some very nice things to say about the technology and the team. So there's more testimonials here. This one's from Rebecca. Support has been very responsive. I love that you have an actual phone number to call. These things make such a stress free experience.

[02:38:37] I've just requested my first site. The forums were easy and intuitive. I can't wait to see the finished product. It was so easy. to find a memorable domain too. I'm excited about the new features to come and I love that you want more input and are actively adding more features. I'm a writer with a ton of ideas.

[02:38:54] This system really helps unleash them because it clears away many of the grinding mundane tasks that normally slows down the idea to fruition timeline. Push button AI gives my ideas wings. It's like Red Bull. So, that's Rebecca. And Some more. This is from Ron. I'm amazed at this new Pushbutton AI program.

[02:39:18] I spent eight minutes entering demographics and I got a killer domain name and AI did the rest of the work. Within 24 hours, I had a complete website built, hosted, and delivered to me. But the most amazing part was the information in each of my 10 college survival courses was spot on. I have spent the last 10 years researching these courses, collecting data, Analyzing data and writing articles, but the A.

[02:39:42] I wrote every single college survival course better than I could have ever have hats off to this phenomenal concept that works. Thank you. And I want to point this out because I think this is something that a lot of people worry about that A. I is going to do a bad job. Here is someone who is an expert, has been in his field for years, creates content, does training, knows this inside and out.

[02:40:10] And He's saying he's telling you right here that it actually wrote lessons better than he could. So, if you're worried about that, you're worried that somehow the AI is going to be inferior and it's going to do a bad job. It won't. It will do a good job. So, here's one here. I'm impressed with the speed of the support team calling out Samantha.

[02:40:33] So Samantha is in the chat with us today. And also Curtis, our tech support lead great support. So I like hearing shout outs to the team. There's another kind of longer one, but you're all I'm going to go to another questioN.

[02:40:48] okay. So someone's trying to learn more about how the video hosting works. Okay. So we host the videos on a platform called Vimeo. So we will host your videos. You can download them and put and host them anywhere you want, but we will host them and put them on your website. And it's just part of it. So video posting on your site for these videos is included.

[02:41:14] And we're using a service called Vimeo for that. You can download your videos and put them anywhere you want though. That's up to you. Also what about a learning management system? So I want to clear this up as well. So a learning management system is what controls the lessons. So when someone reads lesson one and completes it, then they get lesson two and three and so forth.

[02:41:37] Your site comes with one. It's got a learning management system. Built in it's already part of it. And yeah, it's included. The other thing that it comes with is a built in shopping cart. So it it will do the whole checkout process. So you'll be able to, people can sign up, buy the course and pay you.

[02:41:54] All you have to do is you have to set up the payment. So we need to. I know there's a system that pays you so you need to set that up to how you're going to get paid. But the shopping cart and all of that is already all set up for you. Okay, we just need to set up how we send you your money. Okay, looks like, oh, Samantha sent me a message here.

[02:42:18] Okay, oh, Samantha is making a comment about that. So she's saying, she's actually heard from several people who were experts in their fields. And how impressed they are with the content. So the content is being put out by the AI is equivalent to like to them. They're experts in their field and they're happy with the content.

[02:42:36] So that's apparently happens quite often feedback she's getting from customers, which is cool to hear. Okay. Let's take a look back at the chat. Can I upgrade later if I want to move to premium or ultimate? Yes, I will give you you have 30 days, okay? I can't leave the window open forever. Especially at the ultimate level, because I mean, I have real human coaches and the coaches that we have, the mentors that we have are experts.

[02:43:07] Like these are, these people really, they know how to get traffic. They know how to build their own business. They're experts and they're in high demand and I don't have a lot of them. So I can't just leave it open to ultimate open forever. So it's with so based on that, I want to tell you, I'm going to give you 30 days, 30 days.

[02:43:26] Get in today. You can upgrade to ultimate if you want to. But beyond 30 days, I don't know that I'll have coaches available. I don't know how busy the lineup is going to be. Yeah, we have some huge promotions happening. We're doing integrations coming up with ClickBank and yeah, we have a, yeah, so there's a lot happening and I think our coaches are going to get filled beyond capacity.

[02:43:48] So if you upgrade in the next 30 days, then I know I can have a spot for you. So there you go.

[02:43:58] All right. Let's see.

[02:44:06] So this is a question about, this is a question from Sue asking about the courses themselves. And do we build one site per course? Can we put multiple courses on one website? So our automated site builder will put one course per website. All the tools are there that you can add more courses to that site.

