AI Profits

In this section, Bill McIntosh covers topics on various strategies, tactics, and tools in the world of AI that you can use to generate additional profits for your business.

Bill creates these segments on his weekly Wednesday show on his YouTube channel at 2PM Pacific Time, so check back here often as this course will continue to have new lessons added to it over time. And be sure to subscribe to Bill's YouTube channel to receive notifications to view the live show.

Please note that none of these lessons are required viewing before you use our AI Course Builder to get started on your Push Button AI business. We highly recommend that you first focus on the “AI Course Builder Getting Started” course, or the “AI Course Builder Getting Started” course (depending on your business goal), to build your first course and to get your business launched. After that, you can dive into the topics in this section for additional inspiration and approaches that can help boost your revenues and profits.

Three Mental Strategies to Master for Creating Your Online Business Success How To Research Niches & Course Ideas Using AI Article-based Blogging SEO Strategy Using ChatGPT Using Email Effectively To Generate Maximum Profit Advanced ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Skyrocket Your Profits With An AI Customer Avatar How To Create Profitable eBooks and Courses Using AI 5 Ways To Write Newsletters To Drive More Profits Use Your Smartphone & a Book to Create Awesome Content In Minutes How To Automate A "Faceless" YouTube Channel & Make Money 4 Info Products You Can Create With AI 4 Exciting Business Cases For Content Creation Using ChatGPT's Code Interpreter How To Make Profitable Faceless YouTube Channels How To Make AI Content Undetectable As AI Content 3 Ways To Profit By Making Images With Midjourney How To Use ChatGPT Custom Instructions To Uplevel Your Content Creation How To Make A Video Commercial Using AI Tools Use Runway ML To Make A Video Ad In Under An Hour How To Put Your Face On Midjourney Images Using Advanced Parameters In Midjourney To Make Better Images How To Use Suno To Create AI-Generated Music 3 Reddit Hacks For Generating Organic Search Traffic To Your Website