AI Lead Capture Course Builder Getting Started

Start here to learn how to use the AI Lead Capture Course Builder for creating this type of Push Button AI website for your business.

The AI Lead Capture Course Builder builds a website which supports the business strategy of giving away a free course as your lead magnet to get traffic and then sell other products or services in the same niche as the course to the leads you get from your traffic. Those products or services can be for either a business you already own, or for affiliate products that you want to sell.

This course provides you with the step-by-step instructions for building a full website containing the lead-capture course you choose to create, as well as walking you through all of the additional details necessary that need to be completed in order to launch your business.

If you need any assistance along the way, please reach out to our excellent support team at

Lesson 1 – Intro to PushButton AI Lesson 2 – How to Create Your AI Lead Capture Course PushButton AI Site Lesson 3 – A Tour of Your New PushButton AI Lead Capture Website & How It Works Lesson 4 – The Ten Steps To Launching Your AI Lead Capture Site Lesson 5 – “Fit and Finish” For Your PBAI Lead Capture Course Site