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5 Day AI Challenge Day 3

[00:00:00] And it's show time. Hey, welcome. And I'm glad you're with me in the challenge and it is day three. So welcome to day three of the challenge. Do me a big old favor and give me a excited, hearty, welcome. Hello in the chat. And just to make sure that I know that I'm actually on camera. So, pop in, say hello in the chat.

[00:00:24] Let me take a look and see. If anybody's saying hello. Okay. It got my hellos. Okay. Good. Good. Awesome. So always got to check because you never know sometimes this live streaming stuff is Acts a little weird and I think i'm live and then i'm really not but looks like we're good to go Okay, so today we're gonna do First i'm gonna do a little recap of where you should be at this point in the challenge and what we've covered so far Then we're gonna talk we're gonna begin to talk about different ways that you can make Your course.

[00:00:59] So there's a lot of different things that you can do with your course in terms of making it on audio video and a bunch of other choices. So we're going to talk about that. I'm going to share with you a bunch of prompts that you can use. So you're going to get copies of all the prompts that I'm going to share with you today to to actually use a variety of different tools to make your materials.

[00:01:20] And we're going to begin to talk about persuasion today. So, we're going to be talking about your ideal customer avatar. And this is, I don't know if you've ever heard of this before, but it's basically a way to pinpoint who the perfect customer is, who should be buying stuff from you. And then once you really understand them inside and out, it sets you up to be able to sell to them really easily.

[00:01:44] Once you have a really good understanding of who your target market is. It unlocks a lot of the ability of how do you actually get someone to buy from you? And if you don't have a good understanding of the customers and especially their mindset and where they're at, and you've started to get an insight into this with the 10 pgb method I taught you, like where you're digging into their problems or goals and what the benefits are of all of that begins the process of learning about your audience and it's going to be an ongoing process.

[00:02:15] And so At the end of today, we're going to cover your ideal customer avatar. And then that's going to transition into tomorrow when we begin to talk about how do you actually sell this in terms of creating sales materials using AI, which we're going to begin on that tomorrow. So, that is my agenda today.

[00:02:34] Let's see what else is on my list today. Let me look and see. I feel like I'm missing something, but let's see. Okay, here we got this. So we have our customer avatar. We have all the prompts for that. AI tools round up. So we're gonna talk about the tools that you can use for making slides, videos, audios. I'm going to do a little quick lesson about how to get, how to use a tool called MidJourney to get a cover design.

[00:03:04] Yeah, that's our agenda today. So what I would like to do first is I would like to do a little recap.

[00:03:14] Hold on. I'm scrolling around in my notes. Okay, there we go. I would like to do a little recap of where we've gotten so far and then do, try to make it as quick as possible. I don't want today to be a really long marathon session. So we're going to do a recap. I'll answer some quick questions, anybody who's stuck.

[00:03:31] So I want to make sure anyone who is stuck at this point, I can make sure to answer your questions and help you move forward. I'm going to try to keep that as short as I can because I don't want to do yet another marathon show. So. Trying to make this as quick and painless for you as possible. And at the same time, make sure I give you as much of the information you need.

[00:03:50] So it's a balancing act here. So at this point, you should know what niche market you're going to go into based on what you learned in day one. You should also have begun to outline your course and your course lessons. Some of you, maybe even if you worked very you know, very diligently, maybe even have your course complete.

[00:04:14] You should at least have your course outlined, and you should have at least begun creating the lessons at this point and and that's where we left off. So, you should have the niche identified you should have done the 10 problems, goals, and benefit analysis to help you understand. You know your market and your niche and you should have outlined your course and started to create your lessons That's kind of where we're at now.

[00:04:38] Then also I made available on at the end of day two For those who want a done for you solution. We do have an option for that. Hopefully you saw on day two. Anybody here not see the presentation at the end of day two? I'm curious with the live audience. Tell me if you have not seen the presentation on push button AI or in our done for you solution that will do all this stuff for you.

[00:05:04] Because at this point, we're really going to be Rolling up our sleeves and doing a lot of steps, you'll notice in the last lesson, there's a lot of prompting where you go to the AI tools and you put in your prompts and you get the answers back. And you kind of go back and forth, copying and pasting and, you know, using logic and beginning to put all your materials together.

[00:05:23] And so before anybody got too deep into that process, I wanted to make sure you had available A done for you option if you so desired. So anybody here not see the done for you option? Let me check chat and just see. No, it looks like, cool. Looks like looks like everybody knows about it. Good. All right. Well then then we're good. Okay. So that is where we're at this step. Okay. So if you haven't finished your course. Don't panic. Don't worry. Don't get, you know, don't get anxious about that. You can finish the course as we go along.

[00:06:01] But it's important that you stick with the challenge. Don't drop out because you don't have your course created. Get my help. Ask questions if you're stuck, right? And some of you just need time. You know, I realized that whether it's life or work commitments, family commitments, whatever, you know, you may not be able to spend the hours needed to finish your course.

[00:06:23] So, but at least at this point, you know how to do it. You've got the prompts and then we'll move on. We're gonna now start talking about how to do other stuff. And so before I do that, We're now gonna do Q& A. So anybody have anything you're stuck with? Are you stuck anything that's preventing you from being able to get that done?

[00:06:43] So again, niche picked course outlined your 10 problems, goals and benefits figured out, and you at least know how to build your lessons. So if you're stuck and you something is problematic, you can't move forward, or I need to help you in some way. Ask those questions. Now I'm going to do a fast round of Q and a about this.

[00:07:05] And and by the way, how'd that process go? Did you experience? Like, was it? Was it surprising what you discovered in the 10 problems, goals and benefits? Or what did you think about the material that the AI is putting out? So give me some feedback, too. And so let me go over to the chat and see you.

[00:07:25] Okay. Oh, so this is Terry. So Terry on day two that Terry's mentioned, he didn't see the done for you option. On day two, we talked about push button AI and the second half. It was a long, very long session. Second half of day two, I talked about push button AI as the done for you solution. So that's what I'm talking about specifically.

[00:07:46] If you didn't see that, you can re watch that. Go to day two, just fast forward about halfway in and you'll be able to. Catch that. Okay, cool. Let me just rewind a little bit and catch anybody's question. Okay. So Regina started working on her lessons yesterday. Awesome. And Jeffrey says, I do not see day two to material.

[00:08:11] Okay. So Jeffrey's asking about the day two materials. So if you go to the day two link. Look below the video. You'll see all the materials. Okay? Okay. Let's see. This one is from Nicola. ChatGPT has provided an elaborate amount of information. Would you suggest keeping all the information for a blog style website later on down the line?

[00:08:37] Okay. So Nicola the material you're getting, you're going to use to make your lesson. So, I wouldn't reuse it. I would just leave that for the lesson. You know, you're going to build your lessons out of it, your course out of it. And then there was other steps that you can do to make articles. And in fact, I'm going to tell you about that in not tomorrow, but the next day's lesson.

[00:08:57] We're going to talk about how do you actually make articles and begin to attract traffic to your site. So. It's a separate process. And I'll show you how to do that. So just use the material you've got now purely for the course. And then we'll, you know, it's a whole separate thing for articles. Okay. Okay.

[00:09:14] Here's someone who saw the done for you. Okay. Oh, that's Nicole. So you saw the done for you, but you haven't got to get by it yet. Okay. So Jason says this isn't live. I'm not sure what you mean. I'm live with you right now. Let's see. You're on the day three room. I don't know, Jason. I'm here with you. Let's see.

[00:09:39] Okay, cool. Oh, somebody's already got a website up. Let's see. That's fantastic. Okay, I'll I'll, maybe I'm going to cut. Let me see if I can save this. Hold on. I'm going to save your site and try to come back to it later. Let's see. Okay.

[00:10:01] Good good. Okay. Clayton says chat GPT is incredibly awesome. Okay. So Nadia has a question about the website. Okay. Oh, you joined push button AI. Good. All right. Well, I'll, I'm going to hand that off to support. So support can help you with that. If you don't hear an answer in the chat here, push button AI support, you can get it at any time by emailing help at pushbutton.

[00:10:24] ai so.

[00:10:30] And oh, I see what you're, I can probably answer this question. So you're asking, I completed my course and I want to use the audio and video upgrades. So yes, you can do that. And again, email help at pushbutton. ai and they'll help you do that. So for those of you Who get push button AI, there are upgrades.

[00:10:47] I gave out a bunch of them for free to a bunch of people to get videos, audios and other, you know, logo, email sequences, ads, social posts. You get all this extra stuff. And I gave a bunch away for free to those who bought push button AI. You get those and yeah, just talk to support. They'll get you all set up and they'll help you add those to your site.

[00:11:09] Okay.

[00:11:13] Do you tell ChatGPT to limit the number of words per lesson? No. So I, you just go through that process that I outlined in day two where you assemble your lessons. I want my lessons to be, you know, all together a certain length. I don't tell ChatGPT that and ChatGPT is, Really bad at hitting target anyway.

[00:11:35] So one of the things you'll find with chat GPT, if you say, Hey, write me something and make it 500 words. It is very unpredictable. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't, it'll write more. It'll write less, usually less, but it's very unpredictable if you're trying to tell it to do specific word counts. So you just do, you know, assemble your lessons following that procedure and they'll just come out to be how you need them.

[00:11:59] Okay. William says, I'm not sure if my course. Is big enough audience to build a course on. So what's your niche? Remind me, William, what's your niche? Cool. Okay. Not sure if the actual lessons have the right level of detail for my subjects. How do we get more detail included in the actual lessons?

[00:12:21] Okay. So. I'm assuming you're talking about using the process from step two from day two. You can actually prompt it. You can add a little bit to the prompt and tell it to be detailed. Like if you're finding that for your lesson, you need more detail, just modify the prompts that I gave you and tell it in the prompt, you want a high level of detail.

[00:12:44] You could add instructions to my prompts, by the way. So if you want to, let's say you want your lesson to be more step by step oriented, you can just make modifications to the prompts I gave you to do that. So, and different subjects have different needs, you know, some require more technical details.

[00:13:01] Some require more. You know, more details in general. So you can just make little additions to the prompts and that'll help you get, you know, more, you can guide it to more for you and what your niche should be. Okay. Somebody asking about this is Mon, Mo Mon Mohan. Hopefully I pronounced your name right.