[02:44:28] If you want to, okay, how I advocate doing it is I do one site per niche. So if you have one niche that I like to try to make one site with that. And the first course is built all automatic with the builder out of the box. And then I would recommend you do one site per major niche market.

[02:44:52] Okay.

[02:45:01] Yeah, so someone asking about source code. So this is not a downloadable app. This is not something that installs on your hosting. So there's no source code. So sorry about that, Reg. Yeah, this is a software as a service. So you sign up and you get access to the tools. Okay.

[02:45:24] Yes, someone wants to see here. Hold on. Let me see if I can do this. Give me a second. Someone is asking. About the learning management system we use. So we use a system called Sensei. And let me see if I can, let me log into it, one of the sites, and try to show you. Just give me a moment. Um, one moment.

[02:45:49] So I'm going to have to log in the back end. So I'm doing that now. So bear with me while I do that off screen.

[02:46:02] Oh, hold on. I've got to get into my passwords. One second. Sure, I'm not sharing my. My screen here. Okay, good. Got to get into my password files. So one second while I try to do that so I can log in.

[02:46:20] And I'll show you what it looks like to the students. Okay. Uh, and let's see. This is Airbnb. Let's see. Airbnb.

[02:46:41] Shoot.

[02:46:45] Okay, one second.

[02:46:54] Okay.

[02:47:00] Stand by. Oh, no, that's not the one I want. Darn it.

[02:47:13] Let's see if this will do it. Okay, if this doesn't work, I'm going to give up. I'm trying one more thing here. Just one moment.

[02:47:23] Ah, I can't get in. OkaY.

[02:47:25] Well, one thing here, you know what I can show you? It is based on what we use in our own course. So, let me actually go and show you this, okay? So,

[02:47:40] Let's show you, so this is in our platform, okay? And it's very similar to this. It's based on the the similar session, okay? So, when you come in, this is, again, this is not on a customer site. This is our site. But what you're going to see in the courses that are built for you is going to look very similar.

[02:48:00] I think in your sites, the menu is on the left on the right, not the left, but this is very similar here. So you can come in here and you can. Start a course and then you'll see each lesson is like this saying so we can click to go to the lesson and then the lesson materials are here. Okay. So you come in, you start your course, you go through the lesson, and then at the end, you can complete the lesson.

[02:48:24] So you would click complete lesson and then it would move you over to the next lesson. And of course, in the. main menu, you can always see the course, the lessons right here. So customer buys, they log in and then they'll have access to a page that looks something like this, where they can click on the different lessons and take them.

[02:48:43] And there are a ton of options, by the way, with the tools we install on your sites. So when we set up your site you have, it's called Sensei Pro is the version you get, so that's what you get to run your courses with. And there's a ton of options. The AI configures it, sets it up, does all the settings.

[02:49:06] If you want to learn how to use. Sensei, and you want to go in and do all kinds of cool stuff. You can have drip fed content, or you can have where they have to finish lesson one, and then before lesson two, we'll unlock, you can have quizzes. You can have them take a quiz at the end of your lessons.

[02:49:22] These are all optional advanced stuff that if you want to, you can learn how to do that on your sites. And so yeah, the learning management system is called Sensei Pro is what we're using there. And lots of options also in the cart. Again, this is more advanced stuff, but if you want to set up a membership where you're charging people monthly, if you want to set up an upsell, a downsell, you want to have an upgrade, a high ticket upgrade package, these are all things that can be done on the site.

[02:49:50] It's just that when the AI sets them up out of the box, they're just configured to do one thing really well, which is sell one course. And then if you want to get in and, you know, geek out on all the technology, it's all there and available for you to modify and improve your sites from there. So, but those are that's optional.

[02:50:08] We try to have it so it sets up out of the box. So anyone without a lot of tech experience can start their business. And then for those of you who have tech experience and you want to jump in and you know, and do some more advanced configuration than you can. All right, let's look back at question.

[02:50:35] Let's see. So Jim. Okay. So Samantha, I think Jim is looking for Upgrade, I think so. I don't know if Jim needs to talk to to Jake or someone on Jake's team, but maybe if you can check in on that. And let's see here. So Jim will try to take care of you as quickly as we can. Cool. Cool. Do the course lessons have closed caption available for the hearing impaired?

