Commission Chain Reaction

In this course, Bill McIntosh unveils a powerful marketing strategy for monetizing online courses that he has never shared before.

Please note that you do not need to complete this course before you use our AI Course Builder to get started on your Push Button AI business. We highly recommend that you first focus on the “AI Course Builder Getting Started” course to build your first course and to get your business ready to launch. After that, this course will help you market and grow your business if you decide to use the Commission Chain Reaction approach taught here.

Lesson 1: Introduction & How To Research Niches Lesson 2: Getting Your Site Ready To Apply To The Affiliate Networks Lesson 3: How To Apply To Affiliate Networks and Use Your Affiliate Links Lesson 4: Finding and Recruiting Your Affiliates – Overview Lesson 5: The Best Method For Finding And Recruiting Your Affiliates – The Details