[00:13:20] Asking should, they're using chat GPT 3. 5. Should they use 4? Will 4 be better quality? Yes, 4 is better quality. So if you can, use 4. Okay if my niche, let's see here.

[00:13:41] If my niche is oversaturated, do I still have a chance to be successful? My niche is gardening. I was stuck on the part where you mentioned to do all the lessons. I figured it out now. Okay, good. And great. And then, yeah. So Terry's asking can I do analysis of your courses and your niches and stuff?

[00:13:57] I can. Yes. So, Terry is in gardening and one thing, Terry, if you follow. the 10 pgb method. It's, the intent is that it guides you to be a little more specific, right? So you're going to zero in on a particular problems and goals that the gardening market has and not create a course that's like, here's everything about gardening, right?

[00:14:20] An example might be maybe in your research, you find that a lot of people are looking for organic pest control and organic management of their garden. That's a sub niche of gardening, and that would be probably what you're going to go for. So that makes sense. You don't want kind of like a bland topic of, Hey, here's just a generic course about gardening.

[00:14:42] We're going to go in, we're going to solve specific problems and help them with some specific needs. With your course, so that's how you make sure and yeah, it's it is incredibly difficult to sell a generic broad course That's why we really want to kind of zero in on those problems and goals. Okay, cool awesome.

[00:15:04] And then I gotta ask this is somebody I've been watching you in the chat for a while and you gave me a nice comment saying that everything's been great so far. But is your name really potato Robinson? Is that's pretty cool. That's true. But I didn't know if somehow the system like put the wrong name in there, but.

[00:15:22] I'm curious. Yeah. Is that like your nickname? Like, so I just don't want to call you potato if that's not that really your name, but that's what it says in the chat. Okay. So here's someone who switched from chat GPT to Google Gemini. Okay. Okay. Here's someone. So this is Sean. So Sean make sure so you try, you want to buy push button AI ultimate, but it seems like there's an issue.

[00:15:45] So make sure type in the chat right now, hold my spot and that's going to trigger a bot that will send you over to my team to follow up with you. Okay. So if if anybody, by the way, that works for anyone, if you have seen the presentation, you know what it is, right? So make sure first you've seen the presentation, you know what it is.

[00:16:05] You want it, but you're having a problem of some kind, just type in the chat, hold my spot. And then the bot's going to ask you some questions maybe, and then it's going to send you straight to the department that can help you. Okay. And they're pretty busy right now, so they may be okay. So they may be, you know, following, but falling behind a little bit with everybody in the challenge.

[00:16:24] I know the area is very busy right now. Okay. Okay. Cool. Oh, someone was saying, yeah, they moved from chat GPT to using Google Gemini and they're very happy with the results. So I've had mixed results with Gemini. It seems like some subjects it does really well at, and then others it's not so great.

[00:16:45] So it seems it's a little hit and miss. So, but it looks like for your niche, it's working. So that's good. But yes, you can use, you don't have to use chat GPT Anthropix. Claude, you know, Claude 2, they call it, is good. That can work. And Google Gemini can also work. So all three of these can get the job done for our purposes.

[00:17:06] Okay. Good copy from ChatGPT. This is from Alistar. With little alterations required we'll need to give some edits for details or exercises that the reader could benefit from. Finished five modules. Great. So you're halfway done. That's fantastic. And yeah, you can always, by the way, you don't have to use the lessons just straight out of the box.

[00:17:27] So it just, it's an enormous time saver. If you use all the materials, assemble your lessons, and you can come back in and edit them, improve them. If you want to add exercises and add details there's a lot you can do to improve them from here, but they're pretty good just as they are, but it's an optional step.

[00:17:47] If you want to, you can modify and improve them. Cool. Okay. So Ray is all the way through PGB and the steps. That's great. Okay. I have outlined the course and building lessons and notice that chat GPT has confused some of the details. Okay. So, if you find that chat GPT is doing anything, that's not quite what you want, you can always modify those prompts.

[00:18:18] So in your case, this is Denise where it's confusing some stuff about. You know, who it's supposed to be talking to. You can remind it by just telling it that in the prompt say, this is for X, right? Or write this from the viewpoint of X and just add a little detail and that will help get chat GPT on track.

[00:18:39] Anyone who's experiencing that where the results coming back from chat, GPT aren't quite what you want. Don't give a bunch of elaborate instructions, but general guidance. If you add that to the prompt is really, you know, we'll help you. So if you want it to be more detailed, you want it to be. You know, tell it a certain point of view, remind it who the target audience is that it's writing for it.

[00:18:59] You can absolutely just pop those onto the prompts and help guide it along. Okay. Okay, good. So Lars is a little behind, but we'll be on track tomorrow. Fantastic. Okay. Okay. So it looks like Robert is a little behind. So I see your chat by the way, Robert, so that you are chatting wherever you're at.

[00:19:20] You're, you have the chat box. So that's that's good. And you're a little behind, had some family stuff come up. Hey, it happens, you know, I know what that's like. You got big plans to get something done and life gets in the way. Okay. Okay. Yeah. So, so Dale is reminding me that many of the tools that we talk about, they have really screwy spellings.

[00:19:44] So spell it out. Good suggestion. I will do that, Dale. Okay. And okay, good. This is from Stephen. So Stephen used our prompts to try to assemble some lessons aiming for 3000 words per chapter. Awesome. Awesome. I'm glad it's going well. Okay. So Terry I was stuck at the part. Where you do the lessons, but figure, okay, good.

[00:20:17] So Terry's moving forward. Does Chachapiti have the capacity to read and review PDFs or similar that we have already created and draw lessons and insight from them? So, so Nigel yes, so you can. This is advanced, so I don't know if I'm gonna cover this. In the training, but there is a way to accomplish.

[00:20:37] So Nigel is asking, can you take existing materials? Maybe if you've already written an ebook or you've created some training or you want to use some reference materials, can you use that and give it to chat GPT to, as a reference point. And yes, you can, within reason, if it's a, if it's a.

[00:20:56] Really long bit of material. You know, if you've got like 50, 000 words of content, you want chat GPT to reference, it won't do that. That's too much. But if you've got a smaller bit of content, you know, a few thousand words, and you want to use that as a point of reference, there is a way to do this. And it's advanced.

[00:21:14] So, I think I won't talk about it today. Let me see if we have time. I may add some bonus training to this challenge and I can do some more advanced. Who would want that by the way? Anybody want advanced? AI training, like advanced prompt training. It will do some kind of tricks like this where you can feed the AI existing materials and let me know who wants advanced prompt training.

[00:21:37] Maybe I'll throw it in as a bonus. It wasn't part of the original plan or what anybody bought, but you guys want it. I'll do like a little bonus session and I can cover that. Okay. Okay, cool. All right. Oh, it does. So it looks like Sean was able to buy push button AI ultimate. Samantha, can you take a look at it's Sean done? Bavin done. Bavin. If Samantha, if you could take a look and help. With that, it looks like he has purchased or is trying to purchase and is kind of stuck getting onboarded.

[00:22:10] So let's take care of Sean and Let's see.

[00:22:19] Okay. Wow. Lots of. Okay. So for at this point too, I'm going to stop questions. So I'll make sure this is, this will be final call. I don't want to spend the whole hour on Q and A. So let's do this. Let's say this is final call for questions. Any questions that you need to move forward, right? If you have any questions specifically that I can help you at this point, get caught up with.

[00:22:41] Get through to this. So we can then we're going to move on to the next bit of training. Final call for questions. So I'm going to try to speed this up. Do you have a list of prompts for day one and day two? They're both on the pages. So the prompts transcripts from those sessions, any other, and your materials for those lessons are on the day one and day two pages.

[00:23:01] So go to those pages, look below the video, you'll see your materials there. Okay. Okay. Jackie has a fantastic question about using what's called the hero's journey in in selling these kind of programs and courses. And the hero's journey for those who don't know is a classic. It's been used for thousands of years a structure, a framework for telling a story.

[00:23:25] And it's, it is very useful in sales actually. That's not the strategy I'll be teaching in the challenge, but it's a fantastic idea and it can be done. But that's getting it really into more advanced stuff. Okay. Okay completed most of see, Mary knows someone a girl nicknamed potato.

[00:23:47] Okay. So oh potato. Okay potato is your middle name. Okay, fantastic That's awesome and then let's see, okay, boy, I'm trying to scroll through this. There's a lot going on here. Okay. Realize after going through the process, I started to broad. I could have easily made out a course out of each of the 10 modules.

[00:24:13] Oh, I see. So Stephanie started out broad and has realized that maybe it went too broad, but what you can do. So what I love to do, this is a strategy that's and I'm going to talk a little bit more about this tomorrow, but what I will often do is I go into big, broad niche markets, okay. Like gardening as an example.

[00:24:33] And what I'll do is rather than trying to be a brand. From the start that does everything about gardening. I'll register a domain name that is kind of generic. So it might be bills, gardening channel. com. I just made that up, but whatever, maybe I'll do bills, gardening channel. com. And that's my domain. But then when I start selling stuff, I sell specific stuff.

[00:24:54] My domain's generic, but then one at a time, I start knocking out parts of the niche market. And I'll do specific courses or specific products that solve one set of problems, and then I'll move and I'll do another course. Course number two, solving another set of problems. Course three is another. And then before long, You've got 10 courses covering a broad range of the entire market.

[00:25:19] It's a mistake to do that from the start. It's never a good idea to make a generic course about a whole market or try to tackle a giant market like gardening in a broad generic sense, but you can do that over time. So I'll, again, I register with the intention that in the future, I'm going to cover every aspect of gardening and then I knock it out one at a time.

[00:25:40] One at a time. I get a course up, get it selling next course, get it up, get it selling next course. And then you'll have a whole bunch of courses and you can do a bunch of things like cross selling, upselling, doing memberships where they can get one course a month. There's all kinds of options that opens the door up for, but I do it over time instead of trying to do it, tackle a large generic market in one single course.

[00:26:04] Makes sense. Really powerful strategy to do it that way. Cool, cool. Oh, a lot of it. Lots and lots of requests for advanced training. Okay, so here's what we'll do. This will be a bonus session. Okay, it's not going to be part of the main challenge. I will do some bonus training on advanced. AI strategies.