[02:51:05] So the course lessons are written. So this is an example of one was not that this, so this was an example of a lesson. Okay. So it's written, so it's in writing. And then the video lessons have captions like this. So you can see the captions right there. Welcome to our online lesson on how to increase website traffic and visitors introductions.

[02:51:31] Are you struggling to get visitors to your website? So it does have to feel like your website is not getting the attention. It deserves fast forward a little and occupation. This will help you create a persona of your ideal customer. So it's not an exact CC transcript and I don't actually, let's see the subtitles.

[02:51:49] Oh, actually, there you go. You can use it as a guide when creating content. Another way to understand your audience is to analyze your website analytics. Anyway, there you go. So the lesson itself is written. And then you have the video below, which does have. Closed captions of option available and it has kind of more graphical captions that display in the page as well.

[02:52:12] Okay, cool Alright

[02:52:20] So Peter's asking about ultimate and asking about the weekly sessions And I think yeah, I think you set the time of this like how long the sessions are with your coach I think they're up to an hour I should know that, but I believe they're up to an hour. And the coaching sessions are on zoom and they are they're designed to be very effective.

[02:52:42] So when the style of the way we do coaching is very action oriented. So when you jump on you work with your coach to identify what is the one important thing that you need to be doing. And then you work on that. And you go off and take action. So it's going to be very focused on action taking.

[02:53:00] And and then when you're not in the one on ones, you still have access to your coach through, through messaging. So I I think you can do it through Slack if you've used Slack before. And have messenger coaching as well. So, so that, that's how that works. And yeah, I try to orient all of our stuff to be that way where it's oriented around taking actions.

[02:53:21] And so let's say that, you know, you had a session this week, all about taking a particular action on getting your business launch, and then next week you're stuck, you're struggling. Well, then you can work on that and all designed to get you taking action and doing steps. So it's very action oriented but they could also answer questions, you know, give advice, point you out to the right trainings.

[02:53:43] If you need, you know, like you may have a particular problem. They can point you right to the training that helps you with it. So it's pretty darn useful. Okay, let's see here. Get my passwords off of here. Okay, and all right. So Don here says push button AI allowed me to create a content for my ebook in minutes.

[02:54:08] Plus ongoing support from staff. The customer service is outstanding. And Hey, Samantha and Curtis getting shout outs again, Samantha, Curtis, and Jay ensures no one is left behind. So you can see there's a common theme in these success stories about our support. So I know I love my team. I think they're a team who cares a lot about the success of our clients.

[02:54:30] And I think it shows, so you can see it in these testimonials. Cool. Okay. Oh, let's do this. Oh, question from Benjamin. How do I become a case study? So Benjamin launch your site, work with us to get it profitable, and then let me know you want to be a case study. Okay. So that's the sequence there.

[02:54:50] Get your site up. Let's get you profitable. Let's get you successful. And then you just raise your hand and say, I want to do a case study and the support will help you get in touch with me. Oh, right. So we're going to do the giveaway and let's do this. I'm going to hit the button and then we'll announce the winner in the chat.

[02:55:17] Let's see here.

[02:55:22] Let's see here. I'm trying to, I'm trying to find the button here to get this done.

[02:55:28] one second here.

[02:55:42] Oh, righty. Stand by everyone. And we're going to give out the hundred bucks. Okay. All right, here we go. So it is awarded. It is awarded. And I'm going to pop the winner out into chat. One moment, stand by, and we will

[02:56:15] There we go.

[02:56:23] We'll see if the person is here. I just announced the winner. It's coming through the chat now. Are you here? Let's see. Let's see if you're here. Okay. Oh, I think broadcast messages are not coming through. So here's what we'll do. I'll did anybody see that? Or is broadcast messages still not coming through?

[02:56:48] Maybe they're not coming through. Okay. So I'll just tell you who it is. I'll spill the tea. It's and I'm not going to be able to say their name righT.

[02:56:58] and it is, which I need to tell Samantha here as well. Ionis Gianopoulos. Maybe I said that right. Did I say your name right? If you're here, did I say your name correctly? So it's Ionis Gianopoulos. And I'm assuming that is that Greek? Yeah, it must be Greek. Okay. Okay, cool. Yeah. I don't know what's going on with our chat system today between my camera and the chat system.

[02:57:30] Boy, I don't know. I don't know. I feel like setting all my technology on fire. Right. We'll go back to the days of Julian E. Julian, E. Haddle and Julius with no internet. Right. You ever have those days where it seems like. Whichever direction you look, the technology wants to like not work correctly and all the stuff that's supposed to be like drag and drop, smooth, simple, and it's just, you know, from my phone to the expensive camera back there to to the chat today has been been fun.

