5 Day AI Challenge: Day 5

5 Day Challenge Classroom Training:
Day 5 - The AI Freedom Formula

5 Day AI Challenge Day 5

[00:00:00] Let's see. Are we indeed live? Give me a hello in the chat. So give me a big howdy. Hello. Hey there, whatever it might be. But let's let's make sure that we're here. So hi, let me look in the chat and see. Okay, good. Got my hellos. My howdy's awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Okay. We are rocking. So welcome to today's.

[00:00:32] Day of the challenge day five. So well, this is the fifth day of the five day challenge. And by the time we're done today, you will know how to launch your new course business. But I want to let you know this is not the end of the journey. So I will continue to support you beyond this. And I have some surprise bonuses and some other things to announce as part of day five.

[00:00:55] So we'll be doing that a little bit later. But I do want you to know that even though this is day five, I'm not dropping it at this point. We have more to do including some bonus training you'll be getting and a lot more and One of the things I really want to stress before we dive into today's content, by the way Is that?

[00:01:17] I'll be doing a lot of follow up over on my YouTube channel. So, I plan to release some training specifically for you, for those of you in the challenge right, right this moment. I have some bonus training that I have planned that I want to give you. It's just unannounced extra stuff that wasn't part originally of the challenge, but I feel like I want to help you go beyond.

[00:01:40] From day five into having a profitable business. So where I'll be doing that is I will be doing that off on my channel. That's where I'm going to be spinning off the remaining bonus training. And we may even do some more live training together. And then of course, elites have additional stuff you're getting from me and those in.

[00:01:58] The insider club have bonus, completely additional training sessions that you guys are going to get from me as well beyond day five, but everyone is going to continue to get help from me and the team. So, I advise you to follow me over on YouTube and let's see if my little keyword works. So if you type.

[00:02:18] YouTube into the chat right now. Just put in YouTube and send me a message and say YouTube, just, you know, YouTube, like, just like it's spelled all one word. Pop it into the chat and you should get a link back that's gonna take you to a one click subscribe. Or you can go subscribe to the YouTube channel.

[00:02:36] And and make sure you don't miss the remaining sessions 'cause that's where we're gonna do. So bonus sessions. You know, the extra stuff I'll be doing freebies and bonuses and extra support for you. That's where I'll be doing it. And let's see if that worked. So type YouTube in the chat and you should get a link.

[00:02:54] Let me know if you get a link back. Let me just see if our bot is doing what it's supposed to. Okay, looks like it is. So it looks like on my end it's working. I like when technology works. So, yes, when you say YouTube, you'll get a link, it'll bounce back to you and you'll be able to go subscribe there.

[00:03:13] And so, also, every week I do a live show on YouTube, every Wednesday. In fact after we shut down today, I'm going live right over there, so I have a, it's like a marathon of live shows today, so after we shut down here, I'm doing day five of the challenge with you. And then I'm actually going to be doing a live broadcast.

[00:03:36] And you're invited, by the way. I'll send you an email and invite you if you'd like to attend. But there's some additional training I'm doing on YouTube live a bit later. And and yeah. So I'll be there every week, every Wednesday at 2 p. m. Pacific. 5 p. m. Eastern. I show up on YouTube Live, I answer questions, and I help, just, I'll just continue helping as long as you want to, you know, hang out with me over on YouTube.

[00:04:00] So that'll be how we stay in touch on an ongoing basis beyond day five. Alright, and cool, cool, cool, okay, did you guys some, all you, some of you did not get the link. Okay. Well, if you did not get the link, then you can go to YouTube and search for me. Let me see if I can send a link out that is something I can do here. One second, let me find the YouTube link. One second, let me see if I can broadcast it out. I don't know why this Silly technology wants to not work for some.

[00:04:45] And what's weird is that some of you are getting the messages fine, and some of you are not. So I don't know what that's all about. Let's try doing it this way. I'm going to try sending a broadcast. Okay, so where is day five? Could I? No, let's see. No, it's active. Okay,

[00:05:12] let me try refreshing that. Sorry, everyone. Let me try sending a broadcast instead. Don't know if this is going to work. But I'm gonna give it a shot

[00:05:31] So I tried to send a link out to everybody and hopefully you got it.

[00:05:38] Okay. Yeah Many of you got it. Some of you didn't. But you never know. Browsers, right? That's they're temperamental. That's one of the challenges of having a website, by the way, is all of the weird technical issues. And I'll tell you from someone, you know, I deal with lots, obviously I get a lot of traffic.

[00:05:57] I deal with a lot of customers across my different businesses. And this has got to be one of the most frustrating things. It's because of all the combinations of the device, the browser. With what security plugins you might have on it. Do you have an ad blocker that's interfering with stuff? An antivirus software and there's a billion combinations of how people can be looking at your website and just, and sometimes it doesn't work for just this exact combination.

[00:06:24] If it's this browser with this operating system, and they have this pop up blocker, it breaks the site and it's the toughest thing to deal with. But But so, you know, I do my best to help as many people and make it work as best for as many people as possible. But, you know, sometimes there are just weird combinations that are almost impossible to debug.

[00:06:45] Okay. Cool. Cool. All right. Oh, I've got Samantha's messages behind the scenes now. Cool. And so I have an agenda for today. Let me go get my agenda and go to day five and we shall get started. Okay. So one of the things that I want to get into at this stage, so we're going to, we've talked about at this point of your basic sales materials of how to sell your course. We've talked about how to plan your course, find your ideal customer. Create your entire course, create the sales letter that sells the course.

[00:07:25] There's a couple of things left. And one of these is how do you get subscribers? So you need to get people joining your email list. And we're going to talk a little bit about that. I'll share a couple of little prompts with you. And how you can actually get people to join your mailing list.

[00:07:41] But then the big thing we're going to talk about is how do you pull this all together? Where do you put this stuff and how do you run your business? So that's what we're going to come all together today. And I'm going to show you some examples of the technologies that you can use. Of course, if you opt to go with some of my solutions I have stuff where we handle all the hosting, all the technology, we can set everything up so we can either help you and we can handle it.

[00:08:06] Or I'll show you some of the stuff that you're gonna want to get. Also, I'll go over the list of plugins that we use, and I'll show you some examples of plugins on WordPress. I do highly recommend that you use WordPress to sell your courses. And if you're unfamiliar with it, we're gonna get into that a little bit.

[00:08:23] And I'll show you I'll show you the behind the scenes in a WordPress installation. Let's. Go back to here. Oh, the other thing that we're going to cover is email. So I'm actually going to show you how to write your emails today. So using chat GPT and creating prompts to create your emails.

[00:08:44] So, we'll be doing that together today as well. And then let me check with the chat. So today I definitely am not going to go two hours because I don't have two hours to go. So today is not going to be one of those epic marathon sessions. Okay. So today we're going to go a much shorter. Session today, and then we're going to be wrapping up pretty quickly.

[00:09:06] And then I have an elite Q and A that I'm doing for elites right after that. So if you're an elite member, I'll invite you to the elite Q and A. And again, both of these are going to have to be kind of pretty action, pretty packed in a short period of time. Cause then I'm live again, a little later on over on YouTube.

[00:09:23] So we're going to cram in as much as we can quickly. And then don't forget, I'm inviting you back. There's more sessions, more bonuses, more training to come that was not part of the original challenge, but that I'm giving to all of you. Okay, so I'm going to be doing at least one more bonus session and on the bonus session, I'm going to give out the thousand dollars.

[00:09:45] Okay, so we have a thousand dollar prize to give out to one of the, one of you, and I'll be emailing everyone with the a little more information about the thousand dollar prize. And then we're going to do a bonus webinar and I'll hand out that prize. Okay. Cool. All right, then let's get into it. Okay.

[00:10:07] So email marketing, there are two things that I want to talk a little bit about. One is there's a the strategy of giving away a freebie, right? So giving away a free report or. In fact, what I often do is I will just make an extra lesson. So I'll use all the same prompts, all the same techniques that you saw me use, that I've already taught you on how to create a lesson in your course.

[00:10:33] And I'll basically make like a bonus lesson. I'll use the same prompts, the same strategies. I'll just try to find. Some other combination of a unique problem or unique goal that my audience wants to solve or achieve And then I will create a bonus lesson and very often i'll just put that bonus lesson on a page on my website Then I offer to give that away for free and when someone they just put it get Their name and email, they join my list and I redirect them straight to that you know, that freebie or I'll follow up if they join my list.

[00:11:05] Sometimes I'll send them to a promotion and then I'll follow up with an email that gives them a link that I've put online with the freebie lesson of the course. Okay, but the lesson itself doesn't use any new or special or different prompts. It's all the same prompts and the same strategy that I already taught you for making a lesson.

[00:11:25] You're just making a bonus lesson and you're going to give it away for free. Then we obviously offer that as bait and we get somebody to join our list in exchange for getting that for free, which is all great, but now you have to follow up. So you need to follow up a lot by email and the thing that I think most people especially if you're not an experienced email marketer, they under underestimate the number of times that they have to email before they get a sale.