[00:26:25] Okay. And so I'll do that for everybody. Again, it won't be part of the basic five days. It's going to be extra. So I may deliver it maybe over on my YouTube channel or something. So, yeah, I think that's probably what I'll do is deliver on the YouTube channel and I'll do it as an extra bonus for everybody.

[00:26:42] Cool. Yeah, in fact, what I'll do is We won't get to it this, well, I'll send an email. So I'll send you an email and I'll give you an invite to my YouTube channel. If you're not a subscriber of the channel already then we'll invite you and I'll do it over there. I'll do a bonus session specifically on advanced kind of AI content strategies.

[00:27:04] And yeah, so I love doing stuff like that. You guys are spending an awful lot of time, you know, the commitment and time and the trust you put in me and my team. So all I can do, I know I love trying to make sure that I give give back in abundance so that's part of what I'll do there. Cool. More votes for advanced training. Okay. I've almost completed most of my course using three point chat. GPT 3. 5. Is it okay to use the results? Yes. So this is Clayton. If you use chat GPT 3. 5 and you're happy with the material that it's generated, Totally fine. It's pretty good. I mean, chat gpt 3. 5 is not bad.

[00:27:45] It's just that four can be a little better for the language is a little more natural. It's, it seems as though it has a little bit more knowledge just in general. And it's, it is an improvement, but chat gpt 3. 5 is not bad. So, If you like the lessons that it made, then you're, it's totally fine.

[00:28:04] You can use them. Okay. Cool. Cool.

[00:28:15] Good good. How many have registered for the challenge? Yeah, we have I think we have 300 people in the challenge right now. So, yeah, it's not a thousand, but we have 300 in, I think it might be 320, something to be precise. 327 seems to ring a bell, but and that's from Ben Bensky. Awesome.

[00:28:36] Awesome. Okay. Let's see. This is from Gerald. I'm still going through the exercises, but I'm stuck on what to call my niche. I want to offer senior strategies to augment or create an unbelievable boost to their retirement income. Okay. So it's yeah, I mean, it's the related to retirement, you know, it's boosting your retirement income.

[00:29:00] I mean, I think that's that describes the niche right there. Does that help? Okay. And that was from Gerald. When you create multiple courses on the same subject, can they all be on the same website? They can be. One thing I want to be clear is Pushbutton AI, the way it's right now, today, released, it does one, it will automatically build one course per website.

[00:29:25] And then, You come in and you add the additional courses. It's kind of a manual process. That's through pushbutton AI. And that's how I do it. So I launched my first course and then I'll manually add my second, my third, my fourth to that site. Okay, cool. Wow. Kim completed her course this morning.

[00:29:45] Congratulations. That's fantastic. That's fantastic. Okay. Cool, cool. So Sean is impressed with having 327 challengers. So, yeah, it's actually less than I wanted. But yeah, but it's a good we have a good group here. Yeah, we have a good group here. And by the way, so I'm going to be sending a request.

[00:30:08] I'll be popping out an email. I want to get an update from everybody about how the challenge has gone so far. And those of you who, if you're happy with the challenge, you've gotten some value out of it. We're going to do sort of like a halftime request, right? It's halftime for the challenge after today.

[00:30:25] And I'd like to get, I'm going to just, I'm going to send an email survey and I would love to hear. What you think of the challenge, by the way. So I'm looking for a testimonials. So if you're really excited and happy and it's something you're willing to share, I can share with the world. So if I do this challenge again, not sure if we're going to or not, but if I do, I would love to have some testimonials to share with others what the experience has been like.

[00:30:48] So, I'm looking for feedback as well, just in general on how I can better help you, which I'm going to be tailoring the last few lessons and maybe some bonus materials I'll be giving everybody. So I have a survey to find out how I can better help you. And I'm also going to be trying to collect some testimonials.

[00:31:05] So just a heads up that will be coming to your inbox this afternoon. Okay. And we are good. So I think we're done with questions. Okay. So Mark is asking, are we building the course? Where on what software? So, right now we're just using chat GPT in the challenge. If you decided to upgrade, if you want to pay for a push button AI, you can let it build it, it will build the whole thing, launch the website, set up your course infrastructure.

[00:31:36] So that's the option to use that software. If you just want to do everything. And then as we go, I'll be teaching you how to launch your course on WordPress yourself. Okay. That'll be how I'm gonna On day five of the challenge. We're going to talk about launching your course on WordPress. Okay. Oh, wow.

[00:31:54] Kim says the prompts alone were so valuable. It was worth the cost of the whole course. Awesome Well when I send you that email survey That's a fantastic testimonial. Please respond back with that. That would be fantastic. And thanks for the kind words. Okay okay So ben was had an issue. Was that on friday?

[00:32:12] We actually had We had a technical issue occur on friday So if that error was Friday, that, but then that is already resolved. And if you, it wasn't, if it was a Saturday or Sunday over the weekend, I absolutely need to know that so I can put the tech team on it. Okay. So let me know if that was Friday, because we did have some errors going on that happened on Friday.

[00:32:35] Okay. Cool. Cool. Brian's very excited about the AI challenge too. I've gotten a lot of value from the five day challenge. It's a great track to run on. Fantastic. Okay more. Okay. Thank you. For those of you saying nice things. I appreciate that. Save them. Hold on to those and please respond by email with that stuff.

[00:32:53] I'll email you this afternoon. Okay. I'm going to send everyone an email after we end off our live challenge. I'll follow up with that email and then just hit reply and then send me back your feedback there. Okay. And thank you for all everybody's nice words. We'll Oh, Regina said nice things too about the prompts.

[00:33:13] How does your software work with old sites? So that's from Mark. So Mark, it's for making a brand new site. You can use an old domain name. So if you've got a domain name at GoDaddy or Namecheap or somewhere that you have, you can point an old domain name, but it's going to build a new site from scratch.

[00:33:31] So Pushbutton AI builds an entirely new site. Sets up the hosting, does all the tech stuff, the plugins, the themes. It does all that stuff for you. But it's a new a new site. Okay. Okay. Cool. Cool. Cool. All right,

[00:33:54] so Mark is asking about the prompts. So those should be again they shouldn't be in the transcript. There should be I think it's in the cheat sheet. I'll have to double check. So what I'll do, I'll check. Jay is one of the, my team member behind the scenes has been helping me with that. So I'll check in with Jay and if we don't have the prompts clearly separated I'll do that for you.

[00:34:14] You know, we'll set that up. Awesome.

[00:34:22] Okay. All right. Good good. Yes. Let's get going. Yeah. So Ray is, I agree with Ray. Let's get on to training today. Okay. So we've done enough Q& A. Let's move on to training. So thanks everybody for your awesome questions. And if I missed anyone's questions, you're stuck. You need some help. You can always message support.

[00:34:42] So Samantha and the team will take fantastic care of you. You just email help at pushbutton. ai. All right. So we're going to move on to the training. And again, if I miss your questions, just go help at pushbutton. ai. And then final thing I want to remind you is that if you saw the presentation on pushbutton.

[00:34:59] ai and you're having any kind of a problem. Being able to finish and complete your order credit card declines, whatever it is, whatever issues you're facing, you saw the presentation and you want to upgrade, please put, hold my spot in the chat, just type hold my spot in the chat, and then we'll make sure that the system is going to automatically.

[00:35:22] Send you over to the right department. They're a little bit behind just cause there's a lot of activity going on right now with the challenge. And so they'll follow up with you as fast as they can, and they'll make sure that we don't leave you behind. All right. Okay, so now we are going to be doing some interactive training.

[00:35:41] So let me get my screen sharing going and we will get started.

[00:35:53] Okay. So where are my notes? There we go. So step one, we're going to talk about some tools. So we're going to do a quick tools roundup. Okay. So we'll do a tools roundup of what do you use to make videos? audios, slide decks, and be able to create presentations of your course materials. So when your course is complete, you've got all these lessons, right?

[00:36:22] You got 10 lessons. So now, how do you take those? If you want to make videos, or you want to make audios, and you want to make that stuff available I'm going to show you the tools that we use to do that. And then there's also some prompts I'm going to share with you on how to do that. And then a little bonus thing I'll throw in, I'm going to show you how to Use mid journey to create some pretty awesome graphics to be able to make a graphic for an ebook cover.

[00:36:48] Okay. And step one. Okay. So when you want to do multimedia presentations of your lessons, right. We're going to be taking the written materials and I'm going to be showing you in day five, how to take your written lessons and load them onto a website. So you can charge money. To get access to them.

[00:37:09] Okay. That comes in day five But you might also want to be having other kinds of media again like video audio and others And so we're going to go through a quick procedure and i'm going to be talking about the tools in general So i'm not going to be doing in depth training of how to use each tool I could spend you know a half hour or more on each tool.

[00:37:29] So for the sake of the challenge today I'm going to do a I'll show you each tool. We'll do a high level discussion about how you use it. And then we'll move on to the next. Okay, so that'll be our agenda. So you'll know which tools to use in what order. And there's a few prompts I'm going to share with you on how to use these tools as well.

[00:37:47] So, and then so that's the next segment of training. And then after that, we're going to be talking about. Your ideal customer avatar, which is amazing for being able to sell, but we'll talk about that next. Okay. So, the first tool that we're going to talk about is your audio tool. So the very first step you need to do is.

[00:38:08] We're going to take your lesson, we're going to convert it into a script because you have your lesson materials, and then we want to change it into a format that is designed for spoken word, because a written lesson isn't worded and isn't set up properly to, you know, to do what exactly what we want. So we have a prompt, we're going to take your lesson, we're going to convert it into a script that is suitable for being read.

[00:38:33] Either by you, you could record your own audio version if you want it in your voice, or if not, we're going to use a tool called 11 labs to make the voice version of the course. And what's cool, you can even train 11 labs on your own voice and then just copy and paste and let it read it for you and it'll be read in your voice.

[00:38:56] Or you can use any one of Like an endless number of custom voices to read your course lessons. So when we take our, we first make our script, our verbal script that to be read, then we record or generate our audio for our lesson. We take that audio and then we can put that into some other tools to make videos, slide decks, and other things.

[00:39:21] So that's the sequence I'm going to show you. And we'll we'll get started. Okay, so the first thing I want to do is go to chat GPT,

[00:39:41] so we're going to head over to chat GPT and we have a prompt and I will share this prompt with the recording of the video. Okay. And here it is. I'm copying it here. I'll show it to you and we'll read it aloud. Okay. So acting as an expert producer of training videos, read the following text for a lesson about, and we put our subject, and then we paste our lesson text.