[02:58:06] Okay, cool. So then, yeah, it looks like every time we try to chat back to you, it's not coming through that. That's just that's unfortunate. But there we go. That is who the winner is. And did they, are they still there?

[02:58:24] Let's see if our, I think our Greek friend is here. Okay. Ah, here we go. So Benjamin says Mercury is retrograde and it's a new moon. And so there we go. Astrology explains all my technical problems right there. Okay. Oh, I got your name right. How about that? Okay. So I actually said your name, right? Well, that's cool.

[02:58:46] And is it Greek? Is that actually correct? Let's check that. I'm assuming it is. So, okay. Okay. Hey, I got that right too. So, so Samantha, I sent you that information. If you could make sure that person gets that Ionis gets. Their prize money. That would be awesome.

[02:59:07] Okay, and don't forget we are doing more prizes, by the way So I have a big giveaway that we're going to do at the end of the challenge. So we're going to give a thousand dollars To one of you at the end of the challenge. That's my incentive to keep everybody going Okay, because I realize that the challenge is a challenge it's gonna You know there's stuff to do and life sometimes gets in the way So I know that's a look.

[02:59:36] I mean, life is getting in the way of just trying to do the broadcast with you right now with technology. But my point is I'm going to be doing a thousand dollar giveaway at the end of the challenge. So it'll be at the end of day five. So. That is my little incentive, my little bribe, my bait, whatever you want to call it, to keep you moving through the challenge and get all the way through to day five.

[02:59:59] So those of you who are here with me live on day five, that's who's eligible for the prize money. So make sure that you stick it out and especially day five will be the big day. So make sure you're here and we're going to be giving one of you 1, 000 for being part of it. Cool. Then I'm going to do what I want to say is this.

[03:00:25] So I have a bonus session that I'm going to be doing. With all of our VIPs get bonus training from me. So I have a bonus session that I'm going to be doing for you. And then we have your inner circles and elites have extra materials that you all should have access to. And I'm going to re email out all of the elite and inner circle people.

[03:00:46] I'll email all of you again with your access information on your extra stuff. And I think, I don't know if there's any other questions. I'm unfortunately with our chat being broken.

[03:00:59] We, I don't, I hope we got your questions answered. Gerald says, do you have fire insurance? Yeah. Hopefully it doesn't come to that today.

[03:01:12] Okay. Okay, cool. So,

[03:01:15] so Tim has given me a notice about elite and inner circle. So all of you elite and inner circle, we're going to go in and make sure that you get all of your stuff. So all that extra stuff is coming your way. And all right, well, then I'm going to do last call. for questions. So if I've got anything else I can help you with questions, go ahead and ask those now.

[03:01:39] This has been quite a marathon of a session today. So ask your questions now and I'll answer the final questions and then we'll wrap up. And I want to remind everybody that now is the time. If you want to be a push button AI early access customer, now is the time. So to do that, you go to pushbutton. ai Slash deal, push button dot AI slash deal.

[03:02:03] And I sincerely wish I could send you that link through the chat, but it is fighting with me, so it doesn't want to do that. But you can always open a new browser tab or a new browser window and go to push button dot AI. Slash deal. And that will get you to the page where you can join our early access program.

[03:02:24] And so, it's not open to the public. This is just open right now for you. So you should take action now. And then also if you. Had problems for whatever reason, if you're having technical problems like I am today and you couldn't get your order in, then please speak up and say, hold my spot right now in the chat.

[03:02:45] Okay. Say, hold my spot, put that in the chat. We'll follow up with you offline and we'll help make sure that we. Get you sorted out and get you in the program and that could be from a credit card declining tech issues You need to tell your spouse about the transaction you're about to make whatever it might be You have a barrier to being able to join just put hold my spot in the chat And then we will reach out and take care of you And let's go back for our final round of questions

[03:03:22] Cool. So Sue is asking, are VIPs going to still meet now after three hours? Do you want to do the, Hey, who, the VIPs, do you guys still, you want to spin up, we can do our 30 minute session together. The VIPs want me to do that. We've been here for three hours. I don't want to require you to have to be here for more.

[03:03:41] Who wants the extra 30 minute VIP session?

[03:03:48] So, let me know. Just tell me yes or no. You want the VIP session today or not up to you. Okay, cool. Well, it's a mixed bag. Actually that's 50 50. Some of you say yes. Some of you say no. Okay, cool. Well then, yeah I like hanging out with you. So if you want to spend. You've already been with me for three hours.