[00:11:55] Okay. I've often heard it say that it takes up to 21. touch points with a prospect before they will buy from you. And in my experience, sometimes it's much more than that. So we have people that, for example they might become interested in one of my products. They'll attend a webinar, maybe they'll even talk on the phone and get a consult, a consultation session with one of my phone.

[00:12:18] And then they don't buy and then they get many more emails from me. They, maybe they attend a second webinar and then they get more emails for me. They attend a third webinar and then boom, they buy, right? That process could take three months, four months. That process might mean I've tried to contact that customer a hundred times before they finally purchased.

[00:12:40] And so in email marketing, you're going to want to just be. Realize that it isn't something where you're going to get, oh, I'll get a little handful of subscribers, I'll send a couple of emails, and the money is going to come pouring in. Maybe, it does happen, but the more usual case is you're going to have to email those subscribers every single day for at least 21 days.

[00:13:01] I recommend 30 and so I recommend creating a sequence when someone joins your list and all of the email tools out there, the autoresponders like a Weber get response, our built in autoresponder that we have in our system, all of them make it very easy to set up a sequence where you go. Hey, here's email.

[00:13:21] Send this email on day one. Send this email on day two, this one on day three, and so forth. And so the question becomes, how do you write those emails? And that's what I want to show you right now. So we're going to dive in and I'm going to show you, once someone has joined your list, how do you actually send them emails and what content do you put in them?

[00:13:41] And we're going to use ChatGPT to write some of those emails together. I'll show you in just a moment. It's actually the strategy that I use that in fact, some of the stuff I'll show you is. How we write emails. So let's go over here. I'm going to get the screen sharing set up and then we'll make some emails together.

[00:14:04] Okay, let me get the right window and drag it around. Okay. So we're going to go over to good old chat GPP, and then I've got some prompts and again, the prompts that I'm going to use today, I will provide for you in the written material. So you'll be able to use these. Can anyone guess what I use? To craft my emails.

[00:14:34] There's a core strategy that I have mentioned many times throughout our training together. What do you guess that I'm going to base my emails on? Can anybody guess?

[00:14:49] Let's see if you can let's see if you can guess.

[00:14:56] There we go. Well, right out of the gate, the first guess was from Stephanie, and you got it right. 10 pgb. Okay, 10 pgb. Yeah, I see a lot of guesses. Many of you got it right. Some of you got were close. Some of you said styling like Julius or Gary Halbert, but no, it's actually 10 PGB and some of you are, you're not wrong, just, you know, but I'm talking about 10 PGB.

[00:15:22] So that's the 10 problems, goals, and benefits that we have uncovered in our market. And so we're going to use these prompts. Centered around our 10 pgb points, and let's put the first prompt in here. Okay. Act as an expert at email, copywriting and sales, write an email to a potential customer who is, and then this is the demographic or who we're selling to.

[00:15:47] Right? So I'm going to use the same example of the pet care. So, a mother with a family. Who has a dog that Miss E. Hayes. Okay. Okay. And then we're gonna put the goal. So we're gonna take 11 of the 10 goals that we have, and we're gonna pop it in here. Okay. And so for this goal, we're going to say that helps.

[00:16:20] Stop their dog from barking all the time. Okay,

[00:16:29] copy that so I can reuse it later. So they can benefit. Okay, and that's the benefit. I'll come back to the benefit in a second. You explain why it's valuable to them. Your goal is to pique their interest and encourage them to sign up for the course. Use persuasion and casual language written at sixth grade level.

[00:16:47] This is something that often surprises people. This part right here. Often, many of you overcomplicate, well I won't say you, many people, I've seen many people, I don't know that you do that, so many people overcomplicate their language that they're using and the writing style they're using to sell. And even if your target market is college educated, you still want to write at the 6th grade level.

[00:17:18] That might sound shocking to some of you, but it is a proven fact that if you write at this level, you sell more stuff. The more flowery your language is, the more complex. Even using like, you get really carried away with grammar and large sentences and things, kills your sales. You absolutely must write at the sixth grade level.

[00:17:41] And I recommend it's, and this is applicable to almost every market. Maybe if you're selling technical manuals to professors at universities, okay. Then maybe there's an exception, but almost every other market. Is this way or let's say you're selling a highly technical device that helps doctors perform surgery.

[00:18:04] Okay. Maybe you'll be more technical. You'll be a little more professional, but in general, for most of the niche markets, especially if you're dealing with the public. Even if they're college educated, you should write at the sixth grade level and you should use casual language. Okay, there we go. Okay, focus strongly on the pain points of not solving.

[00:18:25] And then here's the goal. So we're going to put the goal there.

[00:18:33] And how important it is to solve them so they can achieve benefit. Okay, be persuasive and give strong reasons to sign up for the course, including a clear call to action at the end, including a placeholder where a link to buy should go. Do not mention a money back guarantee or anything about support.

[00:18:46] Okay. Sometimes the AI likes to talk about how to get support and how to get your money back and other weird things. So we put that in there just to make sure it stops doing that. Okay. So now the benefit. Okay. of a dog that would stop barking would be a peaceful and happy home environment. Okay, that might be an example of a benefit.

[00:19:16] Okay, we're going to take that if they can. Okay, so and we're going to put the benefit twice. So the goal is listed, the goal or problem is listed twice, the benefit is listed twice, and we hit submit. Okay. There we go. It's writing our email for us.

[00:19:46] Pretty cool. So, what I want to go over my strategy. So, what I do is I take each one of the ten problems, goals, and benefits, and I write three emails. There's three styles of emails that I write for each one. This was the first style, okay? This was email one. Then I have email two and email three, and so I do three for each of those goals, which gives me a total of 30 emails so I can send an email a day for 30 days when I do this exercise.

[00:20:19] So you do one for every problem and goal. You know, three of them, sorry. You do three for each of the 10 problems and goals. So that was the first style of email. So now I'm going to share with you the second prompt for email style number two. And on for this, you don't want to do it in the same window.

[00:20:37] You actually do want to make a new window because we want to. We want it to write in a different style. Okay. So now we're going to come back. We're going to take prompt number two,

[00:20:55] and we're going to paste it here. Okay. And what I am going to do here, let me do this. I'm going to open this in another window so I can quickly just copy and paste. I want to use the same goals. So we can kind of stay So that's my demographic. Okay. That's the

[00:21:20] paste. Okay. Act as an expert at, and this is teaching your dog to behave. That's the main subject of your entire course for that one. Okay. Okay. They have visitor sites on that helps their dog to behave on the site doesn't do it, but let's see it helps them teach their dog to behave. Okay, let's grab our benefit really quick.

[00:21:54] I mean, our, sorry, our problem. Okay helps to stop their dog from barking all the time. That's the problem.

[00:22:07] Paste. We're gonna grab the,

[00:22:16] grab the benefit again.

[00:22:23] Paste. Oh, let me fix the spelling. Okay, so this is a slightly different, it is similar, but a slightly different email approach. And we're gonna hit send.

[00:22:40] And one thing that's funny is ChatGPT just loves putting emojis into your emails, which is okay. That actually especially for this market, I think would work well. Great email, little education,

[00:22:57] and then it's going to pitch and tell them to go buy the course. Pretty cool. So that's the second prompt. Okay. Okay, let's let's do this one and these prompts sound very similar, but they are there are differences. Okay So let's do the third prompt. So we're gonna pop it in here and I got to do some more copy and pasting So that's the benefit. We'll put the benefit over here Paste fix the spelling. Let's get the goal We're gonna put the goal right there What's going on here?

[00:23:53] Okay, so I already Okay, hold on. Let me just get

[00:24:03] copy,

[00:24:10] paste, copy the

[00:24:19] demographic.

[00:24:24] All right. So this is the third email style. Okay. So I forgot about the subject. Subject is reaching a dog to behave. Boom. Okay. So now we have our three emails. So that is. Oh, you've been watching me the whole time. Geez. I've been watching chat. I've been sitting here building. Oh gosh. I've been sitting here building this on screen for you.

[00:24:57] And I didn't realize you guys were watching me. Oh boy. Okay. Let me show here. I'll rewind. So let's do this. I'm going to rewind and show it to you in person so you can see what it is that I've been doing. Here was the first prompt. Okay. Again, I'll give you all these prompts in writing so you can fill them in yourself.

[00:25:18] And then this was the email it generated. Okay, so you can see our subject our intro it focused on some benefits which was important and then you got your sign off including a link to go sign up Okay, so that's email one email two. This is email two similar prompt, but it is different surprisingly It's a it makes a difference.

[00:25:38] It's three different approaches. So we're focused again here It's actually giving some education, which is kind of cool, educating a bit and then doing the pitch and then email three, this prompt, as you can tell, is a bit longer, but it writes email three. So now we have three emails all talking about barking.

[00:26:01] And so what I like to do is I like to send them out in a row. Like, I'll do one. I keep these three bang bang one at one after the other. 1, 2, 3, separated by 24 hours, you know, by a day, roughly and what this does is this orients the person to this topic, gets them kind of thinking about it, gets their subconscious kind of brewing a little bit about it, and then what will happen over those 3 days, if this is a problem that they experience.