[00:40:08] And then at the bottom, it says now produce a version of the lesson in the form of a video script. The script should be a transcription of the text lesson for a generator of AI video tool to use as subtitles. Blah, blah, blah. So there's, I'll give you this prompt. I won't read the whole thing, but this is the prompt that we use internally to generate our scripts.

[00:40:27] Okay. So what we're going to do is we'll take, for example let's see, I think I have,

[00:40:38] Lesson from our pet site. I'll use it as an example. And here I'll pull it over here. So let's say we're going to use this as our lesson example. So we're going to take our whole lesson. This would be the lesson that you generated from chat GPT. We're going to take the whole lesson. We're going to copy it.

[00:41:00] And then we're going to paste it in here. So the first thing is we're going to say, how to train your dog to behave is the subject of the lesson. And then the lesson text, we're going to do quotes. I'm going to paste it and then we're going to submit.

[00:41:25] There is our audio script

[00:41:30] now. Occasionally it will stop partway through. This is something that chat GPT will do if it's a longer piece of content. If it stops partway through, all you have to do is tell it to continue. So you can just literally type in the chat, please continue. And then it will pick up where it left off, but here we go.

[00:41:51] So it is now creating our script for audio materials. Okay. And it completed. And so if you do notice that it gets stuck again, you just type right here. Please continue. Okay, I'm not going to do that because it finished correctly, but now we have our audio script and this is done so that it just comes out better because.

[00:42:15] It rewords the materials in a way that is designed to sound better. The alliteration, like the way it sounds as it's being read is going to sound better. And it's going to be generally better for audio and video materials. Okay, so now we've got our audio script. From this point, we jump over to a tool called Eleven Labs.

[00:42:39] Who here is we'll say in the chat, Are you familiar with 11 labs? Do you like Have you ever used it or do you at least know how to use it? Give me a yes or a no in the chat. Who is familiar with 11 labs? Pop it into the chat. Yes or no. Are you familiar with 11 labs? So if you're using it or you know how to use it let me know in the chat.

[00:43:01] And let's take a look here. So I'll look at your chat answers. A lot of no's. Okay. A lot of no's. Few people have heard about, heard of it, but. A lot of no's. Okay. Let's do this. I'm going to go. Hopefully I have the account on my browser right here. See. Okay. I do. Let's see what voices we have. Okay. So here is 11 labs. Okay. And it is just like it sounds 11 spelled out labs. io. And here I can pop this into the chat for everyone. So that I'm going to send out a broadcast message. Let me know if you get this. Okay. So I'm sending it in the chat right now.

[00:43:49] Okay, cool. So did you get that? Did you get the 11 labs? Good. Okay, good. Just checking to make sure our chat is functioning as it's supposed to today. So glad we have no chat weirdness. Okay. So you have a massive library of voices. And then you can also create your own. And then we come over here and we can basically take our text from chat GPT.

[00:44:15] So I'm going to, let's see if I can highlight all of that. Now I got to do it by hand. Hold on. Come on. Oh, right there. Copied. So we can come over here. We can say text to speech. So we have a variety of languages, by the way. So you can do it in many different languages. And then you've got your voice.

[00:44:33] Okay. So let's see. I think, does this account, oh, this account does not have me. So, but here's examples. The best way out is always through. The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. We have committed the golden rule to memory. Let us now commit it to life.

[00:44:56] Pretty good. Right. Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is. That's sleepy Joe. This is from if you guys I've ever seen the commercial that I did or I have all the presidents put promoting pushbutton. ai. So that's the sleepy Joe voice we have right there. And there's my robot.

[00:45:16] You must welcome change as the rule, but not as your ruler. We got Obama committed the golden rule to memory. Let us now commit it to life. Kindness is more important than wisdom. And the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. Elon, and then, of course, the infamous You can't blame gravity for falling in love.

[00:45:34] So, here we go. So, we can come in here, and now we can paste our text. Okay? So, we could use any of these voices. So, let's say we want to do it. Let's say we want Trump to read our script. Obviously, you wouldn't do that, but if we wanted to. And then we would just hit generate, okay? Right here. And so, and then it's going to output that into audio.

[00:45:58] Okay? And here's examples from a commercial we did. Did you know you can now launch your own online business with the click of a mouse? Sounds crazy, right? Guess what? It's now possible. Thanks to our game changer. So if you've seen my commercials that we've done, we're, this is the tool we use for voice.

[00:46:16] Okay. So let me see, I'm going to make this shorter. Cause I don't want to, it's going to take a while to do that huge chunk of text. So we're going to make this short just for the sake of this example. And then let's use,

[00:46:34] we have committed the golden rule to memory. Let us now commit it to life. So we're going to do that and then we're going to say generate. Okay.

[00:46:46] And it is generating and then it's going to come back with our script, which we can welcome to our online lesson on solving leash pulling a common issue. Many dog owners face as a dog owner. You've likely experienced the frustration of your furry friend pulling on the leash during walks. Leash pulling can be exhausting and dangerous, but with the right training techniques.

[00:47:12] Hey, it's a solvable problem. Pretty cool. So, and you have a whole variety of choices and then there's an advanced thing we're not going to talk about today, but you can train it on your voice. So if you want to be able to upload stuff and have it read in your voice, you can do that. Or you can pick one of the many really good quality voices and for, and most of them are really indistinguishable.

[00:47:40] You can't. Tell it's an AI voice. If I heard that in a lesson, I would not know is that AI or is it a human, not sure, especially people who aren't really familiar with AI would have no idea. So, that gets us our audio materials. Okay. So now that we've got our script, we've got our audio materials.

[00:48:03] The next thing that we're going to do. Is we can actually go and use a service to turn it into a video. Now I'm going to talk about two services which by the way, these are paid tools. So, 11 labs is a paid tool. And the other, the video tools I'm going to show you are additional, optional paid tools.

[00:48:22] So, just a reminder, if you have push button AI, it's all covered. Like we do, we already do this process. We already record the audios. We already record the videos, we edit them, we upload them online, we embed them on your website. We do all of that stuff for you if you do choose to use Pushbutton AI, if you decide to upgrade.

[00:48:44] Otherwise, you would need these tools in 11Labs. I don't think it's too expensive. Let me see if we can look at their pricing.

[00:48:54] If we go back to their main site. Oh, I think I have to log out. Let's go to pricing. Okay, that's the pricing after. a discount. So what's the normal pricing? Oh, it's five bucks a month. So that's not too bad. I think this is the level you'll need. So it's 22 a month. I think this is the level you're going to need to do what we're doing.

[00:49:21] How many minutes does that include?

[00:49:27] Okay. Yeah, you should be able to get by with this one. So anyway, you can take a look at the pricing. And then the other tool that we're going to look at today is this one. It is Lumen five.

[00:49:49] So here, let me log out and we'll look at pricing on this one as well. So Lumen five is a pretty good one. And the level you'll need is this level here. Now let's go to monthly. So the starter version is the one you'll need. And just saying push button AI is includes this. But so this is one option that you've got.

[00:50:09] And it's pretty here, let me go, let me pull this off screen and log in again. Now that I logged out

[00:50:18] and it's pretty simple to use. Let me just get logged in. And so it makes videos that. They're this style where they have B roll and these are ads that I made. So you can see here, this is from an ad. So this is the process you load into your script and then it's going to create these scenes for you with little captions.

[00:50:48] So in this case, I didn't put a voice.

[00:50:54] So it will make a presentation out of all these, like you see all these different B roll footage of. People doing all kinds of stuff, and it will just make a a course for you. So,

[00:51:09] so you come in here and you just say new video. They've got a bunch of different templates of different styles and ways it can do it. And so, let's do. Let's see, which template do I want to use? I'll use, I'll just use this one. I don't remember what it looks like, but use this template. So we got here we're going to do script to music.

[00:51:35] So we'll go back over here and let's get our script again. Here it is.

[00:51:43] Oh, I'm doing this backwards. We want to take our audio. Sorry. We go back. I'm doing the wrong one. A I. There it is. This is the one we want AI voiceover. Okay. And so, oh, I got the wrong template. Ah, hold on everybody.

[00:52:09] We're going to say new video for some reason that template doesn't work with it. So we'll use whatever. I'll just use this one.

[00:52:21] So we're going to do our own voiceover. And then from here, we're going to take what we made in 11 labs, which I logged out. I need to download it here. Here. Hold on.

[00:52:42] Okay. So. We're going to take this one. This is the audio. Welcome to our online lesson on solving. We're going to download it. Okay. So I'm just going to throw it into my downloads, just so I have it there. And we're going to come over here to Lumen five, and then we're going to. Select our audio and say upload.

[00:53:09] Okay, so now what it's going to do is it's going to process that. It's going to do a transcription so it knows what it's about and then it is going to make a video for us. And so when it makes a video, we actually can edit and modify the scripts and screens on what shows for B roll. Oh, it's actually looks like it's already generating it here.

[00:53:30] Check this out so you can see it making the video for us.

[00:53:38] Welcome to our online lesson on solving leash pulling. A common issue many dog owners face. As a dog owner, you've likely experienced the frustration of your furry friend pulling on the leash during walks. So pretty good, right? And then as you're doing this process you can either enter your own text, like you can see here, I can type in text my custom text, or we can get it to you know, do like a caption of what's being said.

[00:54:09] Okay? And and then it will output a video as you see.

[00:54:17] So that's Lumen5. I really like Lumen5. I think it's good quality. I like how everything comes out and it's pretty darn useful. But again it is an additional you know, it's the software tool that you'll have to pay for in order to use. That one works out pretty good. Another alternative that I.

[00:54:36] Oh, my camera shut off. Wonderful. Okay, stand by everyone while I get my other camera on.

[00:54:53] Here, stand by while I switch my camera. I guess I gotta send my camera back to the manufacturer. So, Sonys are supposed to be good.

[00:55:08] Okay, so, there we go. I don't know if I'm crooked.

[00:55:17] Okay, that's gonna have to be good enough. So, all right. Well, hey again, camera troubles. So we got this expensive Sony camera that we like to use, but it is it is a little, there we go not quite dependable. So we'll go with this for the time being. All right. So We've got lumen five. Oh, another option is called in video.