[03:04:10] You want more time? No problem. We'll do that. So here's what we'll do. I think there's two more questions. I'll answer those questions. We're going to end this broadcast and then I'm going to email all VIPs with our extra hangout link today. Okay. So, go watch your inbox and we'll be starting that in just a few minutes.

[03:04:29] Okay. So I'm going to go set that up. We went over. The schedule time of when I was supposed to do it. So I got to go reset it up and then I'll send you all A straight link to that VIP session. Cool, In fact, I have a different system. I'll probably put it in because with chat being broken I have a different system with a public chat.

[03:04:50] So i'm going to hold the VIP session there. So Keep an eye on your inbox in just a couple of minutes. I'm going to send it to you And i'll just be hanging out in there. And i'm not going to put a time limit on it So however much help you need the vips i'm there for as long as you need me. Okay. Cool, let's go back to final question Yeah, that was It won't be for everyone.

[03:05:14] So by the way, so Mary was asking, is that for everyone or just the VIPs? That's for the VIPs that get the extra bonus Q and a that's who gets that. So you, all of you will get the email in just a couple of minutes.

[03:05:25] Okay. So Darren wants to know about the bonuses. So we had three bonus links that didn't go out because of the chat problems.

[03:05:35] So,

[03:05:36] we're going to give that to you by email. So those will be all in your email in the next, about the next hour or so you should get an email from us with all of your written downloads for today. And you'll all, you'll get that all in your inbox and you'll, it will include the extra free bonuses I gave out today.

[03:05:57] Okay, it's midnight in Germany says Benjamin, so he's gonna pass on the VIP session. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry about that guys We went way long today with the whole presentation for push button so And for the VIPs, I'm gonna take care of you We have extra bonus trainings that you're all going to get that the that you know Go beyond the regular training with the challenge.

[03:06:22] So you're all gonna get that And I'll deliver even more you know, additional Q and A sessions for you guys. It'll be more than we originally promised even. Okay

[03:06:35] so let's see here.

[03:06:48] Okay, so, oh, I do see your question, Jackie. Can Pushbutton AI be used with the Groove platform? So Pushbutton builds and hosts our sites on our platform. So it does you know, it's it's. Yeah, it kind of does, but your sites are hosted on our platform, but it's included like hosting is included. So, you know, you know, but we'll host them.

[03:07:11] It doesn't get hosted on groove. Okay. Let's see here.

[03:07:20] So there's a question from Gerald. So Gerald, push button AI, like in our builder we, it, all of the tech that we're using to build your courses, it's it's not editable, right? So he was asking about, can he edit the prompts that generate our course lessons or our problems and goals? And that's not editable.

[03:07:39] We're doing something a little more advanced than what than just Like normal prompts. So, yeah, so it's not editable. I guess it's the simple answer is we're doing more than just like prompting to chat GPT. It's a lot more complex than that. But you're not able to edit our prompts.

[03:07:58] So, all you do is you just put in the basic information and then let the AI do all the hard work. That's kind of the. the whole idea behind it. Okay, then I think we are done. So on that note, I want to really thank all of you who are still here. Boy, after three hours, that's that's quite something.

[03:08:23] We've been you guys are a real troopers. So thank you so much for hanging out with me today on day two of the challenge and we're going to be back for day three. Now remember, day three is going to happen on Monday. So we're going into the weekend. We're going to take a quick break. So you have all weekend long.

[03:08:44] I'm going to leave lesson one and two up for everyone. Our VIPs get archives for longer, but the basic challenge, I'm going to leave the lessons up. So all of your written materials, your video materials will stay up all weekend long. And then on Monday. Day three begins. Okay, so that's the idea. So you have all weekend to Noodle away and work on your course And get your course lessons done pick your niche market and get caught up and then it's back to it on day three So I want to thank you for that now.

[03:09:18] I will go spin up the next room for our vips I'll email everyone a link to that. I don't think we'll have a very big audience. It'll be A nice little kind of little private party that we'll be holding on for the VIPs and I'm going to do an open chat So you guys will have access to open chat and it'll be a pretty small group I think a lot of people are probably now sleeping in europe and elsewhere and And a lot of you are probably done with me for the day.

[03:09:44] So for those of you who want to We'll do our little VIP party after in just a couple of minutes. So check out your inbox and I'll see you in a few minutes. Bye for now.