[00:26:28] In my example, it's simple like they're going to they're going to feel it. They're going to experience it over that three day gap window, and they're probably going to think about your emails and you'll stay a little bit top of mind. And then maybe on the 2nd or the 3rd email, they'll be like, you know what?

[00:26:45] They're right. My dog has been barking nonstop. So, you know, maybe like day one, they read the email and then someone rings the doorbell and the dog goes berserk, right? And then they think, Oh, see, they were right. I really need to do something about this. And so by birth, putting them together, you know, and covering one topic for three days in a row you put the prospect's mind on that topic and then.

[00:27:08] You know, you can let life help prove you right and then they'll come and buy your stuff. Okay. And so I recommend doing this. I do these in bursts of three. You can do them for, you can stay on a single topic. You can take one problem, a goal benefit kind of. Set and you could talk about it for a week like people I think get too concerned that they just send one email and they don't want to repeat themselves You could talk about that same problem goal or benefit for a week solid and it would be great Because it keeps the prospects mind on that same issue And we know that it's a problem or a goal that they have it's very likely that they have it So it's going to resonate with them.

[00:27:50] And so they won't mind You know, seven different emails from seven different angles and approaches and suggestions and tips and you know It's really useful to keep the prospect interested in that and so my primary strategy for how i'm generating customers is i'll drive to an email opt in and get the subscriber and then I then take them from email into becoming a customer and buying my course or buying my training.

[00:28:17] Okay, and that's the same strategy I'm going to advise you here. So now you have the same prompts that you use to make your lesson. You can make a free report to give away. Now you have the three prompts to use to make your your emails that you're going to send. And then for the squeeze page, you could use the exact same prompts that you used for Your headline so you take the same sales headline prompts that I already gave you and then all you need to do is ask chat gpt you put you use the exact same headline prompt from yesterday Then in the same window, you just say, now, can you write two short paragraphs about why someone should join your free email list to solve this problem?

[00:29:01] And you just put the prop, one of, just pick any one of the problems that you're going to make your report about, you know, your free lesson that you're going to create, what problem are you talking about? And you just ask chat GPT to write two paragraphs about why someone should solve that problem and that they can do so by joining your mailing list.

[00:29:20] And it's. And that's it. That's everything you need to put all of those written materials together. So what I'd like to do quickly is I'm going to do a quick round of Q& A about email marketing and the prompts that we use right here. And then we're going to dive into the platform and in terms of using what you're where you're going to put all this stuff and how you're going to actually run your business.

[00:29:43] Okay, so I want to get to that quickly. So I'll do a quick round of Q& A on email. And then let's, let me go look at the chat. Okay. Okay. Let's do this. I'll put the screen on while I stare at the chat window.

[00:30:00] Okay. Okay, cool. Would you add your credentials to the sales letter or your. I guess either you can do that in your sales letter or your email if you're an expert in the field. Yes so if you are your expert and you are You're knowledgeable and you're a niche then absolutely sign the emails from you and put your credentials Talk about what your experience the benefits or your title or your education.

[00:30:25] Absolutely okay,

[00:30:34] let's see here. Can we use chat GPT three for all this? Yes. Yeah. 3. 5 is what it's called. And you can, yeah, four is better, but 3. 5 does just fine. Like here, you know what? You want to see the difference? Well, let's do it right now. Okay, we'll take the same prompt. Let me make sure my screen's on. So we're gonna take the same prompt, okay?

[00:30:56] We're gonna do a new chat. We're gonna go to 3. 5, okay? And you'll see that this still is pretty darn good.

[00:31:10] See? Pretty good. 4 is, it can be a little better. The language is a little better. Its logic is a little better. But 3. 5 is totally fine. Okay what if we don't have an email list? Well, that's where you know, you set up what I just talked about. You you create this process that I just talked about, where you have, you ask chat GPT to write you a headline, use the same prompts I gave you yesterday, and then ask it to write two paragraphs to explain why someone should join your list.

[00:31:45] And we're going to put that on a page to get people to join our list. Okay. And we're going to talk more about where you're putting it and how you're designing these pages in a minute. Okay, we're going to get to that next, but you'll put that on a page with an opt in form that I'll show you more about how to do this kind of stuff.

[00:32:00] They'll join your list. And now you know how to send them emails to get them to buy and you have to get traffic. So if you're if you're an insider, you're getting additional training from me. So if you took the Insider Club VIP upgrade, you get training from me on traffic generation. So we're going to do a bonus session together on traffic generation.

[00:32:19] If you don't have Insider Club, then yeah. Then I'm, I cover traffic and how to get traffic to your site all the time on my YouTube channel. So, I will help you with traffic over there. If that's the case, so I hope that helps a little bit. Okay. So I'm trying to go rapid fire. So let's quickly go to the next one.

[00:32:38] What is the YouTube link? Says Brian, it should have pushed the link out to you. Hopefully you've got the link. You can click and go over there. Let me see if I can quickly get it again and send it to you personally. One second

[00:32:57] there. Hopefully you see that. Okay. Cool. Is there a different styles for different days, weeks, different problem? Okay. This is from Adam. So Adam the, you know, really there's just these three styles. So I gave you. Or I will be giving you the written prompts for all three styles. So there's three distinct styles that I use in when I'm doing this.

[00:33:19] And I just stick with those. Now we could get, I could go really deep into the psychology of how to use email to sell. But I think that goes beyond the scope of today. So there's many other advanced options that you can do with email and it's maybe something I can teach you in the future, but these three prompts that I'm giving you are all you need to get started and make quite a lot of money with them without ever having to get advanced.

[00:33:43] Okay, let's go to So Lars is not super good at being social with email or on social media. It sounds seems like so large. That's the beauty of these prompts. So the prompts that I'm sharing with you, you can just use them. You don't have to think about it. You don't have to be social. You just let chat GPT figure out how to do that stuff for you.

[00:34:05] Okay this is from William. I have a list of 160 people on a Weber. They subscribed through an internet marketing course. Can I email them a new course such as dog training? I wouldn't recommend it. I wouldn't recommend completely switching the topics on your list. I, yeah, I wouldn't if it's kind of similar, kind of related, like, you know, If you have an internet marketing list and you want to sell some success or motivational, inspirational trainings, things like that that something like that could work, so it's at least kind of related to them and their experience, but switching from making money online to dog training, probably that's too big of a jump.

[00:34:42] I would not do that. Okay. Okay. So this is from Mike asking about before you can send emails, we need to gather emails. Do we do ads to get free downloads and other methods to get emails? Otherwise, do we need to buy email lists? Okay so let me summarize the question from Mike. So Mike is asking, where do you get the emails?

[00:35:02] Do you buy them? Do you run ads to them? How do you get them? Well, you have to drive traffic to your website, okay? For you to be able to have an internet business, you have to drive traffic to your site. There are hundreds of ways to do that. One of those is paid ads. So you could run ads on Facebook or Twitter or Google or wherever.

[00:35:22] Pinterest and, oh, there went the camera.

[00:35:31] Okay.

[00:35:36] Oh, boy. Hey, Nick, do you happen to be out there?

[00:35:41] Nick?

[00:35:46] Okay.

[00:35:51] Okay. Well, camera is off. Let's get the right, let's get a different camera going here.

[00:36:04] There we are. I'll

[00:36:09] see if we can make this at least Somewhat straight. Okay. Hi to the brighter webcam. Okay. Back to the question. So yes, you have to get traffic to your site. Okay. I'm going to give you some bonus training on getting traffic. And then if you're, I VIP, you get. A special session. The whole session is just dedicated to different techniques on how to get traffic.

[00:36:42] For this type of a business. Okay. And then I'm going to give a bonus webinar for everyone. All of you will get some extra bonus training on traffic. That's just an extra thing I'll be doing with you sometime over the next week. I got to figure out when I can do it and then I'll announce it, but so I'll do some bonus training on getting traffic insiders club gets dedicated traffic training but yes, you will need to get traffic to get someone to join your list and then buy your stuff.

[00:37:07] That, that is The definite plan on how you get profit in the door. Okay. Oh, lots of questions. I got to go rapid fire. I may have to miss some of your questions, but let me try to go quickly. Would the three benefit emails on the same benefit be sent consecutively or would you space them out? That's from Jim, send them day after day.

[00:37:25] So it's on the same problem or goal, right? The same problem or goal three days in a row on the same one. And you could go up to. Up to even seven days, but I'm giving you enough to do three days with these prompts. Okay. Brian says, what's my YouTube channel called? It's called Bill McIntosh.

[00:37:43] It's just my name. Okay. Let's see here, and I think there's a few of you who just aren't. I think it's browser issues. A few of you are just not getting messages. And I think maybe what's happening is it's a an ad blocker, pop up blocker security on your browser, something like something is stopping you from getting our messages.

[00:38:03] And there's a couple of you that are having that issue. So I will send you that separately. I'll email that to everybody. Okay. Actually, I'm going to email all of you a link to my channel after the show. Okay. I'll invite you all to my very next training. I'll give you a link to the show so you can, so anybody who missed the link I'm going to send that out.