[00:55:45] And I am going to put, let me try once more to broadcast these links out. And what's weird is it seems like many of you are getting it, but not everyone. So let's try this one more time. Sending out. Three tools. We got 11 labs, Lumen5, and InVideo. InVideo is another optional tool you could use for video.

[00:56:09] Cool. And then

[00:56:10] and then we are good. Okay. So there's one other thing that people requested, and this is a little bit of an optional thing. It's not something that I usually do, but some of you had requested that you want to actually be able to take the lessons that you generate and turn them into slideshows. So a little bonus content right here we're going to do now.

[00:56:29] So I want to show you how if you want to do your own presentation, your own slide deck. And do like a powerpoint style presentation so that you can do it live like in a group coaching environment or you want to just you just want to do it in your voice and you want to be able to have your own Slide deck i'll show you how you can do that.

[00:56:50] In the next little bit So anybody have questions about audio or video that we've just done so we'll do a quick lightning fast q a Audio video questions, pop them in. Now I'm going to do a fast round of that. Then we'll do our slide deck. Then we're going to do our ebook cover. Then we're going to talk about the customer avatar.

[00:57:11] Okay. Okay. Let's go back to chat and here we'll go put it on here while I read the chat. Okay. Okay,

[00:57:26] okay, cool. Some of you got it, some of you didn't. Alright. So, I'll make sure that these are included in the notes when we publish the follow up cheat sheets and stuff. I'll make sure all the links are in. The written materials. Okay, but I'll go through them. So people are asking me just to repeat it real quick.

[00:57:45] So I'll do it real fast. Lumen five, the number five. I don't know if you can see that on the screen there. L U M E N the number five. com. This is my preferred. Video 11 labs, which is spelled just like the number 11 labs dot I O. And then the other tool we use so far today was chat GPT. Okay,

[00:58:17] cool. Cool. Some other people were asking about other tools. So someone's asking about Descript. Descript is great but not for generating videos like we're talking about here. Descript is a great editing tool. So if you want to do video editing, we use that all the time. It's an awesome video editing tool, but as far as generating it that's not a good one.

[00:58:37] Someone's asking about Pictory. Pictory is a good alternative to. Pictory is another video generation. The other one is InVideo. Video, V I D E O dot IO. So a lot of choices, Lumen5, I like, NVIDIA dot IO, Pictory. Those are all examples of ones you can use. Okay, cool. Then what I will do next.

[00:59:06] Is this so okay.

[00:59:12] Good. It's all I see. Samantha. I just noticed Samantha messaging me. Samantha, can you confirm off in discord? Let me know if people are able to see your, if you message someone personally, are there, are they seeing it? Let me know. Yes or no. I just want to see if we're because we're still having weird issues with the chat.

[00:59:30] So I want to see if personal messages are being seen or if they're not being seen. And if you could test that for me, just grab somebody, see if you can talk to them. And then here I will share Samantha. I'm going to share all of the links with you right now, but I'm going to be going over. Okay, so you can share these as needed.

[00:59:53] Okay, and let's get rid of these previews. So I just shared those with you, Samantha, behind the scenes, so everybody out there, you can share them as needed. And then confirm with me that people can see your personal private messages when you message them. Okay, let's move on. on.

[01:00:15] Okay. Let's see if there are any other questions.

[01:00:21] Let's see if I'm going to see, I'm going to ask Peter Sawicki. You see my message.

[01:00:33] I'm going to send it right now.

[01:00:39] Okay, good. Awesome. Yeah, do not. So here's a good question from shy. I think if I say you're not, did I say that right? I hope so. I'm looking at Lumen 5 features. It says they're an AI voiceover word limit of 900 words. So what does that mean for making our video courses? So you can stitch them together.

[01:01:00] So if you end up making a course, it's too long to fit in there. You can just generate two and put them together.

[01:01:10] And okay, let's see here. Okay, good. Okay. So it does look like.

[01:01:25] It does look like private messages are coming through, but when I send broadcasts to everyone, they're not. So it's just the broadcast messages, okay? So when Samantha or someone on the team talks to you directly, then you'll be able to see what we say. But for some reason, my broadcast messages I send to everyone are not coming through.

[01:01:47] Okay! Looks like that is it. So we're going to move on. Let's move on. And by the way, I did confirm all the prompts and links and references. Everything that we give you are in your CliffsNotes when we release the written materials each day. So you'll see those when today's lesson, we're going to drop all the written materials.

[01:02:08] I will email you. And you just come back to the page you're on, or if you're an insider or an elite member, you'll get your own separate link. You'll go to your link, you'll see below the video here, all the written materials. Look in CliffsNotes, you'll see the links. You'll see the prompts and any references that you need to implement today's training.

[01:02:31] Fantastic. Now we are. Okay. So David is saying he's not getting private messages. That's because I don't think anybody has sent one to you, baby. We'll see. Anyway let's continue on. All right. So the next thing that we are going to do is we are going to make a slide deck. And I'm curious of amongst everybody here who is interested in making their own slide deck, like a PowerPoint style deck that you can do presentations with.

[01:03:05] Some of you might be a yes, give me a yes or a no. Do you want a slide deck? For your videos. If you want it, I'm going to show you right now how to make it, but I am curious how many are going to use it. Who's going to use the slide deck. Give me a yes or a no in the chat. Okay. Oh, a lot of yeses. A lot more people.

[01:03:24] Okay. Okay. Oh, wow. It's a lot more in demand than I thought. Okay, great. Cool. Then you're going to like this. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to go over to ChatGPT. And then I have a link that you can go straight to a link I'm going to give you. This is what's called a custom GPT. Okay, you have to access this.

[01:03:46] You have to go to the link I'm going to give you. And this is a service from a company called AI DocMaker. Okay, and if we go to AI DocMaker, You can learn about it. You do have to have an account with them to be able to generate and save these. So AI DocMaker is pretty inexpensive. If we switch to monthly and if I remember right I I don't remember if you can do it with a standard or if you need a premium account, but you should be able to do it because you can do 20 a month.

[01:04:20] Okay. That looks like, so what is. What is misting? Okay, so it's okay so that you could probably do it with this one. It seems like it's a little slower. The standard version is a little slower than the premium one. So premium goes faster and you can do 50 a month, but you will need an account here at the end of the day to make it work.

[01:04:39] But it actually works through chat GPT in this custom GPT. And so what we are going to do is We are going to come here and make a slide deck. So we, there's two steps for this.

[01:04:56] Okay, two steps. Step one, you go to regular chat GPT. You put in this prompt, which I'll be sharing in your CliffsNotes, okay? It says, act as an expert in creating presentations, talks, and lectures. Please take the below lesson and turn it into an outline for slides. Please ensure there are an absolute minimum of 10 slides.

[01:05:18] Here is the lesson, okay? And so what we'll do here is we're going to say, about teaching your dog to behave and walk on a leash, okay? We're going to take our lesson this time. I'm going to put quotes around it and we're going to take the full lesson that we generated in the past. Okay. This is the lesson itself.

[01:05:43] And then we're going to come over here and we're going to paste it. Boom. So now chat GPT is going to make our outline for our slides. Okay.

[01:06:03] Then we're going to come over to SlideMaker and have it make the slides.

[01:06:17] Okay, now we got a bonus slide. Oh, we got up, now we got 12 slides. Yeah, sometimes it tries to be short. And so what we'll do here is we're going to now copy our slides, with our instructions here. So we're going to copy that, and then we're going to go over to SlideMaker. And we're going to say

[01:06:38] please create a live deck using this outline, colon. And we paste what ChatGPT just gave us. And here I'm going to break this up with some line spaces.

[01:07:02] Oops, I did that incorrectly. So we got to do that there. I want to make it

[01:07:12] really clear.

[01:07:18] Maybe I don't need to do this. So, trying to make it really clear to chat GPT where each slide begins and ends.

[01:07:29] And this is kind of annoying, but there we go. A couple more.

[01:07:42] Okay, there we go. Probably doesn't matter, but just in case. And then we hit send.

[01:07:51] Okay, now SlideMaker is doing its thing. And again, I will share the links, the direct link to the SlideMaker custom GPT so that you can get access to it. So, this will be put into your CliffsNotes with the written. Materials that are posted after training

[01:08:12] and it takes, it does take a few minutes while it does this thing. You have to confirm it's going to ask for permission also to share. Okay. Okay. There's our presentation. We'll give it a minute

[01:08:29] and click it.

[01:08:33] And there we go.

[01:08:40] Oops. So

[01:08:51] there you have it. And in here, there's a bunch of stuff you can do. You can change the template. You can work with it further. They've even got some AI features baked into it here. And then to export it, then you're going to want to use you know, upgrading to their paid account to export it and have all the features that you just saw.

[01:09:09] Okay. So this is again, this is it. AI doc maker. com. So you will need an AI doc maker account. Those are, these are them here. And and that's how you generate those

[01:09:23] pretty cool. So now you've got your slide deck and then the final bit of media I'm going to show you is you know, and I'm giving you some bonus materials here today that were not originally planned in the outline, but I wanted to give you as much. Useful info as I can. So hopefully it's not a little overwhelming all this sort of a brain dump of information here, but I wanted to give you some extra stuff today.

[01:09:46] And then the final thing we're going to do is talk about making a cover. So, you need a really cool looking image. If you want to make a cover for an ebook, or if you want to use it as a cover for your course. And what I like to do is I like to use a tool called MidJourney. And if you can sign up at MidJourney.

[01:10:07] Again, it also is a premium a piece of software. So there's all kinds of different, you know, there are different options that you can check out there. About in MidJourney itself. We're going to make a cover and we're going to make just the graphic. We're going to make a really cool image, which we then use in Canva.

[01:10:25] You can edit to make an ebook cover. So let me just show you an example of that. Let me go to my mid journey one here. And I'll pull it around. So mid journey. I have training on my channel about how to use mid journey. So today for the sake of speed and the sake of time, I'm not going to do a step by step lesson about how to use mid journey.

[01:10:49] It's a pretty powerful piece of technology. It's got a lot of options, but I do have training on my channel. I'll give you the links to the training lessons so you can watch them on the channel. Okay. So one is a basic overview of using mid journey. And then there's an advanced mid journey training on my channel too.

[01:11:06] So if you've never used mid journey, you're not familiar with it. I will give you the training of the links to those they'll appear with the written materials. Okay. So when I show this on screen, that looks a little confusing and you're not sure what I'm doing, don't worry. You'll get the.

[01:11:22] Additional training that you can learn all about mid journey if you want to. Many of you may not even want to do this step and you can skip it entirely if you don't want to make cover images. All right, we'll go back and here is mid journey. Okay. And basically it works. It works like prompting, like chat GPT, but we do it right down here.

[01:11:48] Okay. So we go slash imagine is how we prompt mid journey. So, and you just type the slash key, and then you saw I had that option to select that. And then we can put our. Our prompt in here. So now I have a prompt that I have prepared for you. So I will share this with you. And what we're going to do is this.

[01:12:14] I'm going to take, I'm going to take the prompt that I shared that I'm sharing with you and you just paste it in here. So you go slash imagine like that. And then what we're going to do is we're going to paste some data for ChatGPT that's based around your problems, goals, and benefits of your book.

[01:12:41] So let's say we want a I say we want a before and after shot, a before and after, after shot of a bad misbehaving of who is barking and not walking.

[01:13:13] Walking on a leash paired with a happy dog. Whose family is enjoying

[01:13:31] their company. Okay. So what I just described here is the problem, right? The problem is a bad misbehaving dog. Who's not walking on a leash. Who's barking compared with a happy dog whose family. Is enjoying, if I spell correctly, is enjoying their company, okay? This, you can, that, this text, you can play around with it a lot.

[01:13:56] You don't have to make it a before and after picture. You can make it just the after picture. You just make it be, you know, a happy dog walking with their family. You could, but I like to somehow either tap into the problem. The goal or the benefits. And if I can figure out a way to do all three in an image, then it's fantastic.

[01:14:15] And the other thing you'll notice here, there's a dash AR two colon three. This is very important to get the size right of your book. And then we're going to hit enter.

[01:14:29] Okay, now this process is something that can take a few tries. So it may take us three, four, five tries to get the perfect image. But it's now, it's queued up. It's going to make it for me. And what it's going to do is it's going to generate four possible examples.

[01:14:54] And I don't think they're coming out. It's not that it doesn't seem to understand what I'm at looking for. So they all look like happy dogs to me. So, so and you can see here's the different examples that we came up with. But these are not before and afters. They're both happy dogs just sort of wandering by themselves.

[01:15:12] So let's try this again. So let's try this again. We're going to go so we'll go slash imagine. So let's try this again. And in this case, let's instead, we'll focus on

[01:15:22] a shot of a bad misbehaving dog who's barking, not walking on his leash, and whose owner is very frustrated. Okay? Then we have the dash AR two colon three, which you need. And then we're all going to hit enter. And let's see what we get this time. Now we've zeroed in on the problem. My before and after example isn't working out quite right.

[01:15:51] And we could try to debug that and keep trying, but I'm going to just go for the problem one real quick.

[01:16:00] Okay.

[01:16:03] Okay, cool.

[01:16:15] So, now these are examples of images that you can use in a couple of places, by the way. So, you could use this. That's pretty good. So, we could use this to make a cover image. Or we can use it also in our our lessons. So we could take, let's say, whichever one we like. So let's say this one. This one in the top, right?

[01:16:38] Okay. So you see the numbers. You have you one, you two, you three, you four. So this is 123 and four. So if we want to upscale it or make it bigger, we can click on one of these. Okay. So let's say we're going to take, I don't know, I'll take the bottom one upscale four. So, so then it just, it made it Big for me there.

[01:17:04] Or if you want to upscale number one, we click upscale one. The other thing you can do is if you kind of like it, but it's not quite what you're looking for, you can come in here and we can do V. Let's do V4. So now that's going to do a remix, a variation of it. Okay,

[01:17:24] and that's going to make a new version, but just slightly different. See, it resubmitted it to make a new version of that. So we could do something as simple, you know, as copying or saving this image. And then putting it physically, putting it in our lesson. So, so if we come here, I could actually just drop this into right into the lesson itself if I wanted to.

[01:17:55] So, here, let's do this. I'm going to save that. Let me just come back here and I'm going to save the image,

[01:18:07] pop it into my downloads, and then we're going to come over here and we're just going to quickly. This is our editing tool, by the way. So if you build a site. In push button AI, you have a drag and drop editing tool. So every site built, this site was built in push button AI, and then it's just drag and drop.

[01:18:26] So your lessons come out. This is a lesson generated by the AI. And then you have this drag and drop editor. So anything and everything is editable and we can just quickly drag a photo. And let's say we want to pop it right there. We can upload that photo right here.

[01:18:52] Give it a moment to upload.

[01:19:00] So the photos uploading and then as soon as it finishes and we'll select it and then boom, there it is right in our picture. So we could also make it smaller. So if we want to do a smaller size, make it really small or like that. Okay, so I'm not going to get into like designing this all nicely, but you can see this is how the push button AI sites come out.

[01:19:23] So they're drag and drop. Simple like that. Now, push button AI sites also have a little, a cool little feature where you don't need mid journey for editing here. We can actually come over here. We have AI images built in. So you can just drag and drop your AI image and it's going to do it without mid journey.

[01:19:41] You don't need mid journey or any other image tool. So right here we can just say dog leash pulling a picture of a miss. Misbehaving dog barking. Okay. And it's actually going to create that image for us right here without using mid journey, without using anything else. This is just a feature built into PushButton AI.

[01:20:06] So for those of you who upgraded, you don't need MidJourney or any of these things. You can just come here and use the AI image tool built into your sites. So it's actually making that image right now. Just, it's going to stick it right into the page. So if you don't have, wow, look at that. Okay, that. It's like a sort of half human dog.

[01:20:33] So we'll make it smaller. But that's built into any sites that are built in push button AI. So you've got your drag and drop editor, and then you have your instant AI images that you can grab right here from the sidebar. But for you, you'll be using whatever tool that you end up building your site with.

[01:20:52] I do recommend WordPress. So if you're familiar with the WordPress editor, everybody's experience will be different. But what I'm showing you here is our push button AI interface. So now we can take that image and we can go to tools like this is a free tool. I have a paid upgrade. Great. If you want, you can go to Canva, just at Canva, C A N V A dot com.

[01:21:16] And this is a design tool. So we could pull any of our here, let me just log in one second. Okay,

[01:21:39] there we go. Okay, so we can come in here and we can bring in our images that we've made, like you can see the examples down here of me bringing in images from AI and my photos to build stuff and this tool is free or there is an upgrade

[01:23:46] and hopefully we're still broadcasting. Let's see what's going on here. I feel like I need to hire a permanent tech support person to sit in my office with me. That's that's how bad it's gotten. Okay, let's see. Okay, we should be we should be coming through again. Let's see.

[01:24:15] This is crazy. I'm back. Okay, good. I'm back. Sorry, everybody. Wow. I'm just the frustrating part of it is when you buy like the best gear possible and it's still decides to malfunction. Okay. Ah, present, share screen, let's get that back up again. And

[01:24:44] there we go. So we were talking about Canva. Okay. So if you ever want to work with the images that you are generating from AI, you can bring them into Canva and we can create a design and we can just say, let's make a. Let's see. Do they have ebook cover? Okay, so let's say you want to make an ebook cover.

[01:25:08] Okay. So what we can do is we can import images from our own images. So we go to uploads and upload files and we can upload. I'm just going to make a just a really quick thing that we'll put in here. I can drag and drop that and I can use that image. You can also expand it, you know, so let's say I wanted to.

[01:25:35] This is pretty frightening looking, but I could make that be the cover of my, and you see, notice how I'm scrolling it around. It's only showing the surface. It's going to be visible in the ebook. So, you know, this is pretty sort of angry looking. So I don't know if I would necessarily use this, but so you might come in here and do something like that and then drop text in here and let's drop something here

[01:26:09] and let's make it Let's make it white. Oh, excuse me.

[01:26:19] So if we were going to make an ebook cover but that might be an example of how you could do this and you just save it and that could become your ebook cover. Okay. So now we've covered a bunch of different ways of using media. So let's let's recap that real quick. So at this point today, what we did is we covered creating a script.

[01:26:38] That you can use to voice over for yourself if you want to have a an audio script to read, or if you want to use it to be able to feed to tools like 11 labs, and we went over how you take your audio script converted into. An actual AI generated audio, if you would like AI to do it. And then you take that and you pop it into your favorite video creator.

[01:27:02] So you have your 11 labs audio, and I saw questions earlier of people asking, you know, some of the video tools, like, let's say Lumen 5, says it can do audio. I don't like to do that. I find it's much better for me to make the audio first with 11 labs. And then bring it into my video editor or video creator.

[01:27:24] And then we talked about how to make slides. So you saw the slide deck tool. And then finally, we just covered how to do images and multimedia stuff that you might want to use either in your course lessons or for making an ebook cover. So that's, that is a recap of a lot of stuff we covered today.

[01:27:42] Now, I was going to try to also talk about your ideal customer avatar and how to do that. And I'd actually like to do that tomorrow. So we've covered a lot of ground today. I've you a lot of in a big information dump today, and we've also gone a little bit long with a, we had a lot of q and a.

[01:28:01] So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna push our customer avatar training into the next day. So we'll cover that tomorrow and I'm gonna dive straight into it at this point. This is, I think, a good place to. End off because a lot of people are still working on their lessons. So you're doing your lessons.

[01:28:20] And so I want to give you a little bit more breathing room to be able to finish that. People are still working on those. So some of you are also trying to upgrade to get push button AI going. So we'll give at this point, we'll have a, an extra day's padding till tomorrow. And then tomorrow we hit the ground running for sales.

[01:28:36] So it's all about how do we now that our course is created, how do we launch it and sell it? And we're going to be focused heavily on that the final two days, and I want I also want to make sure you know that I'm not leaving you high and dry. If we get to day five and you don't have all the info you need to be able to actually launch the business.

[01:28:56] I'm going to do some bonus training, right? I've already committed to doing some bonus training on on advanced use of AI. So if there's additional things that you need to get the results, Promise to you in the challenge. I'll go beyond the five days and do additional bonus training. So I want to make sure nobody feels rushed.

[01:29:15] Everybody feels like you're going to get exactly what you need. But today I think it's a little too much overwhelmed for me to now jump and start doing our ideal customer avatar training. So we'll do that tomorrow. And then jump right into how do you sell your courses and then how do you launch your business online?

[01:29:31] But again, don't worry you will not be left behind I'll make sure you have everything you possibly need to make this business work. All right, so what I would like to do Now is do a final q a so we're going to go back to q a and And anything you have questions about The video makers, any of the multimedia stuff, and don't forget all the prompts, all the links, all the resources will all be in your cliff notes posted.

[01:29:58] It'll be below the video here when we post this. As soon as I would go down, as soon as I end off our live show, the team will get to work putting your written material there and we'll be emailing you right away. Okay. So here, let's do this. I'm going to go back to the screen so you guys don't have to look up my nose while I read chat.

[01:30:16] And And we'll do a final round of Q and A. Okay. Okay. Can you use the content created by the course builder to reformat, to create an ebook? Yes, absolutely. Cool. Cool. Let's see.

[01:30:33] Let's see. Okay, someone made some tweaks and got rid of some of the ands in our prompts. So they were working with ChatGPT and found they had to modify the prompts a little bit to get it to come out how they wanted. So they had to remove the and part. So thanks for that feedback, Stephanie. Yeah, I don't, the prompts are working great for me.

[01:30:52] So it also might be a little bit, what's interesting is ChatGPT will behave differently for different subject matters. And that's we could get, I can tell you why I think that is. There's something called in the AI world. So we're going to go down an AI rabbit hole for a moment, but in the AI world, there is a method of building an AI called a mixture of experts.

[01:31:18] And that's what because of a leak inside open AI, they actually accidentally. Or somebody maybe on purpose leaked some information about what they're doing there. And and so we know that GTP4 is what's called a mixture of experts model. And so it's not just one. AI. It's actually a team of AIs. And like for example there's a project I'm working on where we're doing a mixture of experts model and it's eight.

[01:31:46] So you have actually literally eight separately trained models, each that behaves differently. One model is really good at code. One model might be really good at language. One model might be really good at, you know, facts and logic, and each model, what happens is when ChatGPT gets your prompt, it decides which model it should route that prompt to.

[01:32:10] It's kind of a crude way of explaining it, but that's the basic idea. And so when you ask ChatGPT a question, it isn't just one giant brain. It's actually a broke, you know, several brains, each one of them fine tuned for specific types of scenarios and answers and handlings of prompts. So depending upon which one of those you get routed to, it behaves differently.

[01:32:36] So if you've ever wondered why chat GPT. Seems to not always behave the same and the way it answers you and how it, what it does, that might give a little bit of insight into that. So, and sometimes by what largely changes where it's going to direct is the beginning part of the prompts where you say, you know, act as an expert in copywriting and right.

[01:33:01] It'll. See that and that will largely help guide which of the experts in, you know, in the in the memory banks in open AI is going to get your prompt. So I'm oversimplifying this a little bit, but that's basically how it works. And it might explain to you why. Some people get different results than others, depending upon your topic, the way the prompt is crafted, things like that.

[01:33:24] You might be talking to a different AI than maybe I would talk to, because I might be asking it to do a different task, or I might ask it to talk about a different niche market. See what I mean? So, hopefully that explains it. And here we'll go back to Q& A. Okay. Is there a flip book software that is good?

[01:33:46] I'm not a fan of that flip book style courses. So, Nicole, I don't know. I don't know. I don't have a recommendation I can make for you because I don't like those flip. You guys know what we're talking about? Like there's a way you can make an ebook or it's like a flip book. I think that's what you're talking about, where it like animates the pages as they move.

[01:34:05] Okay. Is that what you're talking about? Or are you talking about an actual flip book, like to make animation as you flip through the pages?

[01:34:15] Okay, cool. So William says it's okay to do the avatar tomorrow. Thanks, William, for the feedback on that. So, Bensky is still getting that error. So, Samantha, do you, can you please look at Bensky's chat and get him routed to tech support? I think that needs to go to Jim, A S A P. That's an urgent ASAP routed to Jim if Bensky is getting a database error.

[01:34:41] So send that over. So Bensky will take care of you on that. Okay. Peter has applied for entry into the group. So we might be lag, running just a little bit behind on accepting everybody. We'll ever, we'll get everybody accepted into the group shortly after our live session. Okay are the slide decks editable, like changing backgrounds, color schemes, branding?

[01:35:01] Yes, the slide decks are editable in SlideMaker, sorry, it's AIDocMaker. com. So you can change a lot of stuff on here. You can change the template that it's based on. And you can edit, but yeah, so it is editable. Okay. So Stephen asked, this is the only chat window, right? Okay. And then Stephen, I don't quite understand the other question about one document. Maybe if you could re ask that a different way. Okay. Yeah, I did the same. Okay. This is feedback from a man Mohan. I did the same prompt in two different chat windows and got two completely different results. Yeah, that's the other interesting thing about the AI is you will get a different result. So this is also why. I think some people are concerned about plagiarism, like they think that everyone will get the same exact response.

[01:35:50] But that's an interesting thing about this, is you can ask the exact same question and you will get different responses, especially when you have it writing content. Chat GPT will respond with completely unique and completely different data each time. So, there you go.

[01:36:10] All right. What software do you use to make ebooks? Okay, that's from Richard. So, Richard, I actually do it. It's really simple. As crude as this sounds, I open up Microsoft Word, I make my ebook, and I export it as a PDF. It's that simple. So, I know there are a lot of fancy tools and other things to make.

[01:36:33] eBooks, but but I don't use them. I actually just do it the old school way of Microsoft word into a PDF. So, in the lesson, in the training I'm going to be giving you on the final day, we're going to talk about using WordPress as a way to put your lessons. That's how personally, that's my number one recommendation is put your lessons in a WordPress based site with a learning management system that will control like when they access their lessons and.

[01:37:01] But we're getting ahead of ourselves. That comes in the last day of the challenge. Okay. Let's see. What else we got? Okay. Okay. So people talk about different products to do the flip book pages. Yeah, I'm not. One is called FlipGuardian. Oh, that's from PromoteLabs. Yeah, the PromoteLabs guys really supported our launch. So, I don't know about FlipGuardian. I don't know exactly how that works. I haven't personally used it.

[01:37:25] But I know PromoteLabs Jeremy and the team over there, they really You know, really came to bat for us when we did our launch. Can we prompt chat GPT to generate prompts? So prompted to give you prompts and funny enough, yes, you can. So if you're not sure if you're making prompts. If you're designing your prompts correctly, you can literally ask ChatGPT. You can say, here's what I'm trying to do. What would be the best way for me to write a prompt for you to understand that?

[01:37:55] And it will actually write a prompt for you and give you examples of how you can write prompts. So if you feel like you're not getting it or you're doing something wrong or you're uncertain, yeah, just ask it. Say, hey, I want to make a prompt that helps me do X. You know, can you give me some examples? And it can, it'll prompt you on how to prompt it as funny as that sounds.

[01:38:17] Okay. How would you use the slides? So Jill, this, oh no, that's not Jill. This is Mary. So Mary, the slides are optional. So if you want to be able to do a slide deck presentation, so let's say, for example, you want to make a course. And you want to offer additional like one on one coaching or a live challenge like this.

[01:38:40] You want to turn your course into a live challenge? Well, you can take a slide deck and you have new and different ways to deliver the same materials. And it's all optional. Okay. So those are, you know, personally with my courses. I haven't really been using them. I might use them, like I said, in a thing like this, where if I were doing coaching or a challenge or some kind of interactive thing, then the slide deck would come in handy.

[01:39:04] But it's optional for those who want to use it. Okay. Okay. Here's a question from Peter wants to know more about the differences between our push button AI, ultimate and premium. So here, let me do this. I'm going to go to there we go. So you can see here oops, this is a list of all the stuff that's included on the page. And I mean, just highlight the biggest differences. Okay. First up it's the bonuses. Ultimate gets the most free bonuses. You get 10 video lessons, audio lessons, 10 sets of email sequences 10 unique logos for your site, like all the add on and extra stuff you've heard me talking about.

[01:39:51] You'll get 10 sets of those for free. Premium gets four sets for free. Light gets one set for free. Everyone can build an unlimited number of sites. So the done for you businesses, the course, the sales material, the squeeze pages, the website. All the plugins, the themes hosting, you can build an unlimited number, no matter which level you're at.

[01:40:17] You just won't get the add ons, the extras, you know, that's where you get one for light four for premium 10 for ultimate. Okay. Our bonus traffic pack. So I've told you, I'm all, I'm going to give you all one bonus traffic pack. So that comes with ultimate and premium, but not with light. Okay. One on one consultant.

[01:40:37] This is the big benefit of ultimate. So you'll notice you get 60 days of one on one coaching and consulting. So that means for that, during that time. Every week you meet with that person on zoom, you have your own dedicated experience coach who knows everything about building a profitable business and traffic and they're an expert at that.

[01:40:58] And so you have a one on one consulting with that person for that entire time. Plus you have them available for chat consulting. So you can send them messages. I think we're using Slack is the platform so you can just chat with them. And also get coaching. You get our AI profits course, which covers all kinds of stuff about how to use AI in your business to make profit.

[01:41:23] So it's all about doing things faster, bigger, better, more profitably with AI. You get our step by step instruction manual. Everyone gets that you get our traffic generation revealed course. So if you want to know A to Z, everything about how to get traffic to your business, you'll get that. Also we have our crazy performance guarantee that's applicable on ultimate and premium.

[01:41:46] Then there's some other stuff, but that's the basics. So that should give you a good insight into the differences between them. Hopefully that helps. Okay. Next Dawn's asking, should VIP members be getting additional content via email? Yes. So you are already getting that. Let me explain. So, so after we shut down from each live session we have.

[01:42:10] Three sets of material that we make. So the elite members get their bonuses on their page. The insider club get their bonuses on their page. Realize that the extra bonuses for elite, you guys get a workbook that you'll be getting. But the elites also get additional Q& A sessions. The first one has already happened.

[01:42:31] We're going to do a bonus Q& A session for elite again tomorrow. So that'll be after tomorrow's session. So you get additional Q and A sessions in a more private environment. And then you get your workbook. The insider, you guys get some other additional stuff. The insider club gets mostly additional training.

[01:42:49] So once the challenge is over, that's where most of the insider club value comes in, where you guys are going to get additional completely separate training about how to get traffic. And how to multiply and grow and expand your business. Okay, plus there were some benefits where you can send in you can get email coaching from me and the team so that you can find out like if you, let's say you build a course and you want to get my opinion or my feedback.