[00:38:22] Okay. Cool. Awesome. Will the popular auto responders be able to deliver all emails to the lists? Yes. So this is from Beth. So Beth, the all of the main autoresponder services. Are going to work for you correctly that they're going to help you with the process of Google and the big email providers made a bunch of changes just recently about how you have to authenticate and how you have to set up your email.

[00:38:53] And I keep forgetting you're here, not up there. So, they'll just out of the box work properly. So just follow their directions. So if you set up an a Weber account, that's 1 of the auto responders get response is another popular 1. Active campaign. Convert kit is one that's like an up and coming one that I really like.

[00:39:13] I'm actually going to be trying convert kit myself, but if you just follow the directions, when you sign up for those services that do your email for you, they'll help you set all that up. It's a, yeah, nothing you should have to worry about. Just sign up, follow their directions. Okay. Darrell says time for a new camera.

[00:39:30] Yeah. Well, I just spent a fortune on this Sony camera, so I think it's time for me to send it back. Yeah. I got a, you know, I decided to start working on YouTube and I decided to up my game and go from a webcam to a professional camera, invested quite a lot of money in it and. As you can see, it does not like to stay on.

[00:39:48] It likes to shut itself off. Okay. So, Nicola, can we use this prompt to ask ChatGP to make social media posts as a way to get organic traffic? You could. You could. You could modify those. Absolutely. And one of the things that, you know, To try to make this simple, if you keep your mind centered on the whole idea of problems, goals and benefits, you can ask ChatGPT to make you all kinds of things.

[00:40:17] You could say, Hey, I serve such and such type of a customer because we've learned who our customer avatar is. You say, ChatGPT, here's the kind of customer I want to reach, please make me an ad that addresses this problem and helps people achieve this benefit, right? And boom, it will make your ad. If you want to simplify things, you can reuse this concept of problem or goal matched with a benefit combined with the customer avatar.

[00:40:45] And you can give ChatGPT that information and it can make almost any kind of business asset you might need. A social media post, an ad, an email. If you center it around those concepts, the ideal customer avatar, Benefit or problem. I'm sorry problem or goal and then it's benefit. You're gonna get good stuff and even without you don't have to have some crazy complicated prompt or a prompt even for me If you use those basic concepts, you can get it to do anything you need.

[00:41:16] Okay. How do I share this with my daughter live right now? That's from mark. You can go ahead and share the link. The basic link of the page with her. If you just, if you look at the page at the top, it's going to have a bunch of stuff that has your email address and you strip all that off of the link, so it's just the basic link to the page you're on right now, you can share that with her and she can join us.

[00:41:39] Okay. Nadia says, I like the idea of affiliate marketing to get started. You advise to pay 50%. How do we set up the letter series in affiliate marketing? Oh, to recruit affiliates. So Nadia, I might not be totally understanding that the emails you write for your customers are exactly the same, but are you talking about writing emails to recruit and find affiliates to promote you, if you can clarify that?

[00:42:05] Okay. Okay, good. Question from dale where the phone is training youtube videos be public or private. I'm probably i'll make them public or unlisted. Yeah, so but i'm going to email you and the content will be specifically geared towards you guys So everybody here in the challenge i'll be making content It's tailored to fit you and help you I mean based on your feedback and your questions that you send in but on the channel They probably will be public videos Or maybe unlisted.

[00:42:35] We'll see. Okay, you've done any testing on best times to send your emails. Yeah, I vary it up a little bit honestly because I think I get different segments of my list. So I'll I have, yeah, it's hard to say you have to test it, but my theory is send at different times because I believe that you'll hit different segments of your list at different times.

[00:43:02] Some people like to check their email in the morning before they go to work. Some people will do it on lunch break. Some people do it when they come home at night and then you have time zones. So people are on all kinds of different time zones. So if you forget it, this camera but so I recommend testing a variety of different times.

[00:43:19] And if you notice in your stats that, Hey, every time I send an evening email, I get double the number of opens. I mean, and your email provider will show you your stats then. You can use that as a clue, but me, I like to vary it up. I'll send it a different times so that I catch different segments of my list.

[00:43:40] Okay. Oh, okay. So, Jill says I turned off my, my cookie blocker and now I'm getting the broadcast. Okay, good. Yeah, I think that might be happening. I just dawned on me today that might be a problem for a lot of you is if there's some sort of an ad blocker or security blocker, it might be blocking our messages coming to you.

[00:44:02] Okay.

[00:44:06] Okay, so this is from Nadja again about setting up the affiliate platform. So I won't go over this in detail today, Nadja, but we're going to talk a lot more about ClickBank as a platform. So I will be doing some training on how to set up ClickBank. I will be doing that. I'll show you specifically how do you integrate.

[00:44:24] Pushbutton AI with ClickBank and then how you get affiliates and all that. This is from Stephanie. MailerLite has a smart feature that will figure out when your people open their emails and send it to them at those times. Yeah, that's an awesome feature. Yeah, different platforms have that. The, some of them call it like send time optimization where they'll dynamically like send emails at the perfect time for each individual prospect.

[00:44:48] And one of the things is if that you have to mail. A lot to before it learns when the ideal time is so if you're just building a brand new fresh list That may not work super well But over time as your email provider learns about when your customers open emails, then it improves okay. Brian wants to know more about our autoresponder.

[00:45:10] Okay. I'll talk about that in just a moment. I'm going to need, I'm going to move on from email at this point. And then Dale's asking about the three prompts and three types of emails. I'm going to send you more info, everybody on the three styles of email. So you'll learn more about the three styles of email and the three prompts.

[00:45:30] Okay. I'm running out of time. Okay. So I better move on. Okay. So, let's do this. We're now going to talk about your platform. And you've heard me recommend my, my, my recommendation is to use WordPress. There are other options. I'm not going to really talk about them today because I, my experience and everything I know is based on WordPress.

[00:45:52] So we're going to talk about WordPress today. Okay. We're going to talk about how you set up your site. So WordPress is a a content management systems, what it's called. And it helps you run your whole site. You can create pages, blog posts, articles all the things that you need. And there's an interface for you to easily be able to do that.

[00:46:12] And then WordPress is something that comes out of the box. Pretty if you just. Like most hosting companies, if you go to a hosting company, you buy a hosting account, they'll have a WordPress installer that you can just go follow the instructions and it will install WordPress on your hosting. That's pretty simple.

[00:46:28] The challenging part comes on, which add ons do you want to put in? And there are plugins. There are plugins that are both free and paid. There are themes on how do you want your site to look and feel, and they're both free and paid themes. And then there's all the configuring of everything. And that's really where the time consuming part comes in, is in that.

[00:46:47] But getting WordPress installed is quite simple on almost every hosting platform. And then what you'll do is, you know, you'll have there'll be a page for you to edit. And I recommend making your home page be Your sales page. So when you write either, you can do your free giveaway where you're trying to get people to join your list from your homepage, or you can use your sales letter and put it on your homepage to sell your product or service.

[00:47:13] And either one is works depends on what your preference is. And you can quite literally copy and paste what you get out of chat, GPT into WordPress. And, and it works really simply. And then there are extra plugins, like I mentioned that do drag and drop point and click simple editing stuff.

[00:47:33] That's pretty cool. For for example, there's one called beaver builder. That is one that I like quite a bit. There's Elementor is a very popular one. I think that's probably the most popular one right now. And these are extra plugins that you can install. And I recommend the pro versions of either Elementor or the pro version of Beaver Builder.

[00:47:52] And that makes it so it's drag and drop, point and click simple. And I'll show you an example. That's what we use in Pushbutton AI. So I'm going to show you some examples of that. The other thing is you want a good theme. I recommend the pro version of Astra, the Astra theme, A S T R A. And you'll want to upgrade to the pro version.

[00:48:13] That's also what we use on Pushbutton AI. But let's do this. I'm going to go log into an example site on Pushbutton AI. And then I'm going to show you A little bit about what we install and what some of the tools and plugins that you're going to need to run your site. Okay. So let me go here. You know what I'll do?

[00:48:32] I'll log into the,

[00:48:37] I think I'll log into the, I have a demo site. That should be a good one to log into. Let's see. Checking on that now,

[00:48:48] okay

[00:48:55] Excuse me

[00:49:01] Okay, we are logged in. Okay, let's close all these

[00:49:12] And we'll go here. Okay, so this is what profit platforms WordPress looks like we've mod it We've kind of heavily modified WordPress for our use

[00:49:24] And so if we come over here We click show all menus. I don't know if you saw that, then it opens all these up. And so for example, this is the Astra theme that we, you know, it's a pro theme that we put on your sites for you. Then there's a bunch of stuff we put on here, but Sensei is the other one I want to show you Sensei.

[00:49:44] LMS, which stands for Learning Management System. Sensei Pro is what we install on your sites for you. Again, we pay for the licenses and we install it and configure it for you. That's what I recommend for managing your course, for being able to have a course that people can opt in and subscribe to. And you can set up your lessons.

[00:50:03] You can even set up, if you want to do this, you can add questionnaire. Like you can add quizzes and questionnaires to it. There's a lot of cool things. You can grade test scores. You can send messages to your students, all that kind of stuff. But that's Sensei and that's what I recommend. The other thing I recommend is for your shopping cart is a plugin called WooCommerce.