[01:43:15] That is available to those who have upgraded it to those levels. So, but all that stuff is sent to you by email. So you will get links that give you all the material that come with whichever level, if you just have the basic challenge, whether you upgraded to elite or you upgraded to the insider club, you'll get all that.

[01:43:34] You'll get all that material emailed to you, and it will be it'll be on like a replay page that looks much like the page you're on now, but then you'll look below the video and you'll be able to see the additional materials. Okay, let's see, a lot of questions coming in. Okay, the slideshow you created considered one document.

[01:43:56] Oh, I see, yeah, for pricing in AI DocMaker. Yes, one slideshow is one document.

[01:44:06] Okay, cool.

[01:44:12] Cool. And

[01:44:13] yeah, then Samantha, make sure you get that error over to tech. Okay, beyond definitely help Bensky separately, but make sure that tech gets that error, and they can take a look at it. Okay. Okay. So, awesome. So not understand. Someone mentioned being able to chat direct with other students. Yes. This is a private chat.

[01:44:36] So it's a private chat between you and the team and me. This is for Steven. We do have our Facebook group where that is open and available for everyone. So make sure you join our Facebook group. And then on our elite Q and a sessions also is an open chat where you'll see everybody. Okay. Yeah.

[01:44:57] Okay, Regina. Let's see. Huh. Regina's having problems seeing the stream, but hopefully you see it now. Can we ask chat GPT to give results more formal or showing different personality traits? Absolutely you can. So remember I mentioned you can modify the prompts that we have provided. So, just take the prompts and if you want to tell it to please write in a cheerful personality, Absolutely.

[01:45:24] Just pop that onto the end of the prompt or in, you know, in the prompt where it looks applicable, or let's say you wanted to speak more formally you can do that as well. So, you can give guidance on the voice how you want it to talk if if you want to.

[01:45:42] Okay, let's see here.

[01:45:48] Okay, cool.

[01:45:55] Okay, so it looks like, so, Sean, I'm pretty sure, so Samantha, again, take a look at Sean just make sure he gets onboarded properly. Looks like he bopped, but he can't get started. So we'll take care of you, Sean. Okay. Oh, Mary is Jill. Okay. Well, hi, Jill. I've been calling you Mary. Okay. Could you do bonus teaching on how chat tips for you?

[01:46:16] Yes. Okay. So Stephanie's asking for more advanced bonus training on AI. Absolutely. I'm going to do that. So that's my promise at this point. You're going to get a bonus training. Everyone will get bonus training from me on advanced use of AI and advanced prompting. Okay. So, Nadia, if you didn't get your links to elite, yeah, then please email support.

[01:46:42] You can email them at help at push button AI, and then they'll make sure that you get that link and you get all situated. And I have been sending out the elite. So I've been personally sending out the elite emails, so I know they're being sent. But I'll I'll look into this. It looks like I see a couple of people asking about the elite stuff.

[01:47:01] So, yeah, I've been personally sending the email. So, and. There might be some confusion here. So the elite, so there's no, the elite, you're going to get a workbook and you'll see it like literally on page one and page two, you'll see it below the video, like a link for your workbook. And if you're not finding that, then, you know, talk to support help at pushbutton.

[01:47:26] ai and they'll take care of you. But but I email out the elites separate. So what I do is I go to the insider club. I email them their link. I then go into Elite, I email you your link, and then I email everyone else the main generic link. So, you should you should be getting those emails and, I'll but I'll double check and look into this when we when we were off the air. Okay. All right.

[01:48:00] AI doc maker is the name of the slide tool, Pauline. So that is right here. AI doc maker. And we'll link to this, we'll link to all the resources in the written material as soon as we get off the air. How much do audio and video add on packages cost? They vary depending upon what you want in them, but they're up to 2.

[01:48:24] 99 each. Okay, cool. Regina's back. Good. Welcome back, . Okay, so the, so, oh, here's a question from Sue. So Sue, there's no VIPQ and A today, so, elites get three bonus q and a. The next one is tomorrow. Just to make that clear, Sue. So I'm gonna do the next bonus q and a for elites will be done tomorrow.

[01:48:52] Okay.

[01:48:58] Oh, good. So Sean is getting our elite email. That's good to know. I was getting worried that I was doing something wrong, but I'll look into those who are not getting it. But thanks, Sean. I'm glad you're getting them. Okay. Oh, Lars got him too. Okay good. All right. So then we are down to the end of today's broadcast.

[01:49:17] So if you have, we'll do a final call for questions. So if there's anything you need from me to be able to implement what we've covered so far, that's what I want to focus on. Ask those questions now, and then we're going to be wrapping up for the day. And then I want to remind you that if you saw the presentation on Pushbutton AI, And you would like to join, but you're having an issue.

[01:49:39] Okay. Then you need help getting in. Then what you'll want to do is just type the words, hold. My spot in the in the chat window and that will get you sent to, we have, it's an automatic thing. We'll get you set up to get sent over to the correct department and they will take care of you and help make sure that you can join and that you do not get left out.

[01:50:01] So yeah that, the magic words for that are hold my spot and we'll go back and we'll do the final set of questions and then wrap it up for the day. So, Jim yes, Q& A, the Q& A sessions were, are recorded. And there's a separate, there's a link that points you to the recording. So, if you missed it, you will be able to watch the Q& A. But there you go. And oh, that was nice. So, Nicola said today's lesson was awesome and very informative. Thank you. Good.

[01:50:34] Awesome. I'm glad. Okay, cool. So Bensky's recommending designer for a place for flipbooks. So that's design and then two R's. Designer. So designer. Okay, cool. Awesome. Awesome. Pauline says I've over delivered. Oh, good. And so Regine wants to know, or Regina wants to know, what are the action steps for today?

[01:51:00] Thank you for reminding me. So your action steps for today. Number one is, I think most people are not done building their course. So that is priority one, get sure, get completely through building and completing your course, or I wouldn't mind if you upgraded to push button AI and let it do it for you. So either push button AI will build your course or you need to finish creating your course lessons.

[01:51:25] And so, that is the main focus because I think most people are not done yet. And which is understandable, you know, as we said, life gets in the way. So priority one is to complete that too. If you've completed and you're on your art, you're ahead of the game or doing everything on time, then you can experiment with creating audio and video lessons.

[01:51:49] Those are optional things, not required, but optional. If you want to include those in your course. That you do. Okay. So, and that's where you use the prompts I gave out today. You'll use 11 labs to make voice And then you'll use one of the video tools to make video and then again I can't help myself, but i'll pitch push button ai because all of that's included You don't have to pay for the audio the video or none of those tools They're included when you're when you use push button AI, it's all part of what you get.

[01:52:23] So that's optional. If you have finished your lessons and you're, you want to go the extra mile to do additional content, optional steps are the other action item today. And that was. Audio, video, and slide decks, if you would like to do those. And then finally images, if you want to put images into your lessons you have a few tools that you can do that.

[01:52:47] So, I think that, yeah. That's, so that's the action items for the day.

[01:52:57] Okay, cool, are there few or many niches suitable for earning a thousand? A month or more with online courses. Oh boy. There's an endless sea of niches that you can make a thousand dollars or a month or more. Like it's, yeah, it's not, there's not a limited number. It's almost endless. The number of different niches that you can make a thousand bucks a month or more.

[01:53:21] Good question though, Richard. Okay. So one thing I want to do is I do want to ask. That in your email service provider, you know, we have been having issues where people are not getting, even though they're being sent, either the email service provider is putting it in the spam box or they're not delivering your paid products.

[01:53:42] So a way to help with that is to either add us to your address book. Or to whitelist us, which it's, there's all different, there's different ways of doing it, depending on which email provider you're in. So I'm not going to get into trying to explain that if you know how to do it, then whitelist contact at job crusher.

[01:54:03] com that's contact at job crusher. com. That's where the emails are coming from that have all of your deliverables. So make sure that if you put it in your address book in like Gmail or whatever tools you're using, it will help make sure that it gets into your inbox. And then if you see any of the emails In the inbox, make sure you mark it like there's a each service provider has a different way of doing it market as not spam, and then that will help make sure not only will help you get the messages, but it will help train the email providers to leave us alone and let us deliver what you paid for into your inboxes.

[01:54:43] It's really annoying when someone pays for something and then, like Microsoft did this to us earlier this week, they just didn't deliver it. So if you were on like outlook.com or Hotmail or live.com, Microsoft just didn't deliver the emails that you paid for because. They just felt like it, they blocked us, so, which Microsoft is notorious for being one of the worst offenders at blocking people and preventing mail from getting through.

[01:55:13] So, so definitely white label us, and then I'm going to be emailing you. We're going to go, I'm going to take us offline. We're going to be wrapping everything up, and I'm going to send you an email, and I have a favor to ask you. So if I've brought some value to you, if you're happy and you're glad you joined the challenge.

[01:55:31] You've got some use, some value of any kind from it. Please respond back. I'm going to ask a survey question. It's just two very short, very simple questions. And then please respond back with feedback on how I can improve. How could I make the challenge even more valuable for you? And then two I want to know any success, any testimonial, any good comments that you would like to share.

[01:55:55] If we do another challenge in the future, I'm looking for testimonials that I can show people so they can understand what, you know, how the challenge works and what the value is. So, so looking for feedback and testimonials. Just in terms of like your interactions with support value from the training, you know, how do you like the live sessions with me, whatever you've got, please give me that feedback.

[01:56:18] And again, I'm looking to either how do I improve and do better or some feedback on if I delivered. Or if I have been delivering on my promises and giving you value. So keep an eye out for that. Also, the team will immediately go to work trying to get the written materials together so that you have your guide, your workbook, the cheat sheets, all the stuff you need, all the prompts and resources.

[01:56:40] So they'll get to work as soon as I go off the air and we'll put that up and I'll be emailing you that as well. Everything will come through. By email. So keep an eye on your inbox. And then I'm going to be shutting off the the stream. I'll hang out in the chat for just a couple of more minutes.

[01:56:56] I do see people chatting in there want to talk to me. So I'll hang out in the chat for just a couple more minutes, but I'm going to shut down the stream. And then I want to thank you once again for being part of the challenge. And we'll see you on day four tomorrow. Bye for now.