[00:50:26] And we use WooCommerce with subscriptions. Memberships and then there's a bunch of add ons that we have put on WooCommerce, but you need WooCommerce subscriptions and memberships are two plugins that you'll want to have. Okay. And then here's Beaver Builder. This is Beaver Builder Pro that we put on your site.

[00:50:45] And let me give you an example of how that works. So let's go to the, let's go to the homepage. This is our demo site. And if we come over here, we're going to edit. In beaver builder

[00:51:03] and that's the drag and drop stuff so you can see how it's kind of highlighting here so I could click this Let's say one explanation is not enough. We'll change it to three. All right. So we were just, you know, drag and drop editing. So if we don't like the color here, we can go, let's change the color to pink and we can change this.

[00:51:29] Let's change that to like a magenta color or whatever that is. I'm colorblind by the way. So I'm, I may be picking the wrong colors, but We can make all of this bold. We can edit it. We can you know, let's delete that. So that's an example. That's the drag and drop page editor that comes built into everyone's sites.

[00:51:48] Okay. That's if you do upgrade to push button AI, we do use beaver builder and that's the beaver builder tool. And then the cool thing is if you come up here, you see the plus button. If you push that, there are all kinds of things that we can drag and drop onto our page. From you putting in custom HTML codes to buttons to images, videos, headlines things like that.

[00:52:11] So let's say we wanted to drop a button in, right? I'm just gonna stick it here. Just we're gonna come here and graffiti up our page. So the button says click here. You can put an icon in it so that if you want to have an image so we can put a little shopping cart image on it. And then there are all these different options.

[00:52:27] Okay, and then you can put the link of where you want it to link to. So you would put your link in there, and then we can style it. So if we want it to be centered, right align, left align. There's all these options. You could change the color. So let's change the background color of it to, I don't know, a deep blue.

[00:52:48] And then when we hover over it, let's change it to yellow. We're going to make this as ugly as possible. And then let's take the text color, and then let's make it white.

[00:53:01] There we go.

[00:53:05] So there you go. So we just put a button on the page that would click and go to any page. We want them when they click on that button. Now, obviously, I have messed up my page. So I'm not going to want to keep all these all the graffiti. I just put on my page. So up here when we click done. You can either discard your changes, which is what I'm going to do.

[00:53:25] You can save your changes as a draft, or you can publish them, okay? So if I publish them, this would immediately change the, for the public, for everyone else, would immediately change the page. But if I hit discard, it's going to ask me if I'm sure, and then it's going to erase all those changes. Boom, they're gone.

[00:53:43] Okay? But that's what I recommend. Is make sure you get a drag and drop plugin for your WordPress install. And I will give you a list of the, there are mandatory and optional plugins that I would recommend in here. Let's take a look again. We'll come back to WordPress. This is the WordPress admin dashboard.

[00:54:05] We'll come down here and there's a lot of plugins. So let's take a look at the plugins here.

[00:54:12] So I can give you a list of the mandatory and optional plugins. But as you can see, there is there's a lot of plugins. Some of them are optional plugins that we have not activated. Like, we have plugins that'll help you put ads on your website. That's the Ad Sanity plugin. We have ways of you to put AdSense on your website.

[00:54:29] We have an affiliate, a built in affiliate. that will do all of your affiliate tracking for you, manage your affiliates, pay your commissions. It's all built in. So I'm trying to find, we have a premium SEO plugins. RankMath is a, is available on our sites, RankMath Pro. There's AstroPro, that's the.

[00:54:50] That's the upgrade you want there. There's Beaver Builder Pro. It's installed. Anyway, you can see there's a lot of possible plugins that you can install on your sites. This is all what comes built into you know, the sites that we're creating for you. So I'll in the written materials. I'll follow up again.

[00:55:12] I'll give you a list of the mandatory plugins and tools And then the optional ones that are kind of the nice to have You know because each of these does cost like if you go for the pro version of the plugins they do cost money which To, to plug push button ai. Again, when you use push button ai, we buy the plugins for you.

[00:55:35] So we buy them, we license them. You don't have to pay for them. They're just included. And that's part of the hosting. Like as you pay for the monthly fee in push button ai it covers. The cost of us to maintain and update and license all those plugins to host your website and to provide you with webmaster support.

[00:55:53] So, that's what that monthly fee is on push button AI. If you do decide to Upgrade and grab that. And let me take a look at my list for my agenda I'm falling behind schedule. So let me just see if I can catch up here. Okay, we got wordpress. We got email marketing Oh, can I'd like to show something off to you guys real quick.

[00:56:18] So I'm gonna, I'm going to go back and take a look and we'll do a quick round of Q and a about WordPress and your, what you need to do to have a, like a site that you're going to put all this stuff on, right? You got this WordPress is where you're going to take all the stuff you've gotten from chat GPT and paste it into WordPress.

[00:56:36] To build your site. So I'll do a really quick round of questions on WordPress. And then I'd like to show a couple of cool things that we just, there's some new features in push button AI that we just launched. I want to show them to you. They're pretty cool. So let me just get your questions first.

[00:56:56] Okay. So I'm going to go back to my homepage and we'll go back to questions. Cool. Yeah, so William says I heard you use Astra. Yes, we use the Astra theme, which I love it quite a bit we also have WordPress security. So that's again from William

[00:57:20] Yeah. So William is mentioning, yeah, WooCommerce is huge and very complicated. Yeah I agree with you. That's why we set it up for you. That's a push button. We do that part for you. Also WordFence is what we're using for security on your websites. So we also have security plugins to keep your sites from getting hacked so that people can't get in.

[00:57:42] Okay, so Karen Smith says do we have to pay for hosting platform?

[00:57:50] You do need hosting. So Karen, yes, you do need hosting whether you get it from us or on your own This is a like it's just part of having a website is you have to have hosting. So and and you'd also ask, is it possible to be profitable without buying push button AI? Absolutely. You know, there are millions of businesses out there that have websites that are profitable selling courses and they don't have push button AI.

[00:58:16] So you, by no means, I don't, I keep looking at the wrong camera by no means, do I want to make it seem like you have to pay me more money in order to be successful? That's simply, that's not the case, right? I so you can be successful. You will need hosting though, whether you get it from me or from somewhere else, you, that's, you will need hosting and you will need something like WordPress.

[00:58:40] Shopify can be used. That's an example of another tool you could use. But yeah, you will need a site and a way to sell your courses in order to make profit. And so you'll either have to acquire that yourself, or if you do upgrade to push button AI. We just take care of it. We do all that stuff and take care of that stuff for you.

[00:58:58] So, but I do want to make it clear. You don't have to buy push button AI. You don't want to make this feel like some sort of a bait and switch where in order to succeed, you have to give me more money. You don't have to, and I'm going to keep helping you whether you. Upgrade to Pushbutton AI or not?

[00:59:14] Of course, Pushbutton AI customers get all of our VIP support and all the stuff that comes with it. But I'm not dropping the challenge. So if you're in the challenge and you don't upgrade to Pushbutton AI, I'm not leaving you behind. Okay. Okay. So William is likely going to be getting push button premium. Awesome. Well, glad you're going to be upgrading to push button. Okay. Here is from Beth. I quit using WordPress and started using a drag and drop HTML platform because the WordPress is slow loading. Okay. Yeah. So one of the things that Beth was running into is.

[00:59:49] If you, it can get a little technical to get WordPress to run really well and to make it run fast. And so she abandoned WordPress and tried to go with a different platform. And I do understand and again, to plug push button AI, that's what we're here for. If you upgrade, we cover your security.

[01:00:08] We help make sure your sites load fast. And yeah. And one of the things about WordPress too Beth, that might've been a little confusing is if you set it up right to the public, WordPress will load. Really? There we go. There's a snap. We'll load like that. I keep looking at the wrong camera again.

[01:00:27] So, so WordPress can load boom fast. To the public, but when you log in as an administrator, it will load slower. Okay, this is if you've set up wordpress correctly That's what you'll experience where if you log in as an admin and you're browsing your site while you're logged in as an admin The experience will be slower for you, but for non logged in public users.

[01:00:53] It's much faster And that's if wordpress is You know optimize well and is running. Well, that's the experience that you'll kind of have. But again, we'll you know, those of you who upgrade will we take care of that stuff? Okay, i've installed woocommerce in the past. Okay. You already got that one Plug in list would be great says regina Yeah, i'll give i'll definitely give you all the plug in list so you have no you'll know exactly what to set up for your sites Larry says, why do I recommend WordPress over an HTML site?

[01:01:24] Oh, my gosh, WordPress is so much like, in terms of running a membership site, having a shopping cart, all the SEO benefits, and it can be almost as fast as just a pure HTML page if it's done right. So I just, in every way, WordPress is superior to just doing regular HTML, Larry. Let's see, does Pushbutton AI have.

[01:01:48] Most of the advanced plugins that you recommend. It has them all. Yeah, Tim, it does. That's a question from Tim. Yes, every plugin I'm recommending comes pre configured, pre installed, pre set up, and we buy the pro versions for you. Yes. Okay, so Robert says, that's great, but not all of us can afford push button AI.

[01:02:13] Yeah, that's okay. You can succeed without push button AI. Absolutely, you can. And, you know, think about how many Millions, of course creators and core sellers that are out there that aren't using push button ai, so you can succeed. Okay. Let's see.

[01:02:35] Okay. I'm not sure, Randall, if I'm not following your question. So, maybe Samantha, if you can look at Randall's questions and see if you can get clarity on that. I don't, I'm not following you, Randall. Can you show us an example of an opt in page? Oh, well, here's one right there. So this is on the Wolf Instructor site.

[01:02:54] So this is the, this is a opt in page created by Pushbutton. So it wrote the sales copy and it created the opt in form for us. Let's see okay

[01:03:11] So, marcus talked about the importance of securing wordpress so hackers can't get in. Yeah, I agree. I agree and that's why we use the the word fence plugin, Would you recommend using multilingual plugins to? Increased site exposure and sales. Not unless you're, that's part of your business model.

[01:03:27] If you decide you want to go into the German market and you're going to be able to drive German traffic and support German users, then do that. But if it's just cause it's a gimmick to try to expand and get more traffic, then I would not do that. I would skip it. Randall says, are there any other sessions going forward?

[01:03:44] So we've done the five challenge sessions. I'm going to continue to support everyone. I have bonus training for you. If you upgraded to elite, you get more stuff. If you upgraded to enter to the insiders club, you get more stuff. And YouTube channel. So that will going to continue the journey over there.

[01:04:04] Okay. Not just says is hosting included in the push. But may I purchase? Yes, it's included. Hosting is part of it. We hope we host it for you. Can we transfer websites to our servers? Oh, to your server. Okay. You can't transfer a website onto our server. You can make a new website and point your domain names, like you can point your old domain names, any domains you own at any other place.

[01:04:31] You can point them to our servers, but we can't like grab a copy of an old website and put it on our hosting. Okay. Okay, cool. Is it possible to use another push button AI to advertise my course? I'm not sure I'm following that, Karen. So let's see. Any ideas on the bonus session might be included for the 1, 000 giveaway? I don't want to miss that session. Yes, I'm trying to do it. Well, it will be within the next few days, and I will email you multiple times. I know people have had issues with getting emails, so I will email multiple times about the 1, 000.

[01:05:05] Prize and the bonus session. So I'll make sure I'll email you. Those of you who have given us your phone number, I will text you and I'll make sure that everyone knows about it. Okay. But it will be in the next few days and I'll announce it ahead of time. So it won't be at the last minute. Okay.

[01:05:21] Can you get webmaster hosting and auto responder without push button AI? What you. You can get your own right so that you can get hosting. There's a like, all the major domain name services and hosting companies sell hosting. And then you can sign up for auto responders at like services like a Weber or get response.

[01:05:38] So those are available. Just not through me. If you want me to do it, then, yeah, you have to upgrade to push button AI. Okay,

[01:05:50] let's see. You mentioned instructions are prompts. Okay. I had to use mid journey yesterday. Is that still coming? Yes, I'm doing well the book there is There's training on my channel larry. So larry asked about the wordpress training. So it's not new training I already did training on my channel and there should have been links I think we could put the links in the written materials.

[01:06:11] If not, i'll send them to you Okay, great Okay, good. So I might have missed some of the other questions, but We're running down to we're running out the clock. So I'm going to come back on screen here and we're going to do something else. Okay. So what I'd like to do I want to show a couple, I want to show off a couple little things that come in push button AI, some of the AI stuff that we're doing.

[01:06:37] We have something that's called our offer page builder. And I would like to, for those of you who do decide to become a push button ad customer, again, it's not mandatory. We're going to help you and support you either way. But if you do decide to join Pushbutton AI, anyone who joins during the challenge, I'm going to give you this stuff.

[01:06:54] So you'll get these additional, this is called our offer page builder. And then we have an AI image creator. I showed the image creator a little bit before. But I want to show that in more detail and show you the offer page grader. So let me see if we have it installed on I think we have it installed on Wolf Instructors.

[01:07:12] Let me just look real fast.

[01:07:17] And I want to show that to you. Yes, we do. Okay. Okay,

[01:07:28] cool. So we have what's called our offer page builder. And so an offer page is for when you want to sell something. So let's say that you decide you want to sell, could be any product or service beyond your course. Let's say you want to sell, let's say you get course customers and now you want to sell them something new.

[01:07:50] Maybe you want to promote an affiliate offer. Maybe you found an affiliate offer on ClickBank that you would love to promote to your list, to your customers, or maybe you have a business and you want to sell your own business product or service, but there's something new you decided you would like to sell to your users, that's what we create offer pages for, and there are little mini sales pages that.

[01:08:13] A word that AI will create for you, that will create the image, the headline, all the copy, your links and your buttons, whatever it might be. And I'm looking at the wrong camera again, but whatever it might be that you need, it will create it and launch an offer page to sell anything. Could be anything.

[01:08:31] So this goes into selling things beyond your course could be coaching, consulting. It could be, again, if you have a business with products or service for sale, affiliate products, you can sell anything with this. And AI will build it for you. So we come over here and we say, build a new page.

[01:08:55] And we have this. This looks very familiar, right? So, it looks like, it works just like, the page builder that's in Pushbutton AI. And so what we come over here and we could say, I don't know, what can we sell to someone? Here, I'm going to say then, in Woof Instructors it might be demographic would be, families with kids and pets.

[01:09:16] Might be the subject would be personalized one on one dog training service. Okay, so let's say I want to offer an upgrade where someone could pay me to train their dog. Let's just say that's going to be my offer, right? So I can do that and I can hit fill form. Okay, now it's doing its thing. The AI has gone to work and it's now trying to decide.

[01:09:46] There we go. So now it has created my 10 problems and goals, right? Just like everything else you have always seen me talk about problems and goals and all that. So we're going to say, we want to write it like Gary Halbert. We have we have just one template right now. Then this is the, this will be filled in automatically.

[01:10:03] That's like the URL that you want it to be, or you could specify, you know, page URL or.

[01:10:15] You can make that automatically or you can specify it. Your offer URL is the link to where you're, the thing you're promoting. So let's just say we're going to pretend for a moment.

[01:10:30] We're going to pretend for a moment. Let's just pick someone here. Here's a dog training company. Okay. Let's just pretend that this is who we're going to promote. So we come in here and we pop that link in.

[01:10:45] Okay. And then we say. Build page.

[01:10:53] Page is submitted and is now queued to be built in the background. Okay, so now if we come over here, we can look at our offer pages list

[01:11:05] and you could see request submitted waiting for page to be built. So it's actually making the offer page for us now. And this is going to be a mini sales page that promotes and sells That drug training service, and then it'll have very specific links for people to click to then go buy it. So this is a way to promote affiliate links or anything at all that you would like to sell.

[01:11:28] And it's this is a an extra add on that we are putting on your sites that you build on push button AI. So anyone who joins during the challenge, you will get this will be included in your purchase. You will have this pre installed and pre activated on your sites. So that you can build offer pages like you just saw me do there.

[01:11:48] We'll give it a minute. Can take a couple of minutes to finish.

[01:11:57] It's still going. So we'll wait for it to finish. And then I'll show you an example of an offer page that it makes. But the other thing is we have AI image generation. So you can drag and drop. And make an image, any image you can imagine that you can describe, the AI will create it and you can drop it onto a lesson, onto a page, a post, a sales letter.

[01:12:19] I showed a little bit of that before, but I'd like to show that again too. So let's go over to, back to the site

[01:12:31] and then we'll come in here and we'll edit in Beaver Builder. So we're going to be editing and then let's say I want to just, you know, I want to drop an image here. So we come over here, we got AI image, so we can drop it. I'm just going to do something really crude for a moment, just to just kind of show you the idea.

[01:12:50] And it says that, what is the page about? And so we're going to say, dog training. And we're going to say, a happy dog walking on a leash at the park. And then we're going to say save. And it's making the image. And so anything we can describe, It's going to make the image and stick it in the page for us. So we'll give it a moment to finish it spinning and doing its thing.

[01:13:25] And then it's going to drop the image right onto our page. And the image could come out really good and it might come out really weird. It's sort of the slot machine that you get with AI images, but you can always just make another one if it turns out to be incorrect. See, there we go. That's not bad. So now you see this one is a giant image, so we can change the size too.

[01:13:47] So if we click the little thing there, we can come over here and let's make it a medium sized image. There you go. So, and then you can use that image in your design. So whether you want to use it in your sales pages, on your articles. And so, by the way, so this image never was created before. That's not a real picture that never existed before.

[01:14:10] The AI created it from scratch for us. And so you can make images and drop them on your pages, and that's included, too. So you all get that. That will be pre set up, pre installed, and you get that when you go into Beaver Builder, and you'll see AI image as an option there. So that's just another thing we're doing to throw in as part of the challenge bonuses.

[01:14:30] Okay, let's go back to offer pages. We'll refresh. Let's see if it's ready yet,

[01:14:37] and it looks like it's ready. Let's see what it came up with. There we go.

[01:14:47] So it wrote the headline. It wrote all the copy you see here. And it created the call to action, and then you've got a link, and then it does it again. And you'll notice this follows a similar pattern. What I'm doing is I'm doing a positive and then a negative close, just like we, just like I taught you in the other training, okay?

[01:15:12] So then if we click, boom, it takes us to the offer, okay? So both of those buttons that you see, both of them go to the offer. Pretty cool, right? So these are things that we're adding in that you will get as a push button AI customer As you join during the challenge, okay, so those are some examples if you decide to upgrade and then I am going to continue to support you throughout your Building of your course and launching of your course.

[01:15:45] And if you get stuck and you have questions, you need help. You can continue to ask questions of me. I'll continue doing live streams every week. So I'll be on every Wednesday with you. You can join and you can continue to get support for me. I will continue to help you with your challenge business. And then we have bonus training.

[01:16:04] So don't forget, we're going to be coming back together. On a closed door thing again at least one more time in a bonus session, those of you in elite, you get additional email coaching from us as well. So if you needed guidance and advice on the courses you're creating, we'll continue to support you there.

[01:16:22] And then elites also get bonus Q and a sessions. We're going to do one. I'm going to be wrapping up the challenge for today, but we'll be doing one more. Bye. Session with or you get two more sessions with elites. So we'll be doing Q and A with you. Those in the insider club, you have two sessions.

[01:16:41] One is on traffic. We're going to do a very specific training on how to get traffic for your course business, how to get new people to come and buy from you. And then your second bonus training is all about what I call. The business multiplier, and that's all about how you, once you start to get traffic, how do you make and manage and run a profitable business?

[01:17:02] So we'll be talking about how do you start with traffic and convert that into multiplying more and more to get bigger and bigger results. And those are, that's for the insiders club. Let me go back to questions real quick. Let me see here.

[01:17:26] Let's go. There we go. Let's go over here. And by the way, if anybody hasn't yet seen the the presentation on push button AI, you can check that out. That is still available. So I do have a little presentation available. If you want to watch that to learn more about what push button AI is all about.

[01:17:47] I emailed that out this morning. Let me see if I can find that link for you. Just one second here. I sent that out in the morning's email, and I think I can find it here. Yeah, there it is.

[01:18:07] Stand by while I get you that link.

[01:18:17] Okay, so I'm going to try sending it out as a broadcast. We'll see if it actually goes out. Stand by while I do that in the chat. I hope it's going to listen to me and do what it's supposed to do.

[01:18:31] Let's see.

[01:18:39] I'm building a link for you right now.

[01:18:56] And gotta forgive me. I'm actually writing HTML real quick while

[01:19:03] this comes out. Right? There we go.

[01:19:11] Okay. Does the admin password from the site in pushbutton. ai get emailed to you? It should be. Yeah. But if you are having trouble with that, just hit up support. Sean, just send a to help at pushbutton. ai.

[01:19:27] Okay, cool. James asked, Is this the last day to upgrade to be part of the push button to be part of the challenge bonuses and get all the bonuses from the challenge? Technically, I said it was going to end tonight. I'm gonna, I'm gonna extend it into when I finish my bonus sessions. Okay, so I am going to extend it.

[01:19:43] Originally, it was supposed to end tonight. I'll extend it a couple of days until we're done delivering all the bonus training. So Regina asked how long are the recordings up for and also some more questions about YouTube. Okay, so, the core training. Is to those of you in the challenge was a live experience. So if you remember when you purchased the challenge, it was a live experience and the replays were originally supposed to be up for 24 hours.

[01:20:11] That was how it was originally sold and pitched. So we've already left for everyone. We've left them up for much longer than that. Just cause I realized that was probably not. We're going to be very helpful to you. So we just went ahead and left them up. I will leave the replay links all available and all up for at least until we finish with delivering all the bonuses and probably a little bit longer than that.

[01:20:33] I have. This whole thing has been going so quickly that I haven't really thought through how to adjust to this because yeah, it was sold originally to be a live experience with 24 hour replays. And then the people who upgraded to VIP got permanent. Like if I think those are the insiders club get permanent access.

[01:20:52] To the, all the materials. So those who didn't upgrade to that were originally going to have just 24 hours after each session. So we've left everything up. I'll continue to leave it up for at least a few more days. So make sure the written materials go grab them, go, you know, go grab your materials unless you've upgraded to the insiders club, then it will be there for you forever.

[01:21:14] And yeah, but at some point, yes, the replays will come down and I'll give out warning. I will warn everyone ahead of time before that happens. Okay. Okay. Okay.

[01:21:30] Well, let's see. Naga says, I cannot thank you enough for the amazing course. I've spent four years trying to build an online course. And with all the plugins and integration, I've now gone from a hopeless to a hopeful, thank you. That's awesome. Thank you, Nadia. Let's see, is the offer page builder and image generator accessible outside of push button AI as from Larry?

[01:21:53] No, unfortunately it's only in push button AI. Okay, can my daughter join with me and push button AI ultimate? Yes. So if you have a family member or business partner who needs to be part of the coaching and part of the experience, yes, they can absolutely be part of that. Okay.

[01:22:17] So Nicola says. Thanks for the week. I've never learned so much so fast. Awesome. Awesome. I'm glad to hear that. Cool. Cool. All right. So, and here's something that's happening too that I want out there. So, I'm supposed to be doing the Q and A for elite members right now. I go live on YouTube in 30 minutes.

[01:22:39] Exactly. So, and yes. So, so I think I'm out of time to do Q and A for elites. So elites are supposed to get a bonus Q and A session beyond the normal session. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to do Q and A I'll do it for 10 more minutes. Just answering questions and helping you guys out.

[01:22:57] And then I'm gonna have to switch gears and go over to my YouTube channel. Those of you in elite, I apologize. You will still get elites are owed two more bonus trainings. So two more bonus Q and a's. So all of the elites, you will get those two Q and a's. And, by the way, I want to ask this is for the Insiders Club people only Insider Club only.

[01:23:19] You guys have bonus training again on traffic and on multiplying your business. I am thinking about inviting. I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to invite all the insider club people into what we call our office hours So we do a private it's like a private special thing. We do with our ultimate customers It's usually for push button ai ultimates only Or anybody who's got our vip, you know one on one consulting We invite you in we call it office hours.

[01:23:50] We do them in zoom and everybody can come on camera We have this whole interactive experience, so I'm going to be inviting everyone who's in the Insiders Club. I'm going to invite you all to our next office hours, which is Friday. That's this Friday. So I'll yeah, I'll, you'll be getting an invite to that.

[01:24:07] So it'll be in Zoom and just so you know what's going on. And so we're going to invite you in to office hours on Friday, and I'm going to do the business multiplier training for you at the same time. So I'm going to invite you into office hours. We'll do the business multiplier training and then you get to kind of see behind the scenes of what happens with in our coaching You know, in consulting on how we run that.

[01:24:29] So that's an insiders club benefit. So I'll invite you guys all in for a guest experience in our office hours consulting. So insiders, you'll all get invited to that. It'll be in zoom. You'll all get. Invites from zoom to join. So if you wonder what that is me inviting you into our office hours where I'm going to be delivering your training and, you know, give you some of the complimentary coaching.

[01:24:52] Okay. Back to Q and a

[01:24:54] do I have an email system with an autoresponder? Yes. People, everyone who gets my hosting. So anybody who has push button AI or who is a hosting customer of mine. Does have access to an email autoresponder. Okay. That's a question about recordings the cliff notes from day four did not include the prompts for finding the avatar.

[01:25:15] Can they be included please? Yes, they should be in there. So day four should absolutely have those and if it doesn't I will check in. J on the team, is helping me with those i'll check in with j And find out if the prompts are not included. I will make sure they are. They are supposed to be included.

[01:25:31] So we'll definitely make sure that happened. Can we still join the Insiders Club? Yeah, I mean, I had a link for Insiders Club that I gave out to upgrade. I mean, I suppose you could still do that. Anybody interested in that? Anybody still want to upgrade to Insiders Club? I mean, I could drop the link if you want.

[01:25:50] We did give an upgrade link. Those who might want that. K C looking through here. Well, a lot of people say nice things about the challenge. Thank you for that. Thank you a lot for that. Yeah. So William says subscribe to me over on YouTube. I've been following you since 2010 and the old job crusher crew days.

[01:26:11] Yeah. So, those of you might know, so I've been involved with job crusher, which is a brand that has been teaching online entrepreneurship for over a decade. The original, originally it was Mike Filsaime and Eric Louvier. Then I came in and then Matt Gill came in at one point and was part of it.

[01:26:31] And we had yeah, it was quite something. It's been around a long time. So I'm the only, I'm the last man standing in Job Crusher. So, William, yeah, you go back with me a long ways. That's cool. Okay.

[01:26:50] Okay. So Thomas is having some issues and has had some health challenges over the last few days and has missed the live events. So I will leave the replays up for everyone. I realize that there's all kinds of circumstances and reasons why people maybe didn't, from technical issues to issues on my end.

[01:27:11] We have problems with email and then other people have issues with life. Like Thomas. So I'm going to leave the replays up. How about this? So I will leave them up a week. So we'll leave the entire challenge, all the replays up, for everyone, for at least a week. That should give everyone plenty of time to go grab the Cliff Notes, grab and download your stuff, watch the replays.

[01:27:34] If you're having trouble with the videos, then let my team know and we'll try to help you get that debugged. I'll make sure that you've got them for at least a week. before they all come down. Okay. Yeah. And then of course, those are the Insiders Club. My promise for your upgrade was that you get them permanently.

[01:27:49] So your links will not, will the replay will stay up. Okay. Bill Braswell says, thanks for the great experience. I learned a lot. I'm hopeful and encouraged about where this can go. Awesome. I'm glad. Okay. Carrie says, thanks for the great hours of teaching. I learned a lot. Also now being hopeful.

[01:28:12] I'll get working on building and learning some more than launch. Fantastic. Yeah. And I want to, you know, my goal here, it's great in everything to have new push button AI customers. That's awesome. But I want you to know, this is from the heart, that My mission in life, like the thing that I have really kind of adopted and taken on as my personal thing is I want to help entrepreneurs.

[01:28:34] So you guys are my, you're my, you're. You know, you're the people that I like to hang out with. I like being with entrepreneurs. I like helping entrepreneurs. And I think it's a big impact that I can make by doing that. Because if you're successful, your family's benefit, you'll hire employees, you'll probably many of you might grow big companies.

[01:28:56] And I could have had, you know, just by chance to have a hand in helping you do that. And it is a personal mission of mine. So whether you Upgrade to push button AI. I mean, Hey, I would love if you want to do that and become a customer of my software. That would be cool. But by no means is this in any way, the end of me helping you.

[01:29:16] And it's, it is truly important to me that if you upgrade or not, that I help you. And so I'm not leaving you behind. And you know, you're all welcome to be part of my YouTube channel experience. And I'm going to take extra care of making sure that if you need help. If I got to deliver some training or initial lesson or answer some questions or do whatever I got to do to help you through it, we'll continue to support you over on YouTube.

[01:29:41] And yeah, so I'm not going nowhere and it is my mission. It truly is to help you as much as I can. So I love hearing if I've. Been able to inspire you or if you've learned some new knowledge and that your, you know, your journey is going to continue and you're going to thrive. So this, it's important to me that I really do want you to understand that's where I'm at.

[01:30:02] I'm not. You know, I'm not looking for a quick upgrade. And then if you don't upgrade, you're out. It's not it at all. Okay. Can we get the complete transcript from your chat GPT set? So you every day, so this is from Stephanie every day. Stephanie should have transcripts. So you should have the complete transcript from every single day. Okay, so Regina is confirming the prompts are not there. All right, I will go back and I will make sure I'll have the team look at every day and make sure that all the prompts are included.

[01:30:33] So if there's any prompts missing in the CliffsNotes, I will make sure that they are replaced if they've been omitted for some reason. And then you should also all have access to the transcripts of every day. Okay? Okay.

[01:30:49] Okay, several of you are still interested in upgrading to the Insiders Club. All right, let me dig that out. Here, hold on one second. Let me dig out the Insiders Club link.

[01:31:02] Let's see.

[01:31:10] All right, so I'm gonna pop a link out there. Hopefully the chat system cooperates and delivers it to you. Let's try popping that. So this is a link to upgrade to the Insiders Club. There you go. In a reminder, I'm doing a training session on how to get traffic to your course business, and then I'm doing a training session on the business multiplier.

[01:31:38] And for those that are in the Insiders Club, I'm going to invite you all in to one of our office hours sessions that we hold in Zoom. So everyone comes, you can come on camera if you want to and say hi and and hang out with us in Zoom while and that'll be an Insiders Club little bonus thing I'm doing.

[01:31:55] Okay. Okay. Lars was in Job Crusher back in 2012 through Michael Chaney. Oh, awesome. Okay. This is Karen. So Karen's got to catch up. Awesome. Well, glad. So Karen's excited so far, but she's missed some of the first couple sessions. So I'll leave them up so you can get access to those. Okay. So Nadja didn't get access to the cliff notes.

[01:32:24] All right, I'll make sure you get those. So here's the question in the dog market. I love dogs. The market is huge and broad. Okay. Many courses already exist. I do. I want to do a dog course to get better notice out there in the already busy dog market. Should I narrow down the niche maybe to a specific breed? Or just stay general. Yeah, so in I think it was in day four I think is when I talked about this where I talked about the concept of attacking a broad market In little pieces right like piece by piece so you can attack a big market what time is it?

[01:32:57] Oh, shoot. I'm gonna have to go soon but you break a market down by attacking it piece by piece and you could that could be like Specific problems one at a time, and you could do an entire course just on like barking. You could do an entire course on aggression behavior, an entire course for puppy training.

[01:33:16] You know what I mean? That's one way to break it down. Or, like you suggested, I really love this. We have actually we've seen some success at this where we do specifically geared training for dog breeds. And there are differences in behavior. So it's it's totally applicable. But at one point, you know, we, I had a dog training guide that I would just slap a different cover on and do one for chihuahuas, one for pugs, one for German shepherds, but it was really the same guide.

[01:33:45] It just had a different cover. So. That is a good way. I've actually had experience in that being successful. So you could break it down breed by breed. That would be totally fine too, but you can tackle the whole market one segment at a time. Don't try to capture the whole market all at once with a generic course, do specific on target courses, and then break up the market and when, you know, get a course out there, have a win move to the next and the next, rather than trying to do everything for everyone at the beginning.

[01:34:18] Okay, I am not going to be able to answer all the rest of the questions. I really apologize, but I'm going to be moving over to YouTube in just a moment. Okay. Okay, so Mark is going to be mining digital gold with me. Okay. I've known for over a decade. So, oh, Zahida

[01:34:44] says, I've known you for over a decade. Thanks kindly for your amazing training. Definitely a role from the heart. Keep on being awesome. Oh, thank you. Thank you very much. Okay. So mark upgraded to push button last night. Do I need to join a certain way to ensure I get what's on? No, so everybody who just join through your links And everyone who has joined during the challenge is going to get all the bonuses, okay?

[01:35:11] And i'm just saying I might have a sneaky surprise bonus up my sleeve I haven't told you about yet, but when I do everyone who gets in Whether you joined on day one of the challenge or you know in a couple of days, we're going to close it out So keep You know, when I close out the challenge and I stopped delivering the bonus trainings then the offer is expired.

[01:35:30] But up until that point, all of the bonuses I offer any time during the challenge, you all get them. So if I offer a special surprise bonus in a day or so, just saying. Everyone gets it. So if you join day one, or you join today, you'll get all of the bonuses, and you don't need to do anything else. Just join Pushbutton AI, you know, upgrade and and we'll then, we'll make sure you get all the bonuses.

[01:35:56] So you don't have to do anything special. Okay.

[01:36:07] Okay. Oh, so Stephanie's asking for are my example chat GPT sessions. Oh, I see what you're saying. So the actual chats I showed on screen, let me see if I can do that. I think I can just, I delete, I might've deleted some of them. Let me check, but so I know at least some of them are salvageable. Let me find out what we can do about that.

[01:36:28] Okay. Okay. I'm subscribed to your YouTube channel. When is your regular program there? Yes. So this is from Milan. So we, or Milan. Sorry. My YouTube channel. I'm live every Wednesday. That's Wednesday at two Pacific is when I'm live over there. So, so that's where I'm going in just a moment.

[01:36:53] Yes, every Wednesday at two Pacific. Okay, let's see. And yeah, and I am out of time. So here's what I'm going to do. Okay. So, I have more training I'll be doing with you. This does conclude the official, you know, we'll say the official challenge, but we're not done together. I have more training for you.

[01:37:16] Of course, elites and Insiders Club, you guys get all kinds of extra stuff that you're still going to get. And then even for everyone else, if you didn't upgrade, there's more coming. So I have more to come. I'll announce it through email. I'll invite you to some more sessions. I know I'm going to do at least one more bonus session.

[01:37:34] We're going to talk about some traffic strategies and some money making strategies, a little bit of affiliate marketing, if you're who's interested in affiliate marketing, anybody here, let me know, are you interested in affiliate marketing? In the chat. So I may do a little combo training of affiliate marketing and traffic and money making.

[01:37:52] And then we'll do our thousand dollar giveaway during that training. So we'll do that for everyone during that training. I'll give you plenty of notice. Texting emails, lots of announcements. And then I think that's it. So at this point, I just want to tell you how awesome it's been. It's been a little stressful for me.

[01:38:10] I'll be honest, doing this challenge every single day. Along with running three companies and dealing with you know, life and family and everything all at once. It's been a lot, it's been a lot. It's a little stressful for me, but I have enjoyed it. And I've really been glad to have these days with you.

[01:38:26] So I want to thank you for being part of. The five day AI challenge. And yeah, I've got lots more good stuff for you and I'll be seeing you. You'll see my smiling face on camera again sometime very soon, whether you join me on YouTube or on our thousand dollar bonus session, either way. We'll see you then until next time.

[01:38:45] Goodbye